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April Whole 30 (on the foodfront atleast)

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  • April Whole 30 (on the foodfront atleast)

    Im gonna do my own version of whole 30 in April. My main health concerns is drug and alcohol dependency, slight depression and anxiety (which goes hand in hand with my drug abuse), general health, acne problems and I also wanna put on some muscleweight.

    I will limit alcohol to only 1 glass of red wine those days I wanna drink. Important thing for me is to get of the grainwagon 100% so if I can just skip the beers and also skip being drunk which often leads to eating shit food its a big win.

    The drugs I take I will continue to take but I will make my best effort to cut it down and to use the lesser evil alternatives whenever possible. I think its important for me though to first get my diet in order, I know that by experience that I feel 100x better when im eating 100% clean foods and that will make it easier to quit all other nasty habits.

    I will quit all energy drinks, booth sugar and sugarfree, dont wanna drink anymore of that crap. I will stick to Yerba Maté but will aim to quit caffeine all together before Aprils end.

    I will eat 100% clean foods. This is really where I do my whole 30, absolutely no cheating. I have noticed before that my general mood and health aswell as acne improves a TON when I eat 100% clean without cheating for longer periods but have never gone 30 full days. My staple foods will be: Beef, chicken, salmon, shrimp. Egg. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, spinach, romaine lettuce. Coconut oil, olive oil.

    I will also workout 5 times a week. Even if its just taking a 20 min bike ride in to the city, a 15 min walk or some boxing in my basement. I will start going to the gym eventually but key for me right now is just to get active on a dailyish basis.

    Another key thing is to get more fresh air, especially now that spring is hopefully on the way. Cant be healthy to spend 99% of my waken time infront of computer.

    And lastly, I have a job interview on wednesday, its not really a good job but I just want a job, any job at all. Im so fed up sitting at home infront of my computer all day long. Looking forward getting back daily routines, meeting people on a daily basis, having something to do on a daily basis. Also getting paid money would be nice Getting this job would help me so much mentally, glgl me!