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    Hi all,

    right now I'm just sitting here hating myself, because in a moment of stress I had a banana (already had two), a cup of sugary hot chocolate, a spoonful of chocolate spread, and haven't done my pull ups. I feel weak, undisciplined, and fat. I'm starting this primal journal, hoping that it'll give me some motivation and encouragement, which I desperately need.

    So, starting measurements: Waist-27.75''

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    Hi Traveller,

    You are not alone on the primal journey, we are all feeling our way. There are enough ups and downs to realise that there is no point in hating oneself for the occasional slip or bad patch. None of your crimes sounds so very terrible to me, anyway. Have another go tomorrow.

    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Day 1

      First of all: thanks Annieh, I appreciate your input.


      For breakfast, I had one large hard-boiled egg, dipped in salt and pepper. I'm not usually hungry in the morning, so that was all I needed.

      The rest of the day was a bit...haphazard. For a sort of early lunch I had a banana, then about an hour later I had an apple. Then a family member went to some organic shop and bought a big gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, just-about-everything-free chocolate biscuit. Had a few bites of that. Then a few bites of a cashew and date bar, which was from the same shop.
      Then I got bored, which was my downfall. I had a teaspoon of chocolate spread. >sighs<.
      Then a cup of tea with 1 tsp of honey, and unsweetened almond milk.

      For dinner, it was stir-fry and steak.


      I think I may be having to much fruit. An apple and banana within two hours...hmm. And both are apparently high in sugar, and the banana in carbs.

      As for exercise, Whenever I find myself in an empty room, I drop and do ten push-ups, which strangely I enjoy. They're not very deep, but still. I probably did three of these. And I attempted ten pull-ups. Attempted. Oh, and a 2.4 km walk.

      Goals for tomorrow:

      Less fruit, NO chocolate spread. And no just-about-everything-free chocolate biscuit.




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        Hey your breakfast was the same as mine! And at least most of your grazing was primal, but if you manage to keep your goals for tomorrow then I fear you will starve unless you replace your snacks with a proper primal lunch.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Yes, I'll definitely have to replace them with an actual lunch. I don't really like makes me feel like I'm eating more than I am, but not in a good way.


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            Day 2 -12:40pm-

            So far, everything's going great.

            I skipped breakfast (wasn't hungry), and had this awesome fry up for lunch.
            I fry up some broccoli, some garlic, add eggs and scramble them together. Then chopped up meat (I used pastrami-not the best) with a dash of dill. I love it!

            The thing is, I can't last from my 12:00 lunch, to 7:00 dinner. It's just too long, for a regular basis anyway.
            So, as much as I hate grazing and snacking, I'll have to find something. Maybe an egg...?

            Which reminds me, I have to find out how often I can eat banana's and apples, because I have bulk of those.
            A family member plans to make an apple pie with some of those apples. I am not looking forward to declining my portion.


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              Day 2 - continued.

              Yay! Almost 80% primal!!

              Exercise: I've done about 3 sets of ten pushups, plus 10 attempted pullups.

              A couple of hours after lunch I had almost half of a 50gm cashew and date bar. It's ingredients are only cashews and dates, I made sure of it. That was about 10 carbs.
              Then for dinner it was roast chicken with roasted kumara. I had a small amount of mint sauce with it, which has a teensy amount of sugar in it.
              I also forgot to mention that I had a cup of tea in the morning with a small tsp of golden syrup.

              I'm struggling to find a primal sweetener for my tea. Stevia? Xylitol? Honey? I have one cup a day, so it needs to be something okay on daily basis.

              But overall, I'm really pleased with today!

              Bye for now!



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                Hi traveller! Thanks for leaving a note earlier. I guess we're both doing pretty great on day two huh?!
                It's a good thing. Hope for is both to sustain!

                Anyway about sweetner Im feeling a teaspoon of honey or two for you should be fine. Unless of course if you have strict restrictions regarding sugar intake. Other than that i don't know what else could be primal enough...

                Also i feel like drinking lots i still eat a serving of fruit daily. My only problem is that i crave rice sometimes unless i eat a satisfying amount of meat. Which could prove to be a challenge eating out due to the price you'll have to pay for quality meat.

                Well hang on there! Lets encourage each other and do this together!


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                  Message got cut off, i meant to say drinking lots of water helps to curb my sugar cravings.


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                    Hey Myda_lyn,
                    thanks so much for your support and encouragement! I think I will go with the honey, just a tsp, and have less everyday. It's just then I wonder if I should have fruit as well? Maybe that's to much for me? My skin is quite sensitive to sugar.
                    Anyway, thanks, and I have subscribed to your journal! Doing it together sounds great!

                    P.S thanks for the water tip, I'll try it.
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                      Day 3 - 11:40am -

                      Hi all,

                      sorry, but this just couldn't wait for my evening post.

                      I measured myself today!! I don't bother with weighing, because my scales are inaccurate, and because I'm already at a healthy weight.

                      New Specs!

                      Waist - 26.5 ''
                      Hips - 32.5''

                      So, in the three days since I last measured myself I've lost over 1 inch around the waist, and 0.5 inches around the hips. I thought my pants were a bit loose, but I figured it must be my imagination.


                      I love progress!

                      Bye for now,

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                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          Day 3 - continued -

                          Hi guys,

                          Today I did an Intermittent Fast (IF).

                          I haven't eaten since Day 2's dinner, and I'm feeling amazing!

                          I didn't get hungry until around 11:00 am, but the pangs were nothing like they were before I went primal. They were very mild and vague, and I'd sort of think 'okay, I'm hungry', and then I'd just continue with what I was doing. It didn't seem, or feel very important. Eventually the actual 'rumbles' would just settle down to a vague feeling of emptiness. There was no lightheadedness, no weakness or dizziness. I felt really good.

                          Exercise: I did a 1.9 km walk in the morning, ten pushups, ten attempted pullups, then another 2.5 km walk. All on an empty stomach, with no problems. Then later on I did an hour of intense karate.

                          I accidentally told a Family member that I was doing a 24 hr fast, and seriously: I would've gotten the same reaction from them if I'd said I was going to burn down the local church. My mother shrieked '24 HR FAST?!',
                          and my sister said something like, 'are you trying to kill yourself?!'.

                          I'm so sick of arguing with them, I just walked away.

                          See you tomorrow,


                          P.S. sorry, didn't see your post, Annieh. Thanks!
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                            Day 4 - 11:50am -

                            Hi guys,

                            This morning I went for a 2.4 km walk, then I broke my 40 hour fast with the delicious fry-up I mentioned earlier. I still felt okay, but not as strong or energetic. When I saw how much my stomach had shrunk, I just wanted to fast forever, but I didn't think that was a healthy mind-set. People don't gain weight after breaking a fast, do they?




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                              Day 4 - continued -

                              Hi again,

                              Exercise: 2 sets of ten pushups, 10 attempted pullups. Plus the walk I mentioned in my other post.

                              For dinner I had two fish fillets, then a few macadamias 2 hours later.

                              Quite a boring day.