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  • Give me meat.

    Hello there!

    i'm Alan, almost 20 years old, 1,72m and between 70-75 kg.

    But enough with the presentations.

    I started primal 26 days ago.

    Benefits? well lost some weight... apparently most from "water" .
    I didn't loose abdominal fat yet but hey, apparently that's the last thing to go.
    I think i started being 22 lbs - 10 kg- overweight ( exagerating ).
    I can also be a lot of time without being hungry. (6-7 hrs). aaand now i can do chin ups!
    Oh and i went from pants size 46 to 40.

    i've read a lot about primal here.
    of course i was exceptical, but decided to give it a try

    I was a little primal before knowing it.
    I drank mostly water and coffe and milk(no sugar), ate a lot of veggies and meat, didn't use salt on already made dishes, etc.
    But i also ate simple carbs, grains, and avoided fat like hell.

    I started cold turkey.

    No grains, no sugar, just drank some milk, coffe, and water. every meal consisted in vegetables and meat. i used mostly butter and olive oil as fat (and the fat in the meat of course).

    This, to me, was fucking easy to follow. I love eating this way, and i didn't snak even once. ( just some fruit here and or a glass of milk but just for pleasure). I also eat some cheese and drink some wine once or twice a week. and some chocolate once 2 weeks

    So... here it is! something like a journal.

    Some pictures!

    Day 1 (march 10 aprox)

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    Heck, yeah. Welcome aboard! Meat and veggies are a great start!
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      A few hours ago ( april 7)

      I lost very little abdominal fat, but there are some changes.

      and yes, i do happen to enjoy a very grok-like chest hair


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        yeah... i think that's it. see ya in one month to upload more pictures!