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    Background: 49 years old, married, two grown kids, plus one beautiful granddaughter and one very spoiled dog who is my running partner.

    I probably should have started this when I started on PB, which is Feb. 10, this year. I had been slowly transitioning to PB subconsciously and unintentionally, just by eating better. My eating was mostly good according to SAD standards, but I knew I could do better. Started by eating more fruits and vegetables, and gradually cutting back on grains. I'm not overweight but wanted to eat better. Went full on PB on Feb.10, 2013.

    I've been a runner for about eight years now. I've done quite a few half-marathons and shorter distance races. I should probably mention that I participate, not race. I never have been and never will be fast. That's okay, I just like getting out there, and my four-legged running buddy loves it too!

    Two days after I started eating Primal, Feb. 12, I get a phone call my dad was in a near-fatal car wreck in AZ. So I bugged out the next morning, figuring I'd do what I could while I was gone, and not expecting to do very well. I was surprised that I did very well for the whole six weeks I was gone. Probably the worst thing I ate was a Subway salad. I was fortunate that the hospital had a great salad bar with all kinds of good stuff. I realize the contents were processed, but you do what you can when your dad is in ICU. For fitness, I managed three 3-mile runs a week, plus some core work and upper body. That and walking around the hospital and up and down stairs when I needed a break. So I wasn't totally out of shape when I got back, but wasn't exactly "in shape".

    BTW - dad is doing very well. His recovery is slow, but he's getting there.

    Got back to have one of my running buddies talk me into doing a half marathon on June 1. I hadn't planned on any longer distance races, but I couldn't resist.

    So I'm ramping up my running (14 miles last week with a 5 mile long run). We'll see how it goes. I've had some achilles tendonitis and posterior tibial tendonitis issues in the past. But I think its getting better. Could it be because of the fat I eat now, versus the SAD low fat? I think so.

    I'm back to lifting weights 2x a week and have added planks and pushups. I need to see about working on pull ups or the precursor to pullups.

    I know PB is against Chronic Cardio, but I'm a runner and don't think I'll be able to give it up completely. I'm all for backing off the miles after my race and upping the weights.

    I've lost about three or four pounds in the 60 days I've been primal. The best part is that I'm getting leaner. I feel great and have had a lot of people remark I look thinner.

    I love the way I feel, and that I'm not a slave to food anymore, having to eat every couple of hours. It will be very interestiing to see the results of my next cholesterol test. I'll get my blood drawn in the next couple of days. My mom was very concerned with my cholesterol with my eating, on average, 3 eggs a day.

    So that's my story in a nutshell. I don't know what to expect in being Primal and training for a half marathon. In my other HMs, I used Honey Stinger Chews for fuel/energy. I'm not sure what I'll do now and if I'll need anything during a race or long run.

    Today's eats:
    Breakfast: Black coffee plus 3 hard boiled eggs and sardines in olive oil
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    Had a BAS with salmon and olive oil for lunch, macadamia nuts for a snack and Brussels sprouts and ground beef for dinner.

    Ran 3 miles with my running buddy today.
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      Hi! Welcome! I'm glad you are doing well and your dad too.

      Mark is now saying that chronic cardio is mainly a state of mind. Running on a treadmill like a rat in a cage every day is chronic cardio. Having fun out there with a human or canine buddy, participating not racing, is not chronic cardio. Mark would also say that it is extra important to avoid inflammation in your diet and get plenty of rest. Good luck!
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        Thanks, Hedonist!

        Had my blood drawn for lipids today. I'm anxious to see the results.

        Did leg strength and core/abs this morning. Hopefully, I'll get a walk in on my lunch break.

        Breakfast will be fried eggs and leftover ground beef, whenever I decide I'm hungry. Drinking black coffee now.
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          Well, I did get a walk in on my lunch break. It was good to get out of the office.

          Had a salad (spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, salmon and olive oil) for lunch yesterday, macadamia nuts for a snack and salmon, mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) and some sweet potato for dinner. Decided to add some carbs at dinner since I was going to run in the morning.

          Ran 5 miles with my pup this morning. I do think adding some carbs the night before was a good idea. I had a little bit of one of my smoothies (one cup mixed fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), whey protein powder and coconut milk) after my run. I'll have the rest for breakfast. And of course, drank my black coffee on the way to work.

          Still figuring out the running and carbs thing. The real test will be when I run longer to see if I care about anything during the run. I don't think I will, but I'll probably take some nuts and dried fruit or something along until I figure it out.

          I forgot to mention before, but I've been running in my Luna Sandals. This morning was a road run, so I used my Luna originals with ATS laces, and a pair of smartwool toe socks (temp was in the 30s). I think the new version is called Venado. I love Luna sandals for running!
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            Hi and welcome
            I just started back on the forums here and started a new journal too. It's good to see another 40-something ... although you are miles ahead of me (literally!) in the exercise dept!! I think the main thing about carbs is to find the sweet spot where you feel good and energetic and you'll just need to experiment ...

