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    Over 3 1/2 days!

    It's official! This is officially my longest fast ever!

    I passed the 84 hour mark this morning.

    Anyway, had an awesome day today. I went out on a boat with a bunch of friends; we were supposed to be fishing, but everyone forgot the bait!
    We still gave it a try, with chewing gum and carved up pieces of banana skin, but unsuprisingly got nothing.

    And then came lunchtime.....

    Everyone brought pizza bread, chips, chocolate, biscuits, bread, scones and sandwiches. One person brought along some fruit.
    I just kept saying I wasn't hungry, I'll eat later, no I won't faint from missing a meal (hah!), etc.
    One person was particularly insistent that I eat some chocolate, so I took it and chucked it overboard when no one was looking.
    Hey, what could I do?

    It was hard, though. I mean, it was absolutely freezing and all I wanted to do was gorge on all that rubbish, and have a cuppa with buckets of sugar. But I didn't, so yay for me.

    I've got training tonight. It'll be interesting to see how I feel throughout it.



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      Hi all,

      I officially broke my fast at 2:15 pm today.

      Last night I got through training fine. However, today at 12:00 pm I had extra training with my Sensei, and....well I almost collapsed. My head had this horrible 'tight' feeling, that spread to my neck and throat, and my vision was going dark. I couldn't pretend any longer that I was okay, so I broke it to Sensei that I was fasting. And she was okay with that. It's when I told her that it'd been almost 5 days since eating that she was not pleased.

      I love fasting. I love what it does to me, physically and mentally. But I guess 4 3/4 days was just too much. At this stage, anyway. I plan to try again, but I'm just going to take some time to recover.

      So far, I've had a banana, a few cherry tomatoes and some dates.



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        Hi guys,

        today I woke up ravenous, a very rare occurrence.

        B: 1 supposed-to-be-hardboiled-but-ended-up-softboiled egg.
        1 cup of milkthistle tea with