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    I debated for a while on whether I wanted to start a journal here. I'm habitually inconsistent with any and all journalling. But I thought that the benefits might be worth it. So here I am!

    As this is an introductory post, I'll just give a bit of information and background on me up to now.

    I'm about to turn 33. I'm from and currently living in Michigan. I am unmarried and child free but I do have cats.

    I have a full time job, hours are 2nd shift. Some of my off days from the ft job, I pick up hours at a pt job. As far as food is concerned, this means that usually in the morning, I'm cooking 2 meals.

    I am looking to lose about 90 lbs. Hopefully by my next birthday if I can keep myself in gear.

    I have followed the Primal Blueprint way of eating before since around 3 years or so ago, and even when I stopped, I never really fully went back to the SAD way of eating. It has always been with what I shouldn't be eating in mind, even when I'm eating it anyway.

    I am looking to get back on track though. My clothes are starting to wear out, I don't have money to buy more at this size, and I have a lot of things in various smaller sizes (some with tags still on) so it just makes sense to shrink me rather than trying to find the money.

    I have some texture issues with food. I feel like I like a pretty wide variety of things, though I am occasionally accused of being picky. I can't help if I think that celery is vile and that shrimp feels awful when you chew it! I've been working on getting over the shrimp thing for years though. I do well with shredded meat and ground meat usually. Things with bones trouble me though if I have to eat it off the bone. It's the feeling/sound of the flesh tearing away from the bone. And the squidgy bits that occasionally cling in those areas. *shudder*

    I'm working on getting a good collection of recipes. I usually tend toward things that are fairly simple and fast. I have about 1.5-2 hours of cooking time each day and I'm happy to do it that way. I've always loved cooking and I'm usually good a putting together things that are good.

    Starting weight: 247
    Current weight: 236
    Goal weight: 145