            Don't stress to much about your cholesterol - it's not the big thing that doctors and big pharma make it out to be. Check out the health forum for a couple of good threads (Griff's ultimate guide has a formula that is much better than what doctors do).


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              Thanks, Mikki.

              I'm not stressed about my cholesterol numbers so much as I'm anxious to be able to show the numbers to the naysayers in my family. I've read a lot about cholesterol and how it all works so I'm not worried.

              As far as my being ahead of you in exercise, keep in mind that my kids are grown and gone and I haven't been working towards a Ph.D. Congrats on that BTW!
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                Yesterday I ran the Beat Coach Pete 5k. Its a fun run put on to raise scholarship funds at BSU. For those that don't know, Coach Pete is the BSU football coach. Anyway, it was very crowded, but managed to meet up with some folks from work. It was in the 40s and pretty breezy, but at least the rain had stopped. I didn't eat before I went, but drank my coffee (black) on the way. About 45 minutes before the start, I decided I was hungry so I ate a hard boiled egg. We had a 9:30 start. Had to dodge around a lot of folks but it eventually opened up. I didn't beat Pete because I'm slow, but I had a good time, which is always the most important. I drank one of my smoothies when I was done.

                Ended up going to the Co-op and Costco (they had Kerrygold butter and coconut oil!) afterward and I got to see my daughter and granddaughter. Bonus!

                Munched on 2 more hard boiled eggs later plus some sardines. Macadamia nuts for a snack. Dinner was steak on the grill and mixed veggies.

                It was a great day and nice dinner with DH.

                Beat Coach Pete 2013.jpg
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                  Not only has my eating gone primal, my transition to hippie has made progress. I just finished making my own deodorant and toothpaste.
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                    Here are my lipid numbers:

                    2013 (Primal)
                    Total: 269
                    Tri: 25
                    HDL: 88
                    LDL: 156
                    Chol/HDL ratio: 3.1

                    2012 (SAD)
                    Total: 228
                    Tri: 46
                    HDL: 77
                    LDL: 148
                    Chol/HDL ratio: 3.0

                    When I first saw the numbers, I freaked a little. I think I was still thinking about CW regarding cholesterol/lipids. But using the Iranian equation, and the information found at, it makes a lot of sense.

                    HDL/total cholesterol ratio: Mine is 0.33

                    0.24 or higher is considered ideal

                    under 0.24 - low

                    less than 0.10 - very dangerous

                    Triglyceride/HDL ratio: Mine is 0.28

                    2 or less is considered ideal

                    4 - high

                    6 - much too high
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                      Went for a run with my 4-legged running buddy this morning. It was about 30f. I couldn't figure out what was in the air. I felt silly when I realized it was snowing very lightly. We had a good run together.

                      I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around eating a lot of fat sometimes. Particularly in regards to coconut milk. Making a smoothie with a whole can equates to about 70g of fat. Thats a ton in one drink. I may try going with half a can and see what I think. I really like them after my long runs and for something for breakfast other than eggs.
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                        I've decided to eat more carbs than I have been. Had about 1/2 a sweet potato for dinner last night (plus ground beef and mixed veggies). I also had a smoothie (1 cup frozen berries, 1/2 a can of coconut milk and a scoop of whey protein), this morning for breakfast and an apple for a snack. I'm still experimenting with the the carbs and running thing. I don't know what the magical combination for good running is, but I'll keep trying to figure it out.

                        Sleep has been horrible. More because my dog/running buddy has some kind of bug or something. I'm such a light sleeper that if he or my DH don't sleep well, I don't sleep well. I don't think any of us has been sleeping well. Hopefully tonight will be a better night.
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                          I just watched this movie and wanted to post it here for my own reference and for anyone else who wants to see it. It's an hour long, but very enlightening.

                          The Statin Nation - the great cholesterol cover up

                          STATIN NATION: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Full Movie) - YouTube
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                            Hey, Hurache Gal!! I just wanted to give you a shout out and tell you thanks again for pointing me toward the sock doc's treatment for plantar fasciitis! Girl, I am cured!!! It's been the most wonderful turnaround! Now that I can be on my feet again during the day instead of dying of sitting disease, my weight loss has started up again and my energy levels are so much higher. I cannot thank you enough for your help with that!!

                            Meanwhile, I am another 40-something -- 46 in fact -- and finding MDA last year has been a lifesaver for me. It's been a learning process for sure but I know I am significantly healthier than when I started. I'll be keeping up with your journal and have decided to start my own. Thanks again!


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                              Rhonda - I am so glad to hear your PF is better! Sock Doc is an unconventional guy with a great site and unusual viewpoint. I really like that he's all about treating the cause, not just the symptom.

                              Glad to see things have improved for you. I am absolutely loving the Primal WOE. I just wish I had become primal earlier in life.

                              Cheers and Grok On!
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