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    This morning, I took my running buddy out for our Saturday morning run. It was about 41f, and windy, but not horrible. Ran a nice 5.25 with the pup, then dropped him at the house and ran another 2 miles, for a total of 7.19 for me. By the end, I was getting a little hungry, but not bad. I felt like I could have run farther. Successful run, followed by a smoothie with 1 cup of frozen berries, 1/2 a can of coconut milk and a scoop of whey protein powder, and now coffee.
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      Finally made my first order at US Wellness Meats. Can't wait for it to arrive!

      Made a nice chuck roast with potatoes, carrots and turnips last night. I didn't have any potatoes. It was good but I need to think of other veggies to add next time.

      I feel like I just want to eat everything in sight today. I had forgotten that on longer run days, I don't tend to eat that much and the next day I make up for it. I had 3 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon and a handful of coconut flakes so far today. I did my leg strength and abs workout before I ate.

      One thing I'm noticing, is that my run recovery seemed easier, both yesterday and today.
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        Ran yesterday morning and this morning. Also lifted upper body weights last night. Interesting that my weight is creeping up a bit. I'm not worried about it and credit the gain to muscle as I'm running more and lifting more.

        I tracked my food on Paleo Track for a couple of days. I quickly figured out that things were fine and I needed to quick tracking before my Type A personality (aka anal retentive) got out of hand.

        On a woohoo note, I found someone local that has pastured chicken eggs! Our chickens won't be old enough to start laying for about 4-6 months so I was thrilled to find a local source!
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          Hurray for the pastured eggs!! I lost my connection last year when my neighbor moved. I am headed this Saturday to a local farmer's market in hopes of catching up with a local free-range chicken producer. Yay, eggs!


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            Went out for a run with my running buddy early this morning. I took him for a little over 5 miles, left him at the house and did another 3 miles. 8 miles total. I didn't eat before I left. It went fine, but I was getting tired and hungry at the end. I'm thinking for longer than 7 or 8 miles, I'll probably take some sort of food with me, maybe dried fruit, if I can find some without added sugar. Maybe I'll have to dehydrate some myself. I don't necessarily attribute getting tired to needing food, but if I'm going to ultimately run 13 miles, I may need something along the way. I think next week I'll try having something to eat or a smoothie before I go next time. This is all such an experiment. I knew what worked for me when I ate SAD, but this is all different.

            Anyway, had a great run with Jet. We'll be working on the chicken pen and coop today.

            Forgot to mention, my PF is cranky, especially in my left foot. I'll be working the trigger points in my calves a lot to get it settled down.
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              Today was long run day for me. Still trying to get my eating plan down in relation to running longer. I decided to have a small banana and almond butter about 45 minutes before I went out to see if that made any difference. It tasted good, but I don't think it helped anything. Again, at about 6 miles, I was feeling hungry. Not a big annoyance or anything, but it was there. So I think the answer will probably be to have things with me on the longer runs. I know that I could eat more before I go and it might make a difference, but I really don't want to get up at the butt crack of dawn to eat and let my food digest before a long run. So I'll take some things with me next weekend and see how it goes. I need to start using my Nathan hydration pack soon too to get used to the weight.

              I ran a little over 5 miles with my running buddy Jet, and another 4 miles alone, for a total of 9.1 miles.

              I also went to the Humane Society for a kennel class to learn how to handle the dogs there, how to get them out of their kennels, etc. it was fun and I look forward to volunteering there, probably on my Fridays off. Then off to the Boise Co-op and Costco. Is been a good day. Off to make something for dinner now, probably steak and vegetables.
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                Tried a new variation on my smoothie today. Usually, I use 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 cup coconut milk, 1 scoop whey protein and water to adjust consistency.

                Today I used one small banana, 1 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 scoop whey protein and a little water. It was really good.
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                  Today I had a body composition test done in a Bod Pod. I was rather surprised, or even shocked at the results.

                  % fat - 32%
                  % fat free mass - 68%
                  Fat Mass - 45.219 lb
                  Fat free Mass - 95.999 lb
                  Body Mass (weight) - 141.217 lb

                  My body fat was much higher than I anticipated. I was thinking about 25%. Which again, leaves me questioning my eating.

                  When I was at my parents when my dad got hurt (2nd week of Feb to last week of March), I was only running about 9 miles a week and eating pretty low carb. I wasn't tracking at the time. I looked and felt leaner then than I do now. I've been gaining a bit of weight, about 5 pounds so far since I got back. However, I'm up to about 20 miles per week running and I'm lifting heavier on upper body weights. I've been adding in some primal carbs since my running volume has increased in preparation for my June 1st half marathon.

                  So now the question is, do I keep on with the way I'm eating, or go back to low carb before my HM? This N=1 thing drives me crazy sometimes. I wish someone could just tell me what would be the perfect combination for me.
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                    Okay, I've decided not to freak out about my bod pod results. There are a lot of things that can affect the results. The fact that I'm 49, peri-menopausal and retaining some water could very well have something to do with it.

                    So until after my half marathon on June 1st, I'm just going to keep eating well and do what I need to do to have good, strong runs.

                    I also decided I need to back off on dairy. I had been adding some yogurt, cheese and cream. Apparently, my digestive system isn't very happy with that. I think I'll just stick to butter for awhile.
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                      Long run day today, 10 miles was the goal.

