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  • Congrats on your run, very well done. Have a lovely holiday
    Annie Ups the Ante


    • Congratulations on your run! That's a great time, too. Under 2 hours will be my goal if I ever sign up for another one.

      The holiday will soothe away the aches and pains I'm sure!
      Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


      • Thanks guys! I'll run another one with you Pineneedles


        • B - two eggs, Berocca, green tea
          S - banana, 10 almonds
          S - two satsumas
          L - carrot soup, Nakd 'pecan pie' bar (dates, pecans, almonds)
          S - yeah I just totally ruined everything with a big slice of cake. We won a pitch and retained my client so it was a congratulations cake sent to us. No excuses I know, spesh now my tummy hurts. And I need to be in a bikini in 2 days!
          D - roast chicken & salad... then ate a load of crisps in front of a film with the boyf ergh what is wrong with me at the mo???!!!
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          • Last day in the office for 2 and a half weeks!!!

            But I'm exhausted, and hormonal (yay period time again, so soon...!). So I think today is going to DRAG, not least because I was meant to start this work volunteering thing this morn, reading with kids at a local school, and got up early and everything for it, but work hadn't sent in our criminal record check so I couldn't do it! It's half an hour once a month for god's sake, it makes me so sad that I couldn't help out because work couldn't be bothered to send over some paperwork when they've had months to do it. Such a shame.

            Also, someone tell me this, why can't I seem to sleep properly any more when my boyfriend stays over? I think it's because I told him I have issues with insomnia, that now when he's there in the back of my mind I'm worried that he's worrying I'm not going to sleep, and therefore I don't. I'm also so sensitive to sound at night that I wear ear plugs or use a white noise machine pretty much all the time, and obviously don't want to do that when he's around, so I don't relax as quickly and I remain too alert to any noises around the house etc. It's just getting a bit ridiculous, vicious cycle and all that, and he takes it super personally which adds to the stress of it. Not sure what I can do... hopefully on holiday I'll be a bit jet lagged and just pass out after a tequila or two, without needing the noise of a fan in the background, and we can get into a good routine that will come back to England with us. I hate being so sensitive to noise it's literally the bane of my life! Along with my bad skin.

            Trying. to. stay. positive. Holiday tomorrow!

            B - two eggs, banana, cappuccino
            S - handful of almonds (that's the big bag in my desk drawer all finished now!), a few grapes
            L - chicken stir fried rice, mint tea
            D - chicken & salad... and then ruined it with the bakewell tart my mum left in my fridge after the run on Sunday, ridic.

            Just bring on 5.30am....!
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            • How are you getting on?!

              I know sort of vanished... life took a dramatic turn back in the Summer. I split up with my partner who I was living with, moved back to where my friends are and have been out living it up and persuing lots of things I didn't find time for before. Strange couple of months really....!


              • Hello!

                Ah me too, 2 weeks on holiday and then was off on two training courses when I got back to work, and before I know it it's December. Where does the time go?! Plus I'm looking for a new job, and am in the process of buying a flat so it is ALL going on at the moment!

                Primal-wise, I didn't do very well on holiday at all... a LOT of sugary margaritas every day and tortillas with every meal... I came home feeling super bloated and my acne had got so bad I actually had one of my best friends ask what the hell had happened - the fact that other people were noticing made me feel horrific so I went to the Dr, and despite my best intentions I have started a course of antibiotics along with a retinoid cream. I know it's not the best thing to do, especially since it's most likely to be hormonal, but I need to give it a go for a few months for my peace of mind (and after 3 weeks I am noticing a difference so that's good), and I can't get any recommendations from a dermatologist until I've done it. Alongside the medication I discovered an amazing blog, Caroline Hirons, and am changing my skincare routine and taking a load of good quality fish oil supplements as well as probiotics so I think that's helping for sure, and even though I am getting quite a dry face with the cold weather I feel a lot more confident which is the main thing.

                I am also being very strict on gluten, and still minimising caffeine & dairy, so have found my stomach is a lot flatter and I'm sure that will help my skin too. What's nice is that my friends/family/boyfriend are all recognising my GF life now and making it easier for me to stay GF when we socialise, e.g. GF stuffing at Thanksgiving (one of my besties is half American... I could be stricter on chocolate and beige carbs (a fair amount of potato and rice recently) but this will come, I don't want to beat myself up about it when I have so much other stuff to think about.

                And finally, I have bought a bike and have started cycling to/from work, which is brilliant. Means I get a good 40mins of exercise & fresh air a day (that's if I just go one way and can't get out of the office at lunchtime so it's usually double that). And if all goes well purchasing this flat I will probably have an hour's cycle each way, so even better (even if that means getting out of bed earlier!).

                I'm so sorry about the split, but 'living it up' sounds like you're doing okay?! I say anything that gives you back some time to delve into your own interests is a good thing, although I'm sure it didn't feel particularly good to begin with.... How's the primal lifestyle going, did that go out the window?


                • So saying that I've been far stricter on gluten recently, I did get taken out for breakfast this morning and couldn't quite resist the delicious bread that came with my meal...

                  B - spicy Indian scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, slice of toast, chocolate chai (yep not done so well on the dairy either this morning!)

