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  • Great weekend, but bad eating weekend. Actually not that bad, we were pretty primal with all the meat on the BBQ, but there was a fair amount of bread involved...
    Still, went for a 5 mile run in the scorchio sunshine yesterday

    B - two boiled eggs, banana & strawberries with some soya yoghurt thing, a few almonds, coffee - massive brekkie god knows why!
    L - bacon & avocado salad, cup of tea
    S - really naughty but I'm craving chocolate and my tummy hasn't been very happy today (definitely the bread and bit of pasta I had yesterday boo) so I decided to let it have some Lindt coconut choccie. Good quality y'know...
    D - mmm Lebanese. Lamb shwarma with rice and onion & tomato salad, a bit of halloumi and a bit of pitta bread. Yep I've fallen off the wagon bread-wise, it's not looking good for my tummy
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    • Nice quick 3 mile run this morn - compared to the 5 miles it felt easy peasy!

      B - two eggs, soya yoghurt, flat peach, coffee
      L - bacon & avocado salad, green tea, half a slice of carrot cake (arghhh)
      S - banana, almonds, bit of coconut chocolate
      D - went to a film screening tonight and was too stupid to prepare myself food-wise, so I ended up having a bit of sticky rice and some popcorn. Don't ask.

      I feel like I'm hungry all the time again! I think I need to stop being tempted by the yoghurt in the office, it seems like the more I eat in the morning the more I eat throughout the day - counter-intuitive huh???

      Hope everyone's well apart from not being very happy with my eating at the mo, I'm in a good place I reckon. Going to see the boy for dinner tomorrow night and then 10 days of holiday stretched out ahead of me thaaaank god.
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      • Originally posted by CuriousCat4711 View Post
        Had a good grin about your being a dirty stop out good for you! Ahh the rush at the start of a relationship is so exciting! A weekend in a cottage sounds amazing. Don't stress about the eating... the extra exercise and cortisol flush will deal with that hehe!

        So I've been off the pill a week and a half. I haven't stopped bleeding yet which is an annoyance but my head already feels clearer. Hope you have a better experience with the coil than I did. I bled for 3 months, cried every day and developed acne for the first time in my life. However I was quite severely overweight at the time and had pcos so I don't think my symptoms were normal. We're going old fashioned and resorting to condoms. We've even had the talk and should I fall pregnant unplanned we're fine with that it. In fact we want to save a deposit and buy a house so we can start a family. On cloud 9!

        Still have no drive to exercise

        Can't wait to hear about your blossoming romance!
        Hiya Cat

        Haha I'm not a dirty stop out if it's just with the same guy surely?! The weekend was great but not so sure about the extra exercise... he had a little 'nervous' issue shall we say...!!! Still, everything's ticking along nicely, I had a little panic on Sat night that he'll disappear when we don't see each other for a couple of weeks (with me going on holiday) but it was quite nice to be able to say it and talk about it and him not think I'm a madwoman (although he clearly did ha) and get turned off by it. Nice to date a guy who makes it clear that he likes me. He's even taking me to the station at ridiculous o'clock on Thurs so that we can spend Weds night together, I think it's crazy but he insisted and it's kinda sweet so why not.

        That's rubbish re the pill - is it still happening? I have booked in for the coil fitting in 3 weeks and they're happy to do it without me having had a proper period as long as I do a pregnancy test. It sounds a bit scary but I hope it'll just be crampy for a couple of days and then fine. Sounds like you had the one with hormones though? Can't see how you'd develop acne with the copper IUD... everyone's different eh, I just can't stand condoms (yes I know it's silly but there you go) so might as well try something else.

        Oh wow that's incredible news! Mazel Tov! To hell with condoms then


        • Originally posted by Pinot-Girl View Post
          Hello Livlytique,

          I just came across your journal, and thought I'd say HI!!

          I'm in Canada but lived in England for 25 years, worked in London, lived near Guildford - loved it!! Was pretty healthy then (so I thought) as I had horses so did ALOT of the Heavy Lifting without really realising it!!!

          I also noted you've come off the pill - as someone that did that 2 years ago, after being on it for 20 odd years, it took me a full 12 months for my cycle to regulate, but I felt tonnes better pretty quickly. Never taking hormones again if I can help it! It all takes time, and they say 'time takes time'.... So just a thought!

          How's your sweet tooth? I found cutting all fruits and sweets was the key to crushing the addiction, and when I had an apple on Monday it was so lovely, but I've not had one since - I've - I hope - lost the cravings. Just a thought.

          Anyway, hope all is well in Blighty
          PG - in Vancouver, Canada :-)
          Hi PG!

          Thanks for your message Ah I want to go to Canada so badly, even thinking of trying to move to Montreal with work so I can speak French on a daily basis compared to my couple of holidays a year!

          Yeah I've been off it about a month now and felt totally different from the outset - mostly mentally. Completely appreciate how our bodies need to re-balance and learn to produce natural hormones again now that synthetic ones aren't taking over. I thought mine might sort itself out quicker because I've only been on it about 4 years compared to most women's decade plus, but whatevz, just happy to ride it out. No more poison ever!

