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  • Thanks Pineneedles trying to remain as relaxed and calm as poss!

    The boyfriend stayed over last night because I was worried I'd go crazy left alone with my own thoughts again, and while I still didn't get to sleep till quite late it definitely helped having him there. So back at work today... slightly zombie-esque. Still battling this cold too, I'm determined for it not to develop fully!

    B - two boiled eggs, fig, lemon & ginger tea with honey, Berocca
    S - banana, 10 almonds, more lemon ginger & honey tea

    Just found out decongestant tablets can cause restlessness, maybe that's what stopping me sleeping! Will take one more now and then try not to take again before bedtime, see if it makes a difference. Though my ears feel blocked

    L - ratatouille, smoked mackerel fillet & some 'Shirataki' rice
    S - green tea, fig

    My director just got back from 3 weeks in Australia and has brought a load of goodies with him. I am saving a Tim-Tam for after my half marathon, but finding it pretty dam easy to avoid the other chocolate sitting on my desk - who likes orange chocolate anyway?!

    D - foraging in Marks & Spencer - chicken, butterbean, chickpea salad (it had a bit of rice & herb-y salad in it too). Then I must admit I had a chocolate ice cream at the theatre, nice & organic & gluten free!
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    • Hmmm I'm not sure I've been eating all that well this week. No gluten, but a few too many bits that aren't quite primal... My main concern at the moment, however, is getting rid of this cold, sleeping properly, & feeling less stressed. At least the boyfriend & I seem to be doing well, seeing him tonight & I can't wait, just crossing my fingers he doesn't decide to have a go at me about the tone of voice in which I say something :-|

      B - two eggs, Berocca, green tea, half a goat's milk chocolate yoghurt (it was in the fridge from my sick day and would have to be chucked by the time I'm next at home!)
      S - banana, handful of salted cashews, lemon ginger & honey tea
      L - had a little wander around the park and sat in the sun to read my book for 20mins (vitamin D!), then last of the ratatouille, smoked mackerel fillet & 'shirataki' rice
      Couple of horrifically sugary cocktails, few glasses of red wine
      D - moules frites (yeah not making the best choices)
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      • I donít know, your choices donít sound that bad to me. Especially impressed with your choosing ratatouille over pizza and ice cream the other day! But I know what you mean, itís easy to let little things add up to a less-than-ideal whole.

        Glad to hear allís well with you and the boyfriend. Hope youíre looking forward to the Mexico trip. Have you been on holiday together before?

        Iím trying to make the switch from workplace instant coffee to green tea... New office, new habits, I hope. Might try using it on my skin as a toner, too, as suggested on the acne site. How are your new skin care products working out?
        Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


        • Yeah it's just the dairy and legumes that aren't too good for me. But I've been rushing around like a maniac and also quite poor this week and next so not planned meals properly. Planning is the only way to make sure you eat the best you can!

          So looking forward to it now, I am dying to be on a beach! We've had a couple of weekend trips to his parents' place in Somerset and camped at a festival back in July, but this will be something else. 15 nights of just the two of us, will be intense.

          How is the new office, where are you based?

          So typical, I waited 3 weeks to get the stuff and one of the products was wrong! They sent me a toner rather than a cleanser, so I'm waiting for a response from their customer services to say they're sending me the right thing... In the meantime I have tried the toner (Avalon Organics Vitamin C) and am using the Madre Labs Camelia green tea face cream/serum stuff, and pretty happy with both. My skin does seem to be a little clearer to look at (still lots of bumps when I run my fingers over it), but I've also started taking Vitamin E supps (though I realised I bought the synthetic version) and I've just had my period so.... possibly too many external factors to tell yet?!


          • Feel a bit hungover/knackered today, didn't get to sleep till gone 2 and the boy gets up at 6/6.30!

            B - yoghurt (meeeh) with melon, pineapple, grapes, banana & almonds, black coffee (meeeh), Berocca

            L - I think today's going to be a write off, it's my friend's leaving lunch and someone else has ordered and I just want to eat whatever I want!
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            • So I had a weekend off from journalling because I was feeling so rubbish with this cold and just needed to take a break from everything. Was really nice and chilled actually, had a lot of me time And also didn't eat too badly! Yesterday I had some berries and coffee, then 2 poached eggs with smoked salmon, went for a 6 mile run, followed by a small bowl of tomato soup & a banana, some salted cashews, couple of my grandma's homemade pickled cucumbers, and then roast chicken with leeks & broccoli. Bit of dark chocolate too. Not bad!

              B - two boiled eggs, Berocca, green tea
              S - banana, satsuma, 10 almonds, lemon ginger & honey tea

              Little lunchtime walk in the sun

              L - carrot & coriander soup, green tea
              S - Nakd cocoa bar, handful of salted cashews

              Another 15min walk

              D - a load of roasted veg and potatoes...not very impressed by the boyfriend, could've cooked something for me that had a bit of protein in it!
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              • Eek I knew too many veg wouldn't be good, I'm so gassy haha. Still, better than gorging on pasta eh!

