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  • Hello,

    Breakfast: chia gel/goop. 1 kiwi, and some walnuts. 1 cuppa.

    I've been snacking on cheese and walnuts. The calories are really stacking up, but I'm just so down so I keep going back for more.

    Anyway, got 2 hours of training coming up at 12pm!
    Last week I just about collapsed, so this time I made sure to eat. The chia I think will help, as it's supposed to be a great source of energy.

    Amazingly, no headache today!
    I went to bed last night at about 10:20pm, but barely slept at all. I was still awake at midnight, but I must've dosed off, because I was woken at 6:45am with the bad news about Grandad. Got up at 7:30, and no headache. That's a plus, I guess.

    The chia seeds are also fixing my permanent constipation. I have a BM about once or twice a week. Today I've gone 2-3 times.

    Okay, okay, Too Much Information.

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    • Well, I'm sitting here hungry while the rest of the family are scarfing down six pieces of pizza, each.
      I'm only very mildly tempted to join them, but they all gave me a heck of a time trying to convince me to ''loosen up'', because it's ''not good for you're health if you're too strict''. I tried to explain that my system has been really chaotic lately, and that I'm just waiting until things settle down, but...

      I don't know, maybe I should have some, just because it's making everyone upset for no good reason.


      • I tried some non-homegonised milk today, and I'm a complete and utter convert.
        I put it in my tea, and my scrambled eggs and it made the taste sooooo much richer!

        Thanks Annieh!

        Also, I logged all my food into paleotrack, and my omega 6:3 ratio is 1:1!!!
        My potassium and sodium ratio is not as good, being 2.7:1, but it's not terrible. And I've still got dinner later on, so I'll just a large-ish serving of broccoli.
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        • Had the funeral today. It's my first family-member funeral. Actually, it's the first funeral I can remember.

          It was...well, as expected. There were about 50 people. The reason for the small number is that some people couldn't make it because they themselves are battling a severe illness, and also because my grandfather has outlived most of his friends. In fact, he's outlived all of them except two. So.
          I met some of my cousins, and great-uncles and aunts, all of whom I've never met. That was interesting.

          RIP, Grandad. You'll be missed.



          • I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, as well as all the other stuff going on. I hope that things look up soon.


            • Thanks for your support joapple.


              • Yesterday was terrible. At the funeral reception I had bread for the first time in...something like 10 months. And I mean The First Time. Even when I would cheat on sugar, I never had bread.
                Anyway, it had the texture of cardboard, and it was really dry.

                Anyway, today I'm back on track.

                Breakfast: chia gel (made with 2 tbsp of seeds and whole milk), with 2/3 cup of blueberries and 1/5 cup of pumpkin seeds. It all mixes together really nicely. Oh, plus a cup of chai tea with ground ginger.

                Today I'm planning on getting some pantothenic acid supplements. You see, I was going through my food journal on paleotrack, trying to figure what might be causing my acne. I went back quite far to about 3 months ago, when I had clear skin. I looked at my omega 3/6 ratios, which were reasonably good (even though I didn't bother with them much), and then went through my vitamins and minerals. I compared them to what I'm getting now, and I realised that I'm very, very low in vitamin B5, also called pantothenic acid.
                So I googled it, and found that many people have eradicated their acne, or at least made it a lot better simply by supplementing with B5.

                I don't know if it'll work for me; I've had too many things not work to get excited about it. But I am very low in B5, so I might as well try it.
                I'm also going to be eating a lot more foods high in it, such as broccoli, yoghurt, avocado and fish.



                P.S I'm also taking a supplement for 'hair, skin and nails', that contains B5 as well as lots of other things such as vit. A, B6, B12, etc.
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                • Hi all,

                  Guess what? My raw african black soap arrived!

                  This is the real deal, completely raw and made in Ghana. No shea butter, pigments, scents, nothing except dried plantain skins, cocoa pod ashes, and palm kernel oil.

                  It came a lot quicker than expected, I didn't expect it for another 2-3 days.
                  Strangely, they also sent me a small vial of what looks like perfume. I definitely didn't order any, as I don't wear it. >shrugs<

                  Anyway, I've just used it on my face. It's really soft (which is good, that means it's raw), so I just pinched off a bit the size of pinky fingernail. It lathered extremely easily. That tiny piece looks like it'll last me 2-3 washes.
                  It's been about 5 minutes since I used it, and I'm still waiting for my skin to dry up. Just about every soap dries out my skin, mostly my cheeks. I can feel a small amount of 'tightness' in my cheeks, but not enough to need moisturiser.

                  A lot of people say that it smells really weird, some said that it smells downright gross.
                  I think it It's hard to say.
                  It's not a bad smell.
                  It's not a typical 'soap' smell.
                  It's not a fragrant smell.
                  It's not a strong smell.

                  It's like...clean dirt? Clean ashes? Something like that.

                  I just hope it helps my skin. I plan to use it morning and night.




                  • Heard good things about that raw soap. It's got a nice earth smell I think. My best friend has it and loves it. She says its the only thing she will ever use on her face again.

                    Good Luck with it!

                    "Adapt and Overcome"


                    • Thank you for the support, Emily!
                      I agree with your description; 'earthy' definitely suits it.


                      • Had a really great day today, despite my horrible-looking face!

                        Went for a 2.4 km walk, then for another 2 km walk.

                        Then I went for a 2 hour bike ride with a friend. We decided to give geo-caching a shot.

                        Geocaching - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                        We've tried it before, but never found anything. We'd look and look and look but nothing.
                        Anyway, we tried it again and we found one!!!! Our first one!
                        It was really exciting. We spotted it at the same time, and I opened it.
                        I filled out the rather damp logbook, put two items in and took one out, and then we hid it again.
                        Definitely going to do it again!

                        Tomorrow I've got 2.5 hours of training! Yay!
                        Hope no other spots pop up during the night.



                        • Hey, glad you had fun with the geocaching. I hope the soap works well for you.
                          Annie Ups the Ante


                          • Thanks Annieh! Yeah, me too.


                            • Well, today my skin is no worse, maybe slightly better? I can't tell if it's my imagination or not.

                              Got lots of training today.

                              Breakfast: chia gel, with pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and unsweetened yoghurt mixed in. It was really nice!

                              I don't know if I'll eat anything before training. Maybe something small.



                              • Well, training was just...plain awesome.

                                It was a Hundred Rounds of Kumite (sparring). You sparred with one person for one minute, then switched to someone else for another minute, then another, etc. Three hours of it!

                                In other news, I found a tin of anchovies in the pantry, that I'd forgotten I'd bought. Never tasted them before. All I know is that some people despise them, and some people love them. I hope I like them, because they're filled with omega 3's.

                                I'm out of chia seeds, so tomorrow breakfast will have to be something else.