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    Patti, thanks for the kind words. It's now going to be a quiet little race (on my part) to get out of these 22's and into the 20's, and from there to the 18's. I'll have no trouble finding homes for the 20's, which is sad in it's own way, but I'm grateful that when my friends lost weight that they had 22s to share with me.

    Being a part of this forum has served as an important support group for me. Have you found the same?


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      Week 7

      Female, 51, 55
      Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013
      Measurements on Monday am May 20, 2013

      SW: 224 BMI 37.3
      CW: 212 (-12 lbs) BMI 35.3
      GW: 124 BMI 20.6

      Measurement Current/Start/Loss

      Bust 46.5"/ 48.25" (-1.75")
      Waist 40.50"/45" (-4.50")
      Stomach 45.50/50 (-4.50")
      Hips 47"/48.25" (-1.25")
      Neck 16.25"/16.75 (-.50")
      Bicep 14.25"/14.5" (-.25")
      Thigh 26.50"/28" (-1.5")
      Calf 16.50"/16.75" (-.25")

      Paying more attention to what I was eating and walking more is paying off. Sometimes it is difficult to come to terms with being an older female with a slower metabolism. The excess is fading away instead of melting off. Next week will be my final weekly weigh-in. After that it will be monthly in an effort to keep away from the scale. Time to get back to trying on clothing that is a size too small and using that as my gauge.


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        Started my week off with a walk and a seventeen hour fast (LOL skipped breakfast). Lunch was 3 eggs over-easy cooked in butter, 3 chicken sausages, sauteed spinach, 1/2 a grapefruit, and pomegranate green tea. Mid-afternoon was a strawberry full-fat Greek yogurt smoothie with dark chocolate flakes. I love days at home! Time to hang out some more laundry to take advantage of our fine weather.

        Almost forgot to mention books - last week I was able to borrow two books from the public library, Primal Blueprint and Wheat Belly. While I've been working my way through the PB, TG started reading Wheat Belly and finished it last night. Watching him quietly change the way he eats this weekend was interesting. The omelets he served on Saturday didn't have toast on the side and when we were at the farmer's market he didn't even slow down at the bakery stand. I've no intention of suggesting he eat differently, but I think the next couple of weeks will bring some changes. In the meantime, I keep the dish of white rice and bowl of cooked sweet potatoes ready in the fridge. Anything else I'll wait for him to request.

        After the cast iron discussion on another thread I went to check mine. One is a Griswold and the rest are Wagner. All are 50-100 years old and going strong. They are my primary cooking pans these days, down to the dutch oven. They're all smooth and oiled, just needing to be "scraped" and rubbed with a little more oil after cooking. I usually use small plastic scrapers that came with some Pampered Chef stoneware to scrape hardened food off of the sides. Funny how my one teflon pan hasn't been seeing much action lately. I think I just like the heft and solidity of the cast iron. Now that my wrists are stronger it is no longer a problem to "juggle" them in the kitchen.


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          Annual Physical

          Today was the best visit I've had with my doctor in years. He came in, looked at me and asked what I'd been doing differently. Since my last visit I'd lost 18 lbs., looked healthy, and for the most part my bloodwork looked spot on. Predictably LDL had gone up a few points, however HDL was also way up and trigs had plummeted. I'd prepared a memo for him outlining the PB WOE, my exercise routine, positive changes I've written about here, foods I'd reintroduced and the results of trying them. He wants me to keep doing whatever I've been doing and to repeat the test results in 6 months and a year.

          Some of the positive changes:
          arthritis - 95% gone, unless I eat a food that triggers inflammation
          asthma - off of all meds, keeping albuteral inhaler and epipen on hand, and other meds are in reserve if needed again
          heart - sounds great, circulation is improving, bp 128/78 (a little higher than usual)
          digestion - IBS gone, GERD gone, no symptoms of hiatal hernia
          Other: energy still very high, brain fog gone, depression gone

          I forgot to let him know, but I've been taking in between 1700-2000 calories daily. Ratios are about 50f/20p/30c. Most of the carbs are from vegetables, fruit, and the occasional sweet potato or scoop of ff yogurt.

          Also, I realized that my scale at home is more than 10# off of that at the doctor's office, but for the sake of continuity I plan to keep using my scale. This would put my high weight at 230, ouch! Unfortunately, I've misplaced the folder with my previous test results, so here are the current ones.

          F/52/212 lbs.
          PB since 03/25/2013
          HDL 69, LDL 148, Trig 115, Cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.5, Trig/HDL ratio 1.67, fasting glucose 92

          Doc was very interested in learning more about the Paleo diet and The Primal Blueprint, so invited him to check out MDA. If you're here, Welcome!


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            Looks as if I've got a sadly neglected journal here. Let's change that.

