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    I've been absent for the last couple of weeks, my main excuse being the lack of Internet connection here. I could give a billion excuses in fact, but none of them are quite that convincing. I've been very up and down, and have not stuck true to my primal eating as planned. I'm really feeling the isolation of this place and am desperately missing my family and friends. I find the work incredibly tedious at times, but the worst part about being here alone is dealing with my own thoughts, with no one to distract me or encourage me to pick myself up and stop being silly. Whinge. Whinge. Whinge... Sorry, but where else can I vent?!

    I want to say 'ok, tomorrow I'm going to be happy and eat well and exercise and everything will be alright.' It's a struggle for me. I've got such a history of bad habits, of negative thinking, of weight and image issues that seem somehow so complex to solve when really they should just be simple!!

    I don't think I'll be sorting myself out here, but just try to go along with the ebb and flow for the next few days and then really reassess and plan when I'm not feeling so lonely and low.

    Maintaining the primal lifestyle is so important to me and my ultimate long term goal, but I keep slipping up time and time again. In the end, of course, it's a psychological hurdle I'm battling with. I think I'm going to look into a bit of councelling when I'm back at uni. Who knows. A bit of professional advice might help!

    Anyway I'm still here, and though not a success story yet I'm battling on. Ill get there!

    - A