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  • Middle of the week... it's going quite slowly. Feeling a bit down but not really about anything in particular, maybe it's the weather, maybe it's my hormones...

    3 mile run
    B - two boiled eggs, green tea, banana, 10 almonds
    S - plum
    L - salad with mackerel fillets (in sunflower oil unfortunately), green tea
    S - slice of ham
    D - chicken thighs with some kind of chorizo-esque stuffing, leeks sauteed in butter, roast broccoli yummmm peppermint tea & a square of 85% chocolate

    EDIT - ah yeah, it's ovulation time, no wonder I've got a headache and I'm a moody cow!
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    • Miserable people in the office matching the miserable weather. Need to put some good music on to cheer myself up if no one else is going to do it!

      B - two eggs, fig, green tea
      S - banana
      L - salad with leftover stuffed chicken thighs, green tea

      Had a bit of a lunchtime walk... also booked to go to Stockholm for a party weekend in November!

      S - ashamed to say I had some Lindt coconut chocolate and a small bag of crisps... 2 x vodka tonics too

      D - some grilled chicken & salad from my local Turkish

      Feeling so down in the dumps what is wrong with me???!!!
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      • Happy Friday!

        Feeling a lot happier this morning. Hopefully Friday 13th will be lucky for me....

        B - two boiled eggs... then got into the office and decided since it's a Friday I would have a coffee, which feels fine, and then my director bought us breakfast, so I had two sausages and a slice of bacon, yum!

        S - yep I had a cupcake. Did I mention I'm running 11-12 miles later?

        Lunchtime wander to the supermarket, about 15mins or so

        L - salad with pork loin slices

        11.5 miles in the pouring rain,!

        S - Nakd cocoa bar

        D - baked sweet potato, tuna, leeks sautéed in butter, broccoli
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        • Morning all, hope you're well

          Feeling a bit crappy this morning, haven't been sleeping well at all the last couple of days... was going to have a 6.30am run but didn't sleep till about 1am so gave up on that idea. Humph. Don't know what's going on. Plus have a LOT on my life admin to do list, could do without work ha.

          Great weekend full of feasting - 'twas Yom Kippur on Saturday (Jewish festival) so went home for lots of fish and cake, red wine and laughs. Then a friend's birthday pub lunch yesterday. Not gluten-free but not awful eating either.

          B - two boiled eggs, Berocca, green tea, a few blueberries
          S - banana, 10 almonds
          L - leftover fish & greek salad from the Yom Kippur feast - no time to get out of the office though
          S - not so good... soya hot chocolate because I didn't want dairy but it tasted just like hot milk, no cocoa powder in it at all... and a Nakd pecan pie bar (dates, pecans, almonds)....and half of packet of crisps
          D - smoked mackerel fillet with some leftover gluten-free pasta salad, fig
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          • Hi Liv, glad you had a great weekend, sounds like fun! Well done on your 11.5 miles in the rain on Friday, too! Is that your longest training run before the event? When do you start to taper?

            Know what you mean about the life admin... I got back home last night and realised how much washing, cleaning & generally sorting stuff out needs to be done after being away for the weekend. Could definitely have done with having today off work.
            Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


            • Hiya thank you, I think I'll probably do 12/12.5 miles this Friday, and then next weekend I've got quite a lot on so will just do 6 or so. Can't believe it's 3 weeks away now, which means Mexico is only 4 weeks away! I found out yesterday that the run starts around 9am which will be horrific, guess I'll be finished by lunchtime though so it's not so bad...


              • Didn't sleep very well again last night, my flatmate was banging around in her bathroom which is right by my head (good news is that'll be my bathroom soon! Sad that she's moving out but yay for en-suite and not having to clean up someone else's mess in the bathroom I'm currently using!). Still, made myself get up for a run this morn, hoping I'll be exhausted enough tonight to just crash out. No idea why I've suddenly got this insomniac phase happening.

                3 mile run
                B - two boiled eggs, green tea
                S - Berocca, banana, 10 almonds
                S - lemon & ginger tea with teaspoon of honey
                L - salad with 2x smoked mackerel fillets
                D - stir fry with king prawns, spinach & broccoli (tamari, chilli & garlic to flavour it), fig, last piece of Lindt coconut chocolate for 21 days (yeah I know the challenge starts today but come on!)

                So it looks like I'm going to do the 21-day challenge! I realised it would end the day after my half marathon and then I’ll have 2 weeks to totally relax in Mexico, but being in the Yucatan peninsula shouldn't mean going back to grains, it actually feels like it could be the most primal holiday I've ever had, climbing Mayan ruins 'n' all!

                I want to be stricter with grains & sugary treats, keep my lactose intake as low as possible, do more bodyweight exercise, and learn to play! I'm going to tell my boyfriend about this when I speak to him later, I would love for him to join in the challenge with me, but I just know he won't stay away from grains....

