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  • Originally posted by marcadav View Post
    Just curious how a grandular would work--How could taking a grandular heal a organ that is damaged by trauma? And what affect would it have on any part of the organ that still might be functioning?
    It seems like if nothing else it was help to strengthen what is remaining of the gland and possibly give it the tools it needs to rebuild if that is possible. It is not supposed to be supplying hormones but rather the support for it to heal and become stronger.

    I'm hoping something like that in conjunction with an ultra nourishing diet and a low stress and sleep rich lifestyle can be enough for me someday and I won't have to take all the individual hormones and constantly have to test and adjust them all to be just right.
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    • Today is the 3rd day in a row that I have felt really amazing. My energy is super high and for now, I'm not going to be stopping anything thing I'm doing just to play it safe. I don't know if it is the raw, the green juices, the high carbs, the low fat, the peatyness of it all, the gelatin or a magic combo of all of it.

      Also, my daytime body temp is way up. After the Matt Stone era, I had brought up my morning temp but it seemed to fall as soon as I got out of bed. Now I'm getting readings of 98.2-98.9 in the daytime. That is about a 1 degree jump from before. That seems to be even more amazing since I eat nothing but cold foods and at least half of them seem to be liquid. That used to make me very cold.

      The other thing is that I'm only a few day from starting my TOM (unless I"m going to be late, then this means nothing) and I'm usually very tired this pre-TOM week but instead my energy is really great.

      PaleoMom's Diet Recovery Journal


      • Today marks about 3 weeks on peat and 2 weeks of raw. The entire last week my energy has been really good. I'm not bouncing off walls but I don't ever feel run down or like I can't do something. I've been mellow all week though, so I haven't exactly tested my energy out with tons of activity. Just lots of running around the house and lots of time cooking and cleaning for the family.

        At first I felt like my anxiety was getting worse but I realized how it is just a mental thing. Like I mentioned in YB's journal, I pulled out the Eckhart audiobooks and I feel like all the anxiety is gone. I'm all quiet and peaceful inside I just started my TOM today too, which is the one day each month when I am more present than any other day. It is a funny contrast. I don't enjoy cramps and bleeding, but I look forward to the incredible inner peace and strong grounding sense that I get on this day.

        I've have stopped tracking my foods for a bit. I felt I was starting to see how to plan the days to meet all the my nutritional goals, so it didn't need to be watched so carefully anymore. Each day I have been drinking about a liter of raw milk, half ounce of raw liver, 4 T. of gelatin, a green juice made with a whole bunch of greens ( a different one each day) with a few apples or pears and some other veggies like celery, zucchini or cucumber, than a huge baby green salad with more veggies and the rest is fruit. I usually get probably 6-8 lg. pieces of fruit each day including the 2 that go into the juice. My macros come out to around 65% carbs and the fat and protein vary a bit but are somewhat close to an even split.

        Twice this week I ate something cooked. I was having crazy cravings for onions and so I cooked up an onion in some ghee and devoured it. It was so yummy! Craving totally met. Then I spent two days making lasagna with soaked flour homemade pasta and homemade raw cheeses (obviously less raw after baking). I had one huge piece, it was yummy too Neither made me feel bad after not eating cooked food and I didn't have cravings afterward either. It felt very nice and moderate. I really crave the raw food now and look forward to eating each day but I also like feeling like it is okay to have cooked foods when I want without throwing everything else out the window. I imagine wanting some nice warm butternut squash soup in the next few months.

        The way this is making me feel has me understanding why raw foodists seem so crazy about getting their message out there. This just feels so good and so vastly different from cooked food that I do feel like getting on a stage and telling everyone. It feels wrong to keep it to myself because then someone else might not find out and want to try it! Even if I go back to more cooked foods I think that raw foods will be taking center stage in my diet for a very long time.
        PaleoMom's Diet Recovery Journal


        • I'm so glad you're feeling good PM! Long may it continue

          Re. the anxiety - I think I mentioned to you before that when I started this woe I had a big amp-up in anxiety, but I recognised that the anxiety had always been there, but I had repressed it so that it felt like uniform exhaustion and depression. It was amazing to realise how much rage and frustration I'd been carrying for all these years without knowing. After a few weeks it dissipated, and I have gradually become more chilled and relaxed.

          Me and YG actually went to a raw food cafe last night! Unfortunately it was mostly vegan, so there wasn't much for me, but I got a raw cheese tart, which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. YG started laughing at me after I took the first bite because I literally looked like there was an orgasm happening in my mouth, lol

          Hey, just wondering - do you track your cycle? I want to start but there's so much info I feel out of my depth...
          "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

          In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

          - Ray Peat


          • Thanks YB

            My anxiety was similar to yours then. I was just not really noticing how much anxiety of was feeling each and everyday until I had a few glimpses of it going away. That made me really start to notice how much it had just become a part of every moment of my life. I just allowed every moment to be filled with tension and stress when there was absolutely nothing to be tense or stressed about. I'm pretty fortunate that my life is about as low key and stress free as it could be except for what I just create out of thin air for myself!

            Mmmm, was it an actual raw cheese or was it one of the raw nut cheese things? I've been looking at raw recipe books and those look really good. I've been worried about all the nuts but I'd love to be able to just try it out in a restaurant sometime.

            I mark on a calendar when I start so I know when to expect it and for awhile I tracked my body temp with it just for wanting to watch if my temp was coming up. I have never done that fertility tracking though and I have no clue how they do it. I was on the pill before getting married and then we had kids and VERY soon after #2 he had a vasectomy so that we don't have worry about my taking the pill or having to do other fussy shit.
            PaleoMom's Diet Recovery Journal