                B - two boiled eggs, pineapple, green tea (and mustn't forget the cold roast potato as I left the boyfriend's)
                S - one of those eclair sweets (toffee with chocolate in the middle)
                L - mmm so good, took the client to Ceviche, had 2 pisco sours, then sea bass ceviche, scallop ceviche, some artichokes, a couple of bites of Peruvian version of a chicken spring roll lol, chicken skewer, octopus, chorizo, some beef fillet, duck, rice & a couple of fries

                Netball match - really good run around got no appetite for dinner, unlike me... Feel like I just want to eat fruit...

                D - so I had an apple, couple of squares of 85% green & blacks and a Nakd cocoa bar ha
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                • It's been my catchphrase since starting Primal ... "Where's the protein?"

                  (Although apparently potatoes do contain all essential amino acids, just not in a huge quantity.)
                  Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                  • Haha I say it ALL the time! I'm like, you can't call it a meal without proper protein and people look at you like you're mad... I've been eating far too much rice and potatoes for my liking. I know they're gluten free and my main aim at the mo is to be as strict as poss on gluten, but I'd still like to eat less 'beige' altogether. Not going to have much choice in Mexico though, was thinking I'd swap tortillas for lettuce but I'm now wary about eating salad-type things since I ALWAYS get ill in 'exotic' countries and that's the last thing I want on my first holiday with the boyf, plus I don't think I'll be able to be fussy with street food, so as long as the tortillas are proper corn ones I'm going to try not to be too anal.


                    • Surprised at how unbothered about breakfast I was this morning, despite not really eating dinner last night. Still, can't leave the house without my eggs or I know I'll be grazing on crap all day, and I want to run after work, so stuck to the routine.

                      B - two boiled eggs, pineapple, white tea (they've run out of green tea in the office kitchen, what?!)
                      S -cheeky cup of tea with a splash of milk, couple of handfuls of salted cashews

                      20-25min walk

                      L - green soup (looked like spinach, pea, broad bean, potato, leek...), fig
                      S - banana, 10 almonds, erm I also had a Flake chocolate bar...

                      3 mile run

                      D - baked sweet potato with tuna & broccoli, piece of 85% green & blacks chocolate
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                      • Ooh jealous of your lunch at Ceviche, I haven't managed to go yet but have looked at the menu and want to try everything on it, including the chicken hearts on a skewer.

                        Wouldn't worry about the food too much while in Mexico, just enjoy it. If the corn tortillas are nixtamalised then they should be more or less OK, says Mark , too.
                        Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                        • Mmm actually going to have had two lunch outings by the end of the week, being taken to Hix in Soho tomorrow, steak time!

                          B - two eggs, banana, green tea
                          S - salted cashews (finally the bag is finished!)

                          40 min walk

                          L - big salad from Pure - spinach leaves, fajita chicken, red onion, tomatoes, peppers, beetroot, avocado & olive oil. Mmm!
                          S - nakd cocoa bar
                          D - erghhhh I've eaten so much it hurts! Flatmate's last night before she moves out so we got a curry to see her off, I had a chicken & lamb balti thing with rice, spinach and the balti also had these vegetable balls in it... probably fried :-s and I've had a mojito too. Far too much food and I can't go to bed yet because it'll take me ages to digest.
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                          • Stomach still feeling a bit gassy this morning :-s trying to figure out what I should eat on Sunday morning before the half marathon, I really have no idea... Going to have to get up at 6am too!

                            Anyway, Happy Friday everyone

                            B - two eggs, Berocca, green tea - I feel peckish....

                            Rest of the day's been pretty cheeky I can't lie

                            S - cup of tea and two bites of Mars bar
                            L - beetroot salad, MASSIVE steak, a few chips, a tiny bit of salad, and then an Eton mess type of quite a lot of red wine & 2x vodka cranberry :| 13 miles on Sunday is going to be great!
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                            • Finished yesterday with a LOT of chocolate and no dinner. Bit naughty. Felt very stressed and just wanted to go to bed...

                              Equally stressed today. Went to my boyfriend's family lunch that went on far longer than expected (oldies have nothing better to do and no 2 hour drive back home after!), food was not particularly nice (salmon, pork belly), and now I'm panicking about the half marathon tomorrow.

                              I could really do with a masseuse, a therapist, a chef and anything else that might help me re-balance right now!


                              • Woohoo! I ran 13.1 miles!!! My first half marathon, done I did it in 1:58, which I'm really happy with, and I'm aching like nothing else today ha. And now that's done, and my boyfriend moved all my furniture for me yesterday so I have a lovely new room, and I'm going on holiday in THREE DAYS!

                                My stomach's not great, and nor is my skin, which I blame on the stress of last week and not eating/sleeping very well the last two days. I also have a feeling my new bedroom is a lot damper than my old one, woke up feeling blocked up again, and I can't be getting another cold surely?! I just can't wait to be on a beach, even if it is still rainy season...!

                                B - two eggs, banana, Berocca, green tea
                                S - satsuma

                                I'm so hungry today I don't think I can resist picking up a veg samosa at this cool little Indian cafe near work...

                                L - mum's carrot soup YUM and (ahem) two samosas... heh it's too close to holiday to worry about food isn't it....

                                D - roast chicken & salad, too many crisps dipped in hummus, and a few bites of bakewell tart. Challenge well and truly over, woops.
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