                Gah and obviously the day I commit to a 'challenge' I feel totally starved and like all I want is to gorge on salted cashews... that's ok isn't it?!
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                • Finally a good night's sleep AND it's sunny in London! Had a really chilled evening on my own at home last night, was lucky that my flatmates weren't in either. Made some dinner and was going to watch a film but then thought I was far too tired to watch a whole one so I would switch the TV off altogether and do some reading instead. So nice to stimulate your mind in a way that's separated from work. Then I was in bed by 10pm and just laid there concentrating on my breathing for a bit rather than hoping to go straight to sleep, it worked. Still feeling tired, but at least my mood is positive.

                  Okay so it's day 2 of the challenge, and I don't care what anyone says, that last piece of chocolate last night was fine ha.
                  I've been pretty bad at doing my morning bodyweight exercises since I've been training for the half marathon, and I would like to get back into this routine again. Didn't happen this morning though.

                  B - two boiled eggs, green tea, Berocca
                  S - banana, 10 almonds, a few grapes & small handful of blueberries

                  20min lunchtime walk

                  L - salad with 1 smoked mackerel fillet, olive oil & balsamic
                  S - green tea
                  S - so there were loads of leftovers from a meeting, including a cheese board that no one had touched (what is wrong with people, they'd rather eat the sandwiches than the cheese!). I was starving so I allowed myself some goats cheese with a bit of chutney and some chicken & tuna from the inside of sandwiches. I think that's okay for keeping my lactose intake low, isn't it? Chutney prob had more sugar than necessary though...

                  Another 20min walk

                  D - mmm Bocca di Lupo again for a pre-theatre meal - if you live in London or are ever visiting you must go there!! Started with the radish & truffle oil salad, then had veal & pork meatballs, pork neck, cavolo nero with some kind of pork, and roasted beetroot (definitely trying that at home, great alternative to potatoes!). So delicious. I also had 2 polo mints.
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                  • Woke up feeling super skinny, then went to the bathroom and BAM! there's the TOTM. Immediately got cramps and felt bloated - how does that happen?! That the cramps start literally 5 mins after you notice your period's started. Ha (sorry to any males reading this).

                    Day 3 of the challenge.

                    Actually did some exercises this morn! I felt bad because I probably should've gone for a 3 mile run, but I'd been planning on staying at the boyfriend's last night and then he wasn't very well so I went home after the theatre instead (Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime - inCREDible!) and in my mind I wasn't running this morn...long story short I did exercises instead - leg raises, press ups, standing twist toe touch things, squats & planks. About 5-10mins worth.

                    I could eat a horse today, so as long as it's primal, I'm gonna give myself whatever I want. I might have to let myself have a cup of tea though...

                    B - two boiled eggs, two figs, satsuma, green tea
                    S - a small bar of 85% chocolate (it doesn't have milk in the ingredients!)
                    S - handful of salted cashews (I've been craving them all week and finally bought some woohoo)

                    20 min walk in the park in the rain, lovely

                    L - salad with roast beef slices, cup of earl grey (no milk)
                    S - more cashews (a good couple of handfuls) and a bit more 85% chocolate, a small glass of white wine

                    30 min walk

                    D - lovely Moroccan restaurant with friends, had squid stuffed with an olive-y tomato-y sauce and then lamb shank apricot tagine with some veg, glass of red wine too. For the first time ever at one of these dinners with friends I didn't have dessert even though they all did, and I'm so happy they didn't bring bread to the table! Feeling proud of myself.
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                    • Happy Friday everyone! Day 4 of the challenge.

                      Woke up with a sore throat AGAIN. Every day this week I've woken with swollen glands, so strange. I'm waiting for it to either develop into something or go away and it's highly annoying not knowing if I'm getting ill. Hoping it's to do with TOTM and just being a bit stressed at the mo. I have to run tonight so may need to have a coffee later - only a real one mind, none of that instant stuff.

                      B - two boiled eggs, Berocca, fig, green tea
                      S - lemon & ginger tea, some blueberries, raspberries & grapes - feeling proud of myself again since there are almond croissants sitting on the desk and usually on a Fri morn I let myself have something a bit 'naughty', this time I took a look and said out loud, nope, no gluten till the half marathon's over, and walked away.
                      S - nectarine, handful of salted cashews
                      L - so my friend at work who's leaving to go back to Australia got me on her business lunch which was awesome, went to Balthazar (London outpost of the New York restaurant) mmmm and I think I stuck to a pretty Primal menu - had a glass of champagne & 1 oyster, then roasted beet salad (which had a bit of blue cheese in it hmm), then bouillabaisse (glorious fish stew) and a bit of spinach and they gave me a bit of gluten free bread on the side, and then I had a sip of my friend's espresso martini and an americano coffee. Not too shabby huh? I think that still fits into the challenge. Though my stomach hurrrrts now, which I put down to the caffeine, haven't had proper coffee for a while :-s
                      D - ham salad, a few mouthfuls of rice noodles at the boyfriend's

                      Was meant to run 12 miles after work but felt so headache-y & exhausted that I've decided to take my stuff with me as do a run from my boyfriend's on Sunday instead. Now I'm going to feel terrible if I don't do it on Sunday! Unless this 'cold' actually develops into something, in which case I'll rest up.
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                      • Day out with the boyfriend walking all over London so this is going to be quite a test food-wise!