          Hmm sweet tooth isn't usually too bad, I can't eat certain things like apples anyway because of FODMAPs, and tend to stick to bananas and berries for fruit. I haven't even been craving much chocolate since I came off the pill (I've just realised that it must have been the pill that switched me onto chocolate because I was allllways a savoury craver, funny!), though I have eaten a bit the last couple of days. Still, I think I could do better with sugar intake. One day at a time...


          • Morning! 1 day till holidaaaaay!!!

            mini workout
            B - 2 x boiled eggs, banana
            S - coffee, banana, a few raspberries
            L - bacon salad, a slice of chicken
            S - cup of tea and piece of coconut chocolate :-|
            D - delish Korean with the boy pork belly wrapped in lettuce, then beef & egg bibimbap yum!
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            • I'm off to the south of France don't know if I'll post or whatever but have a great couple of weeks everyone if I don't!


              • Have an amazing time! Enjoy it! Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back


                • Morning everyone, happy Monday! I'm back from holiday, tanned tired and undoubtedly heavier. Fresh French bread is just one of those things you can't say no to... So I need a mega detox, got to get back into good eating and exercise habits. To be honest I ate really good food out there, all salads etc. The main issue is just lying there for 10 days and not moving myself! Training for the half marathon has to begin in earnest now. Which'll be interesting given I also want to try and see the boy more often too. What will have to suffer - toning and training, falling in love, or earning money?!

                  I'm going to try and be super vigilant about what I eat this week, cut portion sizes if I have to. No point being nice and brown if my tummy is a little pot.

                  EDIT - so now I have to take antibios for a week before my IUD fitting next Monday, so annoying but I was worried about something and the nurse thought it might be best. Will have to start on the probios asap too! Just what I need in the heat this week

                  B - white coffee, 3 rashers bacon, 2 eggs fried in the bacon fat
                  S - banana, a few almonds, a bit of yoghurt, coffee
                  L - tuna salad (lettuce, cucumber, pepper, carrot, toms, sun dried toms, tuna in olive oil)
                  S - a couple of bites of nougat, peppermint tea
                  D - broccoli and Stilton soup
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                  • Tuesday Tuesday.
                    Set my alarm for 6.30 to go for a run. The volume on the radio was turned down. Lucky I woke up at 7 or I could've missed a morning's work but dammit I wanted to go running!

                    30 squats, 30 press ups, 40 triceps dips, 30 leg raises, 1 min plank, 30 secs side planks

                    B - two boiled eggs, coffee
                    L - salmon, broccoli and spinach, coffee
                    S - beetroot, orange, pineapple and ginger juice
                    D - steak, a mouthful of dauphinoise potatoes and some green salad, pint of cider
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                    • So I got promoted yesterday
                      And then taken out for steak by the boy, big yay.
                      Made up for no exercise huh! And now I've realised if I stay at his I get an extra hour in bed when he goes to work and I could use that very productively for a run, so that's the plan for next time!

                      30 press ups, 15 leg raises each side, 1 min plank, 30 secs side planks

                      B - strawberries, blueberries & almonds, 2 hard boiled eggs, black coffee (going to try and cut out dairy )
                      Early lunch - fruit salad - melon, pineapple, kiwi, satsuma, banana
                      Late lunch - salmon, broccoli, spinach
                      S - cup of tea, almond granola bar (naughty :-s)
                      Massive leaving party for 5 people (including my manager boo) so no dinner apart from another granola bar and quite a few chips. And undoubtedly more alcohol than should be drunk with penicillin. So that's that....
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                      • Despite getting to bed at 1.30am I was up at 7am for a quick 2 mile run. Feel a bit shit but I'm glad I did it since I now have to go shopping after work for a leaving present and didn't know when I'd fit it in otherwise. My life feels very busy at the mo which is great for the ol' exercise. We do what we can eh!

                        B - two boiled eggs


                        • Congrats on getting promoted!


                          • Congrats on the promotion that's aweseome! Glad to hear you had a lovely holiday and that things are still going well with the boy Well done for getting back into exercise so quickly especially in this heat! I haven't been able to do anything bar walking because I'm just too hot. I am reading "Eat fat, lose fat" and it's definitely inspiring me. It's awesome!


                            • Thank you!
                              Oh I'm not even gonna tell you what I've eaten & drunk today, been at my manager's leaving lunch since 1pm and now it's 9....
                              This week, my god.


                              • After a solid 9 hour sleep I am sober again and ready for a good Primal day. Have even managed to do some work for the first time this week ha. Only problem is my tummy, from the antibios, it's not very happy. So I'm plying myself with fruit, Berocca, and probios. But oh the sun is still shining, it's Friday, and I have a great weekend ahead of me, my tummy being a little odd is something I can handle right now!

                                B - two boiled eggs, black coffee
                                S - been picking at blueberries & strawberries
                                L - massive salad box from the canteen - rocket, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, bacon, beetroot, coleslaw, jalapenos, and a bit of lentils, rice & potatoes
                                FIVE MILE RUN! yeah in mid-30 degree heat. Oof
                                D - prawns, spinach leaves & carrot, satsuma, mint tea
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