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  • Another week has started. I am KNACKERED and my voice seems to have gone but I didn't smoke this weekend so god knows what that's from... and I think the TOTM is about to be upon me. Great stuff all round.

    B - two boiled eggs, green tea, banana
    S - Berocca, some strawberries, green tea


    • Oh dear the rest of yesterday was a write off, went to an open air cinema picnic with friends in the eve and stuffed myself with Jaffa cakes :|

      So. So. Tired. And working late and hard for a big meeting tomorrow (wish me luck). So no run for me today, though I have eaten pretty well.

      2 Boiled eggs, 2 Satsumas, banana, tuna salad, almonds, leftover roasted veg & some slices of ham. A few cups of green/lemon & ginger tea.


      • Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

        I'm having difficulty keeping up with this journal, mainly because when I fall off the wagon at the weekend I feel guilty having to write up what I've eaten. I also feel that writing everything down can become obsessive and is possibly unnecessary.

        However, my skin has been breaking out badly and it's depressing me like crazy. I'm totally aware that my body is rebalancing, having come off the pill after 4 years (about 3 months off it now, and have an IUD instead, which is fab), so am trying not to stress too much about things like spots and irregular periods, especially since stress only makes it all worse (!), but it is HORRIBLE feeling like I can't leave the house without make up. So I was moaning to my boyfriend about it last night and funnily he said, why don't you write a food diary, so I thought I should try and be a bit stricter on here. I'm sorry if it's a boring journal, just noting food & exercise, but I guess I need to try. I'm mainly concerned about tea/coffee, gluten, and dairy.

        B - 1 fig, 2 boiled eggs, green tea
        S - 2 slices bacon, banana

        15min walk to the supermarket

        L - salad with turkey breast slices
        D - made a yummy asian soup inspired by Pineneedles' journal - beef stock with chilli ginger garlic & tamari, spring greens, trout, rice noodles
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        • Today I'm doing my first ever running race! It's just a 5k, but it'll be the first time I've run with a massive group of people and so with the half marathon just a month away it'll be a good experience to understand how I can keep my own pace and so on. Wish me luck!

          Forgot to mention yesterday that along with my usual daily vitamins (B, D, zinc, evening primrose, & sometimes 5-HTP) I'm going to take a daily probiotic to see how it helps my skin - I'm sure my gut issues manifest themselves as skin complaints. Discovered so am going to devour the info on there when I get a break from work, but good news is since Tuesday when my face was all red & blotchy, the marks have already gone down massively, so I'm feeling way more comfortable in my skin (no pun intended!) at the mo!

          B - 1 fig, 2 boiled eggs, green tea
          S - 2 slices bacon (this will end after today, there has been free breakfast in the office all week, I figured as long as I take the bacon out of the sandwich I'm giving myself a little protein boost!)
          S - feel hungry today... 10 almonds and a banana

          Sat outside in the sunshine for half an hour and read articles on acneeinstein heh.

          L - salad with roast beef slices, green tea
          S - Berocca, couple of vegetable crisps - energy for my run!!

          5k in 25mins34 - pretty happy with that, spesh in this close close heat!

          S - banana, Nakd cocoa mint bar
          D - salmon nigiri, some edamame & seaweed - not the most paleo friendly dinner but it's getting late and I just want to shower and chill in bed when I get home
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          • Hello! Good luck with the 5k! I'd never run in a race before my half marathon in May and it did come as a bit of a shock to suddenly run in a crowd so it's a good idea to get used to it.

            Haven't been running very much recently - once or twice a week. It really helped to have an event to train for. Maybe I need to sign up for something else. I think there's one in Surrey where you run in a vineyard and they give you wine at the drink points ... that one appeals.

            I'll have a look at that acne site. I don't have many breakouts but oily skin/large pores all over my t zone which diet doesn't seem to have improved at all like I hoped it would.
            Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


            • Thank you! It went fine actually, thought I'd run a bit quicker than I did but still very happy with that time.
              Yeah my friend and I were thinking we'd just sign up to a 10k every 2 or 3 months to keep us in the routine of running, neither of us want to do a full marathon, our goal is much more about fitness than pure endurance! Although I would also like to go back to boxing (did a 10wk beginner course in shoreditch a year or so ago which I really enjoyed, did amazing things for my arms ha), or try a different sport, only these things cost money and what I'm most proud about with running is no longer needing to pay for a gym membership. Still, body weight exercise could be more strictly enforced...!