                      Last night's dinner: steak, veggies and 1/2 a sweet potato.

                      Breakfast: Had a banana pancake (2 eggs, 1banana, one tblsp arrow root powder) to start. This was my first time to try this. Next time, I'll make a couple smaller pancakes instead of one large. Just easier to flip and cook. But it was fine, even though it looked like a beat up omelet.

                      Went for my run about an hour after breakfast. Took Jet out for a little over 5 miles and then did another 5 by myself, for a total of 10.5. I wasn't hungry or interested in food the whole time. I did take a couple of bite-sized Lara bars along just on case, but didn't need them. I had my Nathan Intensity hydration pack on since I'll be using that in my race. It was fine, but I should have put some ice in it.

                      All in all, I think it went well. Had a berry smoothie when I got back and coffee later. I think I've found the winning combination for my race on the 1st.
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                        Today was my day off, so I decided to volunteer at the Humane Society for a couple of hours. After taking the dogs out for a break and some exercise, I met my daughter and granddaughter for some shopping and lunch. We ate at Cheesecake Factory (her choice for her birthday). I ordered a Kobe burger and sweet potato fries. Have to say, mine was pretty craptastic. No flavor. Oh well. She enjoyed her salmon, and took a piece of cheesecake home. I passed of course. I went to Costco after that. I think I've hit my quota of Kerrygold butter, since there's no more room in the freezer for it.

                        Dinner: Pork chop and mixed veggies. Plus a few berries.
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                          Long run today - 11.15 miles. Ran the first 5.4 with my 4-legged running buddy.

                          Again, started with banana pancake. At about 6 miles, thought about food, but it passed. I started feeling really good at about 7 miles and by 9 or so I was getting tired. But I was running into the wind and had run some hills. Finished without any problems. I figured based on how I've felt in training that I'll have something to eat during my race, probably at 6 or 7 miles.

                          Only one more long run next weekend. It's the week before the race. I'm trying to decide if I run 8 or 10 miles. I'm leaning toward 8 miles, so I can go into the race rested.

                          I'll be running the race to finish, not to race or place. On my best day, that isn't going to happen. My goal is the same as it is for every race, get from the start to the finish and finish strong. Last year the last few miles weren't fun, as the heat had really gotten to me. Hopefully, this year will be better.
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                            Ran my last big run before my race next Saturday. I opted for an 8 mile run and did it fasted. The run went well, no problems. It felt short, which is good. Ran 6 with the pup and another 2 by myself.

                            I feel ready for Saturday, but nervous of course. What's interesting to me is that I checked my weight from a year ago (SAD), and I was about the same right before this race. What that tells me is that once the race is done and I back off on my running, I should drop down again. I think I'm probably under quite a bit of stress (cortisol) right now, plus carrying more than normal muscle in my legs.

                            This n=1 is crazy stuff. But I feel strong and am ready to get back to 5 mile long runs.
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                              The last dream before I woke up: I'm eating a bagel to fuel for my HM. I woke up thinking WTF?

                              Let the pre-race madness begin, where I question my shoe choice (Luna Leadvilles), clothing and pre-race fuel. Oh the joys of an over-active imagination.
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                                Did my half marathon yesterday. Here's my race report/after action/experiment in food report:

                                Friday night I had salmon and a big sweet potato for dinner. I had gone out to lunch with my daughter and had a bison burger on lettuce with tomato and purple potato fries.

                                I slept pretty well Friday night, until 3:00 am. Woke up and couldn't do more than try to rest until 5:00 am. I got up and got things ready and had banana pancakes (2 eggs, small banana and 1 tblsp of coconut flour). I wore a tank top along with spandex shorts, my kilt, Luna Leadville Sandals, and a ball cap. Left the house at 6:00. The weather was perfect, low 50s and breezy. As someone who doesn't handle running in warm weather very well, I was happy. The race started right on time at 8:00.

                                The first 3 or 4 miles weren't the best, just trying to get in my groove. The course was a combination of dirt farm roads and road mix. At points, it was moon dust, which is really fine, loose dirt. I was really happy to have my Lunas here as it only took a second to get the dirt out. Started felling pretty good after 4 miles or so. At about 6 miles, came up on a couple of hills. I did power hike for a little bit on the really steep one as I'm faster doing that. At about 6.5 miles, I munched on a Luna bar bite sized.

                                I was feeling pretty good and the miles were ticking along. I got out to the main road (dirt with road mix) that I would be on from about mile 7.5 until the finish. There were rolling hills but I kept chugging along without any power hiking. I did pass a few folks in the stretch from about 9-12 miles or so. At about 10 miles, I had a fruit leather type snack. At about 11 miles, I was getting pretty tired, but not surprising since my longest run in training was 11. Around 11.5 we were in pavement until the end. At a little after 12 miles, it was a steep downhill down to the marina (Snake River). The worst part was turning into the marina area as the road and parking area were very rocky. Managed to cross the finish in 2:42. I'm happy with my time. Last year it took me 2:55 because the heat got to me.

                                It sure felt good to put my feet in the river afterward.

                                I think I'm done with half marathons for now. I don't think I have the desire to do the longer runs anymore. I won't say I'll never do it again, but I'm ready for short runs with my dog again.
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