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    Why not?!

    B - 4 eggs, ~1T coconut oil, very small sprinkling of salt
    L - big hunk of steak - first medium rare steak I've eaten EVER and it was ZOMG AMAZING
    D - more steak with 1/2 c green beans, 1/2 squash, ~2 tsp butter, and ~1+1/2 apples' worth applesauce

    FitDay says 1474 calories, 96.2g fat (58%), 47.7g carbs (12%), 105.7g protein (30%).

    I have no idea how much steak I ate, but the steak raw weighed 1.34lbs, so if I ate 2/3 of that... Does cooking change the weight of meat? I always figured, since you lose some moisture weight, that it did. *shrug* I don't usually measure out my food but I'm trying to pay attention to how much I eat since not paying attention so far = not getting the measurements to budge.

    It got cold today. (It's actually snowing, though thank God it's not accumulating on the ground.) I decided I'd take the day off from walking the dogs (a big ol' black lab and a less-big not-old lab/hound mix). Thus I did no real meaningful activity.

    Sleep, Sun, Play, Etc.:
    Sleep was fantastic last night. Today is Saturday, so I was able to not have the alarm clock disturb my slumber. I woke up at about 8am. It was nice.
    It was cloudy and snowy, so no sun to be had...
    Had some fun times with the dogs though.
    And did some work on case studies (working towards becoming a nutritionist!), as well as a ton of reading (Fiber Menace!). As from the inactivity, it's been a great day.

    Find fitness I really really love. Because then I maybe won't bore of it after 4-5 weeks. I've done P90, TurboJam, other mixed workouts at home, running (C25k!), worked with personal trainers... Things might start off ok, but I either get bored, get sick, or life gets "too busy" and I take too much time off. So I'm hoping the more Primal style of fitness will be a better fit for me.

    I'd also like to achieve some sort of leanness. I love the slightly muscled look on women. I've been slim before, but never lean. I'm 140lbs on a 5'6'' frame, which doesn't sound bad but my Tanita consistently puts me in the 33-34% BF zone. I know those things are the most accurate in the world, but still, I doubt it's 15% too high. My soft middle would agree with my assessment

    Also, to live more of the Primal laws. Get outside more, reduce/manage stress, play more, etc.

    I wasn't going to start a journal initially, but what do I have to lose? Might as well see if I can solve some of these ongoing issues...

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    So day two is apparently when the fatigue sets in! Except it's more like complete exhaustion. Having read other people's accounts, however, I know this can happen and that a few weeks in I should start feeling more energy. Just have to slog it out 'til then...

    Also I was having massive food cravings today. (Well, still am.) But so far I'm able to stick to things. Just have to remember my priorities, is all!

    B - vegetable juice (2 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, ~4 cups field greens, 1/2 apple), and about 20 minutes later I had 3 eggs with 2tsp butter
    L - about 6oz of steak with 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup butternut squash (mashed), and ~2tsp mustard (yellow, real basic ingredients)

    I haven't planned ahead as far as dinner but I've got some pork kicking around...

    Doggie walk was a go today! And it was hard convincing myself to do it. My leg muscles just feel like all of the "juice" was squeezed out of them. Well, all of my muscles feel like that, but the legs are particularly noticeable. Bleh. Anyway, doggies are now happily napping.


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      It gets easier as each day goes on, I promise. Good luck, lady!
      "To shed all the illusory rights & hesitations of history demands the economy of some legendary Stone Age--shamans not priests, bards not lords, hunters not police, gatherers of paleolithic laziness, gentle as blood, going naked for a sign or painted as birds, poised on the wave of explicit presence, the clockless nowever." --Hakim Bey, TAZ


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        Thanks, Cynarin!

        So I was MIA yesterday (I try to take a couple of days off the computer every week, to maintain sanity :P), it was start of the week and getting into class Monday AM I was able to realize how much material I missed on Friday! (I stayed home - I'm doing rather well and it's near end-of-term so I felt like rewarding myself with a day off.)

        But for today...

        B - 3 eggs fried in 2 tsp butter, 1 banana
        L - ~1.5 cups mixed veg. (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots...), just over 3oz. chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup spaghetti sauce, 1T mustard, 1 apple
        D - ~1 cup mixed veg., just over 3oz. chicken breast, 1T mustard, 2 tsp butter, 1 pear

        FitDay says I consumed 117.5g of carbs, which is higher than I'd like (since I'm trying to shed some fat), but overall calories were under 1,500. I'm finding it hard to quit having a piece of fruit with every meal. I used to eat a heck of a lot more fruit than that. Six months ago I'd have 3-4 pieces of fruit with several tablespoons of nut butter as a meal, so this is big-time change.

        Nothing yet. Dogs are taking me on a rambunctious walk in about an hour.

        I'm still planing to add in regular AM workouts again, be it weights or some solo-walking where I have more control over pace. Not sure when I want to do that - again, this end-of-term spirit has got me craving a well-earned "break" from literally everything! I was working out everyday at 5am but these last couple of weeks... :\

        Sleep, Sun, Play, Etc.:
        Sun will be had with the walk this evening. Sleep - well last night I skimped because I was out at a seminar on anxiety! Said seminar was kind of disappointing however. I realize one has to either seek help or employ incredible self-determination (incredibly difficult if you're an anxious person) in facing anxiety issues, but when you are unemployed and one therapy session is upwards of $135, it is, as they say, prohibitive. Sigh.

        Well that's today!


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          I wouldn't mess with workouts except for 30 minute long out door walks for the first couple of weeks. I also think you could eat a lot more than 1500 calories. You should eat till your satiated. Maybe some extra naps too.
          My journal where I attempt to overcome Chrohns and make good food as well