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  • Beau getting Her Life in Order

    Beau Getting Her Life in Order | This should be funny. Maybe sometimes sad, sometimes joyous, maybe even sometimes inspiring!

    This is from my blog, my first post on my journey thus far.

    Will keep a track on myself and my progress from here too, around like minded people.

    Woke up, feeling groggy and tired still. Probably didn't get enough sleep and feel like I am coming down from a lifetime of sugar.

    Had water with lime and now trying to wake up with Lemon and ginger and honey tea.

    This afternoon I am going for a walk with my daughter. About to go make eggs and mushrooms. YUM.

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    So at the moment, I am feeling really tired. I have been having a sleep in the day, every day.I am waking up feeling good for a bit and then I start to lose energy. I understand what is happening and i am just taking it easy and trying to ride the waves.

    My weight when I started this was 75.5 kgs, now this morning I weighed myself and I am 72.9 . I'm really stoked about this. I haven't been exercising much as I am feeling tired, but when this tiredness passes I will start walking and doing whatever other activities feel good to me.

    Am loving this website and enjoying learning and hearing peoples stories.

    So what have I been eating?

    Yesterday morning - I had two eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and baby spinach with parsley and rosemary.

    Then a berry/almond milk/vanilla extract smoothie.

    Then dinner was kangaroo and veges in coconut milk and cos lettuce.

    Nice stuff! no more belly gurgling, telling me off through the night for eating pasta/pizza/crap!!! I can finally sleep in peace


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      Went to counselling today. Decided that its time to change my life, first to fix my body and then to fix my mind

      Had a berry/banana/spirulina smoothie for breakfast.

      Had Caesar salad with chicken and no croutons or cheese for lunch.

      Dinner shall be something fishy

      Am also having a cup of tea a day with coconut cream instead of milk. I like it!

      Still tired. Gah.


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        Had poached fish with a tomato sauce and broccoli, zucchini and lettuce for dinner last night. Delish. Mum made it She is going to try Primal eating too!

        Today woke up with a cold. Feel tired and bleh.

        Couldn't help myself, needed comfort, made egg and banana pancakes. Added cinnamon and vanilla and ate them with blueberries and honey. Felt full after eating them, but not heavy and tired from digesting.

        Reading as much as i can about all of this at the moment. Want to learn and practice to change my physicality.

        Went to counselling yesterday. Had a big talk and a big cry. Felt good...and exhausting.

        Having a tuna salad for lunch. And making chicken soup for dinner. Healing and yummy

        May be moving soon....hopefully in the next couple of weeks.


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          Still feeling fluey...but still had energy to do the shopping!

          Spent a lot of money on food today....need to work that out better....have vegetarians and primal eaters in my family argh...

          Today ate -

          breakfast - left over chicken soup with two rashers of bacon
          lemongrass tea with honey

          lunch - grilled fish with salad

          afternoon snack - berry smoothie

          dinner - two pork sausages and salad with avocado

          chai tea with coconut cream and honey

          Feel a little overfull. Need to watch this, I think i may have overeaten. Its either comfort or just habit to eat!

          Put on a fav dress of mine today with a belt, the belt is now on the last hole and loose. Wow.

          Have niggling feelings of 'is this the best thing for me?', then think to myself 'I am not a friggen sheeple! I am a human being capable of making decisions for myself!'

          Trust trust trust! I am on the road and going along and feeling good and I just need to TRUST


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            Feeling all chesty voice is almost gone and I am coughing a bit. Interesting. Is this the dairy coming off me or what?

            My fit/gym junkie cousin told me I should check my bmi. Well, that was depressing. 29.04 argh. No. So over a quarter of my body is fat. Lovely. And that was weighing myself after I have lost weight. I am in the overweight category now. f I had done the calculation before my 3 kilo weight loss I would just be in the obese category. Feel a bit shocked about that! I guess i am a little in denial of my size and health. My emotions sometimes seem to overshadow it all.

            We are moving house in a couple of weeks. We live about 20 minutes out of town, and now we are moving INTO town. This will be interesting. We are doing it mainly for our daughters sake. They are growing up and wanting to do study, so we want to support them in that.

            Going to go breathe in some eucalyptus oil and make myself some eggs. Goobooldy my step father used to call it. Eggs scrambled with onion, garlic and tomato. Nice


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              Feeling better. this chesty thing has almost gone. We are moving house and I am excited! I have my close girlfriends in the town so we will be exercising together and I am really looking forward to that. Going to go for long walks and do some weights.

              Have been eating really is not that hard. I am really flowing with this WOE like I have never before. Going out to eat is easy too!
              Yesterday i started off with a berry/banana/almond smoothie.
              Then a BAS of lettuce, avo, tomato, cucumber, olives and tuna. Yum!
              Then an apple and some slivered almonds
              And for dinner, Zucchini pasta with beef mince bolognase. Ate a bit too much of that actually! I haven't had bolognase for a long time!
              Then two squares of peppermint dark chocolate for dessert

              People starting to comment on my weight loss....its noticeable now. I just love the lighter feeling of my body. I can really feel myself iykwim? I'm not so insulated by fat that I'm numb anymore! YAY!

              i am still feeling tired during the days...think I may need more sleep....but yes I think my body may still be adjusting. I was a big bread head before....but also I have been a faster and IF'er for a long time too, so I think I am fine in that sense.

              My skin broke out the other day too. Argh no. It was all clear for a bit. Might be the chocolate. i don't know. hopefully it goes away!!!

              Going to counseling again today. Feel a little nervous, hate crying in front of strangers. But she is friendly enough and is a really good listener.

              Got to go have breakfast now......hmm....what to have, what to have?

              peace out


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                Hi Beau - welcome to the world of primal living. It might help others to get you know if you'd share abit about yourself. Age, married/single, kids, job............ you know basic stuff.

                I do have a question - when you say your daughters are "wanting to do study" - what exactly does that mean? Is that what you call going to school? how old are they?

                There is a lot of great people who hang out in Marks Daily Apple world - lots of good advice and lots a great support. Advice - stay clear of the nutrition thread - it gets weird over there.
                1. Love ME no matter what noises are screaming at me, or who is trying to tear me down.
                2. Eat to heal
                3. Move to live
                4. Embrace today
                5. Live with intention
                6. Respect my body
                7. Cultivate joy
                8. Find my passion
                9. Meditate on peace in my soul


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                  Hi Tomi,

                  thankyou for the welcome...

                  I did do the 'getting to know you' questions in the introductory/newbie threads. But yes...maybe it will help if I do that again here.

                  Yes I do mean that my girl wants to go to school. She is 17 and wanting to study art at a type of college over here.

                  I love the nutrition thread you may have seen me over there


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                    Woke up feeling blah....heavy and haven't been to the toilet for a bit. Have been going generally every 2nd or 3rd day. I am going to up my vegie intake today. Got a bit too excited about the meat I think haha.

                    May have some banana.egg pancakes for breakfast. With berries on top. Mmmm,

                    Got to start packing today...seriously. We haven't done much yet, got a week tomorrow to pack. So excited, but also a little worried the house is too small :S

                    Got a bit of a smackdown on my 'Got a bone to pick' thread in the nutrition section (I think that was it, or maybe it was the recipe section?). I am a natural born smart ass....don't ever mean to offend, its just my humour. Some people took me a little too seriously LOL. Some are just toooo serious!


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                      Had a big shopping day yesterday and I did really well during it. I am normally really exhausted and can't really keep my energy up for it, but I was feeling strong and energised yesterday!

                      I didn't eat breakfast, had tuna/vegie left overs for lunch and a berry juice. Then later in the afternoon I ate 2 dark chocolate/passionfruit squares. For dinner I had a steak and some spinach and mushrooms. Tasty!!!
                      My partner can't quite believe how much meat I am eating! it sure is different for me...but feeling good.

                      I am having moments of feeling my digestion trying to adjust and a bit of constipation, but I am riding through it and trying to feel out this new way of being.

                      Think I need to stop weighing myself so often. It is a little sad to weigh yourself every day. I am just wanting results! I am not exercising yet...just the usual life stuff...walking around...packing my house blah blah...

                      People not in my body see results, and so do I...and that should be all that counts!