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    My darling husband has been on board with the Atkins/Eads/low carb approach for a long time, but I was more skeptical. He corresponded with Dr Eads and was chosen to do "The 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle" last August (we're just a little older than Mark!). About the same time, he came down with gout and a really bad cold! We put the plan on hold and next thing we knew - it was March. I came across Mark's book The Primal Blueprint and was hooked. His approach was realistic, but light hearted - fun! What a concept! But the failure of our efforts last summer with the Eads' plan was a reality check: even with a book, we were always scrambling for ingredients or trying to plan meals. I'm a public high school teacher with 20 minutes for lunch and a 40 minute commute. My husband works at home and is usually either on the phone or in front of his computer (or both).

    So this time around, I'm doing a lot more prep. I'm looking for menus, sources for ingredients - especially organic meats and oils. We do have several farms within 100 miles that sell organic beef, lamb and pork. We're putting in a garden and getting Indian Runner ducklings (they're great layers) this month, but home production is at least 8 weeks away. I live in an isolated rural area where the nearest organic grocery store is 55 miles away. Finding MDA and links to other sites have helped a lot. I want to have at least 3 weeks of menus in place before we start and that's what I'm doing now.

    We're going to revisit the Eads' "6 Week Cure..." as soon as I re-read it and am sure I've got menus and ingredients for the first 2 weeks in place. For the last 3 months, I've subscribed to a service called "e-mealz" and it puts together a weekly dinner menu complete with organized shopping list. It's been a godsend and they have a low-carb option, so I've kept us on a fair low-carb program since January. We also discovered a fizzy soda called "Zevia" and we like the black cherry version a lot!

    So right now, we're completing the planning stages and have built the duck pens, and planted tomatoes, onions and berries with squash, bell peppers, and herbs next. Next step is a check of supplements, then it's time to get this show on the road!

    Today we did pretty well:
    B: no msg sausage, eggs with onion
    L: IF
    D: grilled salmon with mayo/dill sauce and fresh tomato
    S: blueberries with whipped cream

    We aren't giving up dairy totally, but our intake is very limited. Right now, I'm off to order the supplements for the Eads plan.

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    I'm putting my mom on notice that we're transitioning this week towards eliminating sugars, caffeine, grains, most dairy (except for butter and a little whipped cream for the blueberries!) and on Saturday, we'll be really intense for 2 weeks. Mom likes to offer me ginger ale and cookies when I visit her after work and tries to make us a really nice Sunday dinner. Bless her heart, she's a potato lover, but she's nearly 90 so...

    We were able to stick with our all primal menu today, so our carb/sugar intake has been nearly 0 for 4 days now. It really is getting easier and that's encouraging!