                        He made me scrambled eggs with cherry tomatoes for breakfast, definitely not enough eggs but what could I say... Then I had a fig, a banana, and a cup of black tea.

                        Coffee with a splash of milk

                        Some rice, pork belly & salad

                        Steak, chips & salad

                        Too much alcohol
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                        • We had an awful row while we were out yesterday... And I had a panic attack. Which led to a migraine today. It's embarrassing, we shouldn't be arguing so much that it makes me ill. It's horrible... But it's also passion. And while I know that is FAR from ideal, I think we have to work on it or we'll both regret not trying. We have holiday in 2.5 weeks and it'll just be the two of us driving around Mexico for two weeks so I guess it really will be make or break. I'm hoping it'll be the relaxing time away from London life and work that both of us need and that we're only bickering because we're stressed about other stuff and one always takes it out on the ones you most care about...

                          Anyway, so it's been a pretty dam emotional weekend and I didn't get out for the 12 miler I'd planned. Just ran about 8-9 miles which has made me feel a bit better. And I think I still managed to eat well rather than to make myself feel superficially happy, even though it's not been totally gluten free. An early night tonight will sort me out too.

                          Cup of tea (with milk), half a banana

                          Slice of ham, carrot & humus, mint & green tea

                          Chicken Kiev & a couple of breaded chicken pieces, mashed potato, peas, some mayonnaise

                          Square of 85% Lindt chocolate

                          Broccoli with some bbq sauce & mayo (yeah, not very good at all, but I still resisted going to the shop for chocolate & crisps!), 3 boiled eggs
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                          • Monday... miserable weather and a sort of miserable mood... can't seem to shift it and just smile, what's wrong with me?! Plus my throat is still sore, in fact I feel like I'm losing my voice, and I am going to blame that on the boy having a cold. Goddammit it.

                            B - two boiled eggs, Berocca, green tea, fig
                            S - handful of salted cashews
                            L - forget retail therapy, it's all about food therapy... slightly more dairy than required and a bit of fried food but not all bad - went to the Indian YMCA which has a delicious & cheap canteen full of authentic Indian goodness. Had mutton curry with rice, some daal, some raita & a couple of vegetable pakora. Stuffed. And my stomach will probably hate me later, but I'm planning a very light dinner.
                            S - green tea, need some digestive aid after that huge lunch!
                            D - two smoked mackerel fillets, a big plate of spinach leaves, olive oil & some balsamic glaze; pineapple

                            Highlight of the day - got some new skin care products in the post from America (only took 3 weeks...!), which I saw recommended on AcneEinstein and which I'm hoping will help clear my face of all these nasty bumps.
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                            • Oh dear I think I'm broken. Horrible insomnia last night, and I'm usually totally able to cope and stay calm when I can't fall asleep, but I turned over in bed (having turned the light off around 10.30pm) and saw that it was gone 1am and just completely freaked out. All I wanted to do was hear my boyfriend's voice and have him calm me down. Ended up taking a valerian tablet around 2am, which did calm me down but gave me some weird hallucinatory semi-dreams, and I probably only got a couple of hours' sleep.

                              So I haven't gone to work and I'm just exhausted. I did go for a gentle 4 mile run around 11.45am because I felt like the fresh air would do me good and I'd feel even more miserable if I didn't do some sort of exercise this week, and at least then I'll be so tired tonight I should fall asleep easily. The half marathon is looming! Just another thing that's on my mind... I want to say I wish I'd never signed up for it, but it will feel great once I've done it I'm sure, just pretty bad timing with moving rooms in my flat and going on holiday and stuff. I do think I'm worrying my boyfriend with all this 'illness' though, I must be so fricking stressed at the mo, everything's just overwhelming me. Need a massive time out.

                              4 miles

                              Lots of hot water with honey & lemon
                              B/L - banana, two boiled eggs

                              Spent about an hour wandering to the shops and back, thank god the sun's shining today!

                              S - not going to lie, I've stuffed my face with vegetable crisps. It was a pretty big compromise since I wanted both a massive pizza and a tub of Ben & Jerry's... but I've just made a big batch of ratatouille as well so I am trying to take care of myself!
                              D - ratatouille, green beans & pork chop - mega yum!
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                              • Sorry to hear you're having a bad day. You're not broken, your body is just reacting to a stressful time. Hope all the causes of stress ease soon and you'll be able to enjoy your half marathon, and then your holiday! You've deserved it! Remember to be nice to yourself, sounds like you are.

                                For the half marathon, you already know you can run the distance so at this point it could be the best thing you can do is ease off the heavy training and eat well to make sure the energy stores are there on the day.
                                Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London