              Have to say actually, not all that impressed with acneeinstein's blog posts, but has certainly given me some good ideas and knowing about inflammation etc is interesting.


              • Glad the run went well! Agree the benefit on running being cheap/free. And it's nice to exercise outdoors. It gets harder to keep up with in the winter months though with colder and darker mornings and evenings. Might allow myself the luxury of either a regular exercise class or even a gym membership for the winter, have to have a think about it.

                I was glad the starting page of acneeinstein said "most miracle cures don't work". Might increase my green tea consumption - it certainly can't hurt!
                Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                • That's exactly what I was thinking, book a class up for the winter months and then back to running when the days start getting longer again. I figure in winter you don't tend to go out as much anyway so the money for the class isn't cutting into social budgets....


                  • Happy Friday everyone!

                    Miserable weather in London, apparently that's our summer over. I'm still rocking the bare legs though, it's not THAT cold heh.

                    B - fig, 2 eggs, green tea
                    S - banana, 10 almonds
                    L - rest of my Asian soup (beef stock, spring greens, trout & rice noodles)... can feel a chocolate craving coming on... it is nearly the weekend after all...
                    S - ok I've had a cup of tea (no milk) and 2 squares of 85% Lindt chocolate. I think that's pretty good considering I'm surrounded by much worse options! EEK 2 pieces of dairy milk too.... ok enough now I promise!
                    D - 'naked' burrito (rice, chicken, salad, salsa...), 2x Long Island ice tea, 2x vodka tonic, and a packet of crisps on the bus home
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                    • It's the WEEEEEKEEEEEND! Phew.

                      Banana then a 10mile run this morning 2 pieces of 85% choc on the walk home

                      L - a massive omelette with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms & cheese, plus salad on the side....and some fries shhh (did I mention it's the weekend?!)

                      Ergh my stomach feels AWful today, could it have been the alcohol last night? Today is a write off, friend's bday BBQ in the park...had quite a lot of cake, some crisps, couple of sausages and rather a lot of pimms & rum punch. Cool. Totally cave woman.
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                      • Hmm yep quite a lot of alcohol and not a lot of primal eating this weekend. Not totally awful, a bit of bread and chocolate, but still nowhere near as strict as I am during the week. I think the run yesterday, good walk in the fresh air today, and plenty of primal...ahem...relations make up for it, definitely lots of play and meaningful socialising. Anyway, back to it tomorrow no caffeine no gluten no dairy


                        • Happy Monday!

                          3 mile run before work

                          B - two eggs, banana, 10 almonds, green tea
                          S - fig
                          L - soup made with chicken & veg stock, chilli, ginger, garlic, tamari, rice noodles & spring greens; green tea
                          S - apricot, slice of ham, 10 almonds
                          D - went to a real Italian aperitivo with my old boss (she's Italian) - couldn't refuse the pizza & pasta when it was proper home made stuff! Didn't stuff myself but it was all carbs so my stomach got bloated pretty instantly. One of those unavoidable things, not being the awkward anti-social one. Anyway, I feel ok about it.
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                          • Stayed at the boyfriend's last night and for some unknown reason he had the heating on. Not knowing this I kept waking up throughout the night needing water and now I feel all sniffly. Not very happy. Plus he does snore a bit and I'm such a light sleeper...need to figure it out or I'm just going to be exhausted every time I stay over...

                            B - green tea, Berroca, 2 eggs
                            S - coffee with a splash of milk - yup I didn't stick to the no caffeine today, but I'm really happy with how little I've been drinking, it's all about being able to re-build awareness of your body's response to foods etc and then do things in moderation/within limits you know you can handle
                            L - same soup as yesterday
                            S - banana
                            D - met my dad for a quick early supper at a fab restaurant, two tiny courses - scallops with some salad-y bits & then some duck breast with a bit of broccoli and spoonful of mash...think I'll have a square of 85% chocolate when I get home
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                            • Sorry to hear that. I can't sleep if the room's too warm either.

                              Earlier in our relationship my boyfriend used to keep me awake by snoring. Since then he's either stopped snoring or (more likely) my brain's now filtering it out and it doesn't bother me anymore. Then again, I'm quite a heavy sleeper most of the time (and quite possibly snore myself...)
                              Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


                              • Haha I hope I can filter it out! Bless him, he keeps being like 'I don't know why you don't sleep well at mine, what can I do??' and I can hardly answer erm actually it's your snoring that's the issue. I might have to sneak ear plugs into bed with me...