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    On May 13th 2011 I on a whim became Primal. A friend had been touting Mark's Daily Apple for a few months to me but I never paid attention. Later when I saw another mention of it... I looked it up. That day (the earlier mentioned May 13th) I became primal. I dove in head first sticking to a very strict diet. Most of my meals were a meat (pork, beef, fish, chicken, or scallops) cooked in olive oil with a few low-carb veggies on the side. I stuck to it tightly and only rarely went off my plan.

    After two weeks I had lost 20 lbs. from my starting weight of 290. After two months primal I'd lost about 50 lbs. It took me about seven months but I went down as low as 204 lbs. before I started to waver and my weight began a slow climb up. This was not due to any failure of the Primal Blueprint or a stabilization of my weight. I had started to wander off the path.

    Now almost two years since I started going primal I find my diet decidely unprimal. I don't have quite the energy or health as I did. I keep trying to re-start being primal but what kept me so easily primal when I started (access to a kitchen and fresh/cheap/easy to get produce) has not helped me at all. Going primal helped me get into the US Navy, being able to make weight and be fit. Now I find myself having drifted back to around 240 and wanting to stop that trend... to not only get to a low weight but go lower and get more fit.

    Perhaps I should put this into context geographically. I started being Primal in Japan. Then I moved back to the US (Michigan), that was were my eating started to deteriorate. Then about 3 months ago I came to Hawaii. This is where things started going badly for me... I gained about 20 lbs. in those three months.

    That being said... I am in Hawaii! Such a great place to go out and do activities. However I live in a place where access to a kitchen is extremely difficult and when I -can- get to a shared kitchen it has limited items to cook with and it is limited in respect to time. There are few healthy places to eat nearby as well.

    Despite that... this week I have weigh-in for my twice a year PT test and next week I will be doing the test itself. I hope to past though it is not solid in my mind. Whether I can affect that or not I am not overly worried about. What I want to do is not be on that edge in the future, to live Primally despite the constraints I have. To balance exercise with my more sedentary hobbies. To find hobbies I can do that I enjoy that take the place of 'exercise' and make it become 'play'. To get in a regular primal diet that I won't stray from. For the past 10 months I've been trying to go primal again. But I am lucky if I can make it four days straight... most of the attempts barely making it one or two days.

    I need people to talk to and encourage me. To have conversations and friends who can help reinforce my willpower. I love food and what invariably pulls me away is something I haven't tried in a long time... or some new food or such that looks so good. It rarely is as good as I remember or imagine of course but... I tend to forget that.

    So... this journal will be less a food/exercise record and more of a record of my ups and downs as I try to become primal again. My intentions this week are to eat fully primal. Omelets for breakfast and salads for lunch... for dinner I am not sure. Maybe salads as well or intermittent fasting. I come home late when most things are closed and I have to deal with what is in my little mini-fridge.

    My current 'tools' for cooking are a water boiler, a microwave, a small fridge/freezer combo, and a handmixer. On weekdays there is a small lil restaurant that I can get an omelet from for breakfast. We'll see how I will handle it for this first week... I have some salad bags and some packages of tuna in the fridge for now. Every now and then I get a rotisserie chicken from a local place so I can use chicken in the salads instead of tuna.

    Well... here I go!