            Food - Now that I've become comfortable with the PB Diet, I've lost the need to track food intake and menus. Although I'll probably go back to it if I run into a sticky spot or when I need some advice. The recipes I'll keep adding! Yesterday I ate out twice with friends. For lunch I took an elderly friend out for her birthday. While I would have ordered a Reuben once-upon-a-time, yesterday it was ranch steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions. YUM! Dinner was at a Thai restaurant with friends and was a delicious Massaman Curry. My skipping the rice elicited a couple of comments, probably because I used to relish it so much that I'd sometimes order a large bowl, but was generally no big deal. It is interesting how we worry about things other people could care less about. The curry did have peanuts in it, (how did I miss that in the description?), but I haven't suffered any noticeable side effects except a craving for sweets. I've indulged that today with a couple of Primal Truffles, and a yogurt/kefir/berry shake.

            Medical - This past week I've been on a real high after the very positive visit that I had with my doctor. The urge to dance around the yard and giggle is almost uncontrollable sometimes. Getting real confirmation that I'm on track, and that this is working for me, not just many other people, is a huge boost.

            Measurements and clothing - For the first time I forgot to weigh and measure myself on Monday. Weird since I'd become almost fanatical about it. Now it's becoming all about how my clothing fits. Yesterday I donated a large bag of clothing at the Salvation Army. Everything was in lovely shape, and other than the size I really liked them. At first I was even tempted to try to take some of them in, then decided that I'd just trade them in for a smaller size. Into the SA I went and out I came with some lovely silk and cotton outfits that actually fit. Now I'm getting a kick out of the anticipation of doing this every time I go down a size.

            Exercise - My neighbor Jane and I now race through our daily walk around the circle, 7/10's of a mile of steep terrain on a gravel road through the woods. Starting Monday we'll up the ante and go Phase 2 - around twice. We walk the circle counterclockwise because this way we go down the steepest slope and climb the more gradual one. For Phase 3 we'll reverse it to increase the difficulty. Since we're walking her two dogs, who take regular pit stops and alert us to any other mammals they notice, timing our walks doesn't really help. The recumbent bike has been as ignored as the journal. At least once a week TG and I go for a longer walk of usually 2-5 miles depending upon our destination. The kettlebells have also been neglected, but this afternoon I'll take them outside for a little workout. Time to move!


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              End of Month 2

              Another month over!

              Female, 51, 55
              Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013
              Measurements on Friday am May 31, 2013

              SW: 224 BMI 37.3
              CW: 211 (-13 lbs) BMI 35.1
              GW: 124 BMI 20.6

              Start size 24, Current size 20/22

              Measurement Current/Start (Loss)

              Bust 46.50" / 48.25" (-1.75")
              Waist 40.50" / 45" (-4.50")
              Stomach 46" / 50 (-4.0")
              Hips 47" / 48.25" (-1.25")
              Neck 16.0" / 16.75 (-.75")
              Bicep 14.2" / 14.5" (-.25")
              Thigh 26" / 28" (-2.0")
              Calf 16.75" / 16.75" no loss

              Goals for Month 3- become even healthier, lose 4 lbs., lose another inch at the waist
              What I'll do to get there - work out with more intensity, walk twice as far, cut out honey


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                Walking buddies are the best, and now I have two. In the morning Jane and I walk her dogs in our neighborhood. This week we doubled the distance on Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday I felt so energized that I sprinted with the golden retriever. He enjoyed it and I brought on shortness of breath. Next time I'll have an inhaler handy.

                I've joined another neighbor, Barbara, on her treks this week through our small town. Between the two walks yesterday I put in over three miles. Written out that seems like nothing, but by last night I was exhausted and could really feel it in my glutes. Hill walking may be paying off. Since Monday morning, 9 miles so far, and there are still walks on Sat. & Sun. with TG.

                Yesterday had weird cravings for fruit. I went with it and enjoyed tropical fruit salad a couple of times, pan-fried bananas, and a couple of apples. Still ate the usual primal goodies with a large chef salad and taco salad, both homemade with clean foods, and dark chocolate. Today I'm craving protein. Steak and eggs for breakfast!

                Is it odd that I wish to be part of a local "primal tribe"? Not that there are any, but oh it would be nice to have friends to share my enthusiasm for this WOL.


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                  Another summer over! I've been so into living my version of the Primal Lifestyle that I've let my journal become dusty. When I stepped away from the scale and the computer it was only meant to be for a month or so, and now the leaves are turning. Here is my snail's pace progress:

                  Female, 52, 5’5”
                  Primal/Paleo start date - March 25, 2013
                  Measurements on Sunday Sept. 1, 2013

                  SW: 224 BMI 37.3
                  CW: 208 (-16 lbs) BMI 34.6
                  GW: 124 BMI 20.6

                  Start size 24, Current size loose 20

                  Goals for September- Continue daily walking, add in weekly sprints. Try at least one new recipe each week.

                  I'm still having a blast tweaking my diet, feeling fantastic and looking better. A lovely woman that I don't know well told me that I have a new "aura of strength" about me and wanted to know what had changed. A lot! Shopping for clothing has been fun and my tastes are changing. Now I'm on the hunt for clothing that makes me look as good as I feel.