                  L - big salad (spinach leaves, carrot, toms, avocado, beetroot) with grilled mackerel, olive oil & balsamic mmmm

                  S - two satsumas

                  D - king prawn stir fry with red bell pepper, pak choy, spinach, onion, ginger, tamari... did have a couple of pieces of Dairy Milk later in the evening

                  Forgot to mention the boyf has persuaded me to stop reusing plastic water bottles (even if I do recycle them after) and buy a permanent one - so I am now loving my Klean Kanteen and urge everyone to get one!
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                  • Awful night followed by a not great morning. You know when everything seems to be collapsing around you? Major issues with the main bathroom in our flat meaning other flatmates are having to use my en-suite (great when the boyf's round :|), plus estate agent generally being an absolute cow (nicest word I could think of beginning with C...) about giving me a reference to purchase the flat I've found... and then my bike appears to be broken so had to abandon it this morning and am hoping the boyf is getting it sorted for me. Argh.

                    B - two hard boiled eggs, cappuccino (first coffee in ages, didn't sleep last night and just really bloody wanted one)

                    S - banana, almonds

                    L - big ass tuna salad - really want some chocolate, feeling pretty hormonal....
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                    • Ergh I just don't have the time to keep this journal going with everything else going on!!!


                      • I hear ya! Primal out the window Christmas drinks have begun on an almost daily basis. I'm a stone up in weight since a year ago and my skin and hair are tragic. Why do we do it to ourselves!!!

                        Gonna check out that blog. Be nice to hear you're getting on anyway..feel free to drop me an email


                        • The busier you are the more you need to make time for nutrition. I am always run off my feet at this time of the year but this is the first time I have relied on feeding my body properly and it is way easier to deal with the demands of life. We all slip to some extent but it's reassuring to know that we can sort ourselves out if necessary.
                          Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.


                          • Life has been a bit weird over the last few weeks.

                            My boyfriend and I broke up just after Christmas (and just before my birthday, new year's, and his birthday - great timing), but have been talking and think we want to try again. So I was horribly down for a couple of weeks and now obviously I'm really happy but it's all about taking it slow, controlling myself when I want to text/speak to him all the time, and making sure that when we see each other it is proper quality time with laughter and love. We're not going to simply pick up where we left off since we weren't in a great place, it is like a totally new relationship and I want to fall in love all over again, even though we're still saying I love you y'know? I don't want to have any regrets, and would have regretted not giving it another go, that's so much worse than trying and it not working don't you think? Then at least you can put your hands up and say, we tried, and just go about it in a far more mature way. So we shall what happens, fingers crossed, I don't want to lose this boy!

                            But anyway the couple of weeks without him made me realise I'd not been particularly vigilant in other areas of my life, and I want to keep that independent feeling, making time to see all my friends and doing activities on my own, and especially being a more 'spiritual' person for want of a better word. Want to do some reading up on Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy so I can become a more positive, capable person, and I hope that this will have a good influence on our relationship.

                            Diet/Nutrition-wise, I ate terribly for the first week of the break up, just whatever I could stomach, which was about 2 slices of toast a day. My stomach HATED me, I was so ill. So I'm being really strict on myself there, lots of eggs, fish, meat & veg, and trying to stay away from the chocolate. My love handles are making me feel a bit sick. I've started cycling to work again, although the weather is a bit mad and I don't always want to get soaked heh. Have been pretty good at doing my 5min press ups/squats/plank routine in the morning. Going to buy some new trainers and try to run a couple of times a week... Not sure when I'm going to fit it in around netball with my work team and life drawing classes I'm supposed to be signing up to... maybe I SHOULD be single, so much self-improvement to do!

                            Work's crazy too since I'm moving teams, so it's a bit of a transition month, plus I'm buying a flat which is really fricking exciting but just means there's a LOT to do at the moment!

                            Food stuff:
                            Yesterday I had 2 x hard boiled eggs, banana, a few almonds, tuna & avocado salad, 2 x fishcakes & salad, strawberries, tiny piece of supposedly dark mint chocolate but prob not nearly dark enough, 2 x green teas

                            Today I've had 2 x hard boiled eggs, banana, roast chicken & avocado salad, and 2 x green teas. For dinner I will have sausages with roasted sweet potatoes/red peppers/red onions, and maybe strawberries for dessert.


                            • Not a good day really...

                              I had insomnia last night, so didn't sleep until 5am, and was up at 7am. I have no idea what happened, my boyfriend stayed over so I don't know if it was my body getting used to someone else in the bed, but he was unusually quiet! My brain just wouldn't switch off and I was getting all hot and clammy. So weird. So have been exhausted all day, which meant I had a cup of coffee (caffeine argh!) and have cancelled my plans tonight in order to crash as soon as I get home.

                              I was then with new clients all morning at their offices, and they provided a load of sandwiches and rubbish for lunch. I couldn't turn around and tell them I was gluten-free and couldn't not eat either, so ate with everyone else.

                              Now I don't know what I can be bothered to cook for dinner, and I haven't had any fresh air, and argh.

                              But tomorrow is another day


                              • Already a far better day than yesterday, albeit a bit tired and achey.

                                Slept a good 8-9 hours and then cycled to work. The office is quiet today so should be quite productive, though I have been messing around on the internet all morning... such a procrastinator if I'm not enjoying the work I have to do! My boyfriend's going to meet me for a walk at lunchtime which'll be nice, should probably get my head down and make sure I can take a full hour's break!

                                B - two hard boiled eggs, green tea
                                S - banana, a Nakd cocoa bar
                                L - an hour long walk, then tuna salad (and one cadbury's mini egg)
                                S - boiled egg & 1 strawberry (ha) when I got home from my cycle
                                D - bolognese with mushrooms and cabbage (instead of pasta, very well done me), strawberries
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