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I am the only thing standing between my fat self and my fit self!

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    Yesterday was a great day for me. I had class and work until early evening, and then I met up with one of my very good friends I haven't seen in over a month. Although we attend the same college, our schedules are so different this semester that it has been hard to find time to get together. We talked for hours about anything and everything. We even had a nice conversation about the detriments of wheat and gluten. Come to find out she has recently decided to try out a gluten free (but not sugar free) diet to see if it helps her with inflammation and acne. It will be nice to have a friend that I can talk to about at least some of my reasons for eating this way. I told her about my progress and how much I currently weigh. I'm not sure if she was being nice or if she was really surprised, but she told me she never would have guessed that I weighed close to 150 before I started this journey again. Sometimes I find it hard to believe too because all my body fat is so evenly distributed that I don't have a large amount of excess fat anywhere in particular.

    I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get in much exercise other than walking around campus between classes and work. Breakfast was plain scrambled eggs, and I was a bit hungrier than usual before work so I stopped to buy myself I salad for lunch. My friend and I also went out to dinner, and we both stuck to the fantastic salad bar that was available. I've never liked olive oil and vinegar for a salad dressing, but last night I decided I would try out olive oil and lemon juice, and I was very surprised at how delicious it was. I think it may be my go-to dressing from now on. It's easy and dairy free, which I like because I do try to keep my dairy limited. I've been told that certain forms of dairy can cause a very big insulin spike that can't really be explained by the amount of carbohydrates it contains, so in the hopes of maximizing my fat loss I am limiting it for now.

    As far as progress goes, I am really beginning to see some small changes in my appearance. My stomach is smoother already, I don't have weird little lumps anymore, so I'm guessing I've gotten rid of most of the bloat I was carrying around. I really can't wait to start seeing more changes in my thighs and arms, especially my arms. I used to think my arms were fine the way they are, but now I really want to work on getting some definition and real strength in them. It would be nice to be able to do a pullup without assistance. I'm also working on building back strength and core strength.

    I work all day today, and when I get home I plan on working out. My mother is coming to visit tomorrow so I may not get a chance to update again until tomorrow afternoon or Sunday. I really hope she doesn't suggest eating out, but she most likely will since she does every time she visits. I don't blame her though, we have a lot of really great restaurants in town, and she has mostly fast food places where she lives. I also have a dinner date with another good friend on Wednesday, and she loves Mexican food so hopefully I can find something on the menu that isn't too terrible.


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      Well it has been longer than I expected since I have been able to take some time and write an update! The weekend was very busy for me. As I said in my last post, my mother visited on Saturday and stayed for most of the day, and coincidentally my boyfriend's parents called Saturday evening to ask if we would be around on Sunday so that they could come visit.

      Before all that though, I had a chance to read many of the posts in the Alternate Day Fasting thread Friday at work, and I have to say, the idea hooked me from the get go. I hate restricting calorie intake for days on end, so to be able to eat normally every other day is very appealing. Although I haven't counted calories thus far, I have consciously eaten smaller portions, so I know I have a decent caloric deficit. I know, I know, calories supposedly don't matter that much, but for me they really do. I don't lose weight unless I eat less and eat relatively low carb, plain and simple. And eating less than I would like every single day is tedious for me, and I think that is part of the reason why I have fallen of the primal wagon so many times in the last year.

      Anyway, after reading many of the posts and doing some research on my own, I decided I was going to give the alternate day fasting according to the Up Day Down Day method a try. I did the HCG diet a couple years ago, and managed for almost a month on only 500 calories a day, so I don't think every other day is going to be an issue for me, but we will see. I did my first Down Day on Saturday, splitting my calories up between lunch and an early dinner. Yesterday was an Up Day, so I ate normally (but still primal of course) and worked out. Today is a Down Day, and I am saving all my calories for dinner. I was hungry around noon, but by 2pm the hunger had mostly disappeared. Now it is coming back though, so I think dinner will be early tonight.

      Tomorrow and Wednesday will both be Up Days for me, because I have dinner plans with a friend on Wednesday and I would like to be able to enjoy myself and actually eat something at the restaurant. I'm excited to see how I do on this plan. I've dropped a pound since Saturday morning. Hopefully the scale won't fluctuate too much on my two Up Days in a row.

      As far as weight loss progress goes, I am losing at a relatively fast rate I think, but I do expect it to slow down some eventually. Also, although most of my fat is not on my stomach, in the last couple of days I have noticed that the fat I do have on my abdomen is quite a bit softer and springier than usual. I hope this is a good sign. I've heard of this phenomenon before, and how it can sometimes be followed by a fairly decent "woosh", and I really hope that's the case!


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        Phew, I have had a couple of very busy days this week, hence the lack of updates. Why is it that all of my big projects and papers for school are always all due at the same time?! Thankfully the semester is over in 3 more weeks.

        The last week has been so-so as far as my weight loss progress. Yesterday I was 143.2 pounds, exactly one pound down from the previous Wednesday, April 10th. Today, however, I am up 2 pounds and now weigh 145.2. I know why though, and it's my own fault. I had dinner plans with a friend last night at a small Mexican restaurant. The menu was small and there were only two dishes (salads of course) that were free of grains and legumes, and neither of them sounded very appealing. I wasn't in the mood for salad to begin with, and especially not for $15 a pop when all they contained were veggies and a little guacamole. So, I had a cheat meal. I honestly didn't plan on it, I really planned on getting something primal, but when I got to the restaurant and looked at the menu, I decided I'd rather spend my fifteen dollars on something I would enjoy and never actually make for myself than on something I eat almost every day.

        The meal I chose was delicious. Of course everything was wrapped up in flour and corn tortillas, but I skipped the rice and beans. I knew my weight would take a hit because of the carbs and sodium, but today is a Down Day so I do expect a lot of it to be gone tomorrow. Although I did enjoy my brief departure from primal eating, I know it will definitely not be a regular thing at all, because I don't want to hinder my weight loss. I have a few more social obligations to attend in the next few weeks, so I will have to come up with a game plan to get through those unscathed.

        As far as alternate day fasting goes, I think I am doing fairly well. Today is my 3rd Down Day, since I decided to make both Tuesday and yesterday an Up Day owing to my dinner plans. My hunger definitely comes in waves. One minute my stomach is grumbling and I have the sensation of hunger, and the next minute I feel fine, neither full nor hungry. I have been trying to drink more water on Down Days, but I think it actually makes me hungrier and almost makes me a little light headed. When I have my meal tonight I will be sure to drink a big glass though.

        I have been sticking to an every other day work out routine that also coincides with my Up Days, and I am finding that when I can work out alone in the privacy of my own home and at my own pace, I actually enjoy it. I may not have all the fancy equipment a gym has, but between myself and my boyfriend I have enough small weights and resistance bands to challenge myself. I'm slowly getting into a comfortable routine that doesn't have me constantly wondering what exercise to do next. Now I just need to vamp up my slow movement, and with warmer weather coming I hope this will be easy to do.