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  • My Primal Journey (Montco)

    This is like my 5th or 6th time I started a Primal Journal. Each of the other times I fell off the wagon and failed. I wanted to start fresh with a clean slate. Each time I go off of primal eating and reintroduce grains into my diet I blow up like a balloon. Grains and sugar are like crack to me. I can't control myself. I need to eat primal in order to maintain my weight.

    I've gotten back up to 257 lbs. I was sitting at 247 like 2 or 3 weeks ago. I started eating breads, and pastas, and snacks again and I shot up like crazy. It needs to stop here. I'm sticking with the meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts. I will allow myself dairy because it doesn't effect me at all, but will try to consume it in moderation. I never drink milk so really the only dairy I will consume will be some shredded cheese on an omelette and some greek yogurt.

    My goal weight is 175 to 180 lbs. Somewhere in that range.

    This might sound corny but I purchased a Primal Blueprint wristband. I put it on today and will have it on each day as a simple reminder on how I should be focusing on my health. Kind of cheesy but it will serve as a daily reminder.

    UPDATE (4/23/13): In true Rob Montgomery fashion, I quit on myself like one day in after writing this journal entry. My weight didn't stop at 257 lbs. I am now up to 264 lbs! I have gained approximately 17 or 18 lbs in the span of one MONTH! This has got to end right here and right now.

    Today is my son's birthday and my gift to him (outside the normal stuff a 4 year old gets) is a promise from his dad to focus on his health and try to be the healthiest father that I can be. Starting today I am officially back on Primal and no more excuses!
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    SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs