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  • First journal entry

    This is what I ate today

    Raw Almonds, 8 pieces
    Steak-- grass fed eye of round - Grilled, 6 oz.

    Fresh - Grass-Fed Ground Beef, 100 g 19
    Hotdog - All Beef grass fed Hot Dogs, 1 weiner

    Trader Joe's - Dark Chocolate Nibs,
    Armstrong Cheese - Cheese Sticks, 2 Sticks
    Milk 2% -- 250ml

    Water --- coffee ----

    I really have an issue with the texture of vegetables -- didn't have time to juice today -- will try and do tomorrow.
    Need to get more fat into my day as well

    I get my meat from this great place Berreta Beef -- organic grass fed beef and chicken --- really nice products.

    No exercise today (unless you count cleaning up the house and running after 5 kids exercise )

    230 7 20 11 340 12

    Totals 982 11 75 73 696 12

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    Welcome! Good luck on Primal!

    I love veg but some people here don't eat any, or very little. Work some in as you can. Or some fruit. Or lots of herbs and spices on your meat.

    No exercise today (unless you count cleaning up the house and running after 5 kids exercise )
    Yes, I do!
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      Beef - Ground grass fed --6oz

      Raspberries - Raw, 1 container (1/2 cup ea.)
      Nuts - Cashew nuts, raw, 2 oz

      Compliments - Extra Lean Ground Chicken, 2 cup
      Oil - Olive, 1 tablespoon Add Food

      Milk - Reduced fat, 2% milkfat, 250 g
      Trader Joe's - Dark Chocolate Nibs, 1 tablespoon

      Walked about an hour during lunch --- feeling OK -- will get more fruit and veg in --- work -- school-- kids and needy husband --- can't wait for my weekend hike!!! meeee and the forest :-)