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    Look who's back in primal Town!

    I didn't really leave, just took a few detours in the last year. I'm happy to report that none of the detours involved pans of brownies or baguettes. Here's the nutshell version of what I've been up to...

    Last Memorial Day I gave up wheat and grains for good. Haven't had a crumb since.

    On July 4th, I quit sugar. Sugar wasn't as smooth as grains. I started eating copious amounts of xylitol and fruit. My sweet tooth was still active.

    Around September I discovered a ketogenic, low carb, high fat diet. My sweet cravings were finally under control. I began testing my blood glucose and ketones on a daily basis. My glucose readings stayed in the 70-90 range. My ketones were ranging from .5 to 1.5, meaning that I was a fat adapted.

    Being fat adapted is a magical feeling. I can do a 24 hour fast without a problem. I can complete half marathons on an empty stomach. No cravings. I love it.

    I also love the Primal Blueprint way of living. That's why I'm back. The keto-diet I'm doing is very heavy on dairy. Very little fruit. Carbs should be kept below 50 grams but I've been able to stay in ketosis as long as I'm under 100.

    So here goes an experiment. Can I transition to a Primal diet and still stay in ketosis? I'm going to do a 90 day experiment and see what happens. Today is Day 1, I'll check my blood numbers on a daily basis. I'm going to eat according to the PB food pyramid.

    Let's see what happens...

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    Yesterday I added a bit of fruit back into my diet. For breakfast I had a couple hard boiled eggs topped with guacamole. Then I had a side of berries.

    My blood ketone reading at 3pm was 1.1, which means I'm still in fat burning mode. My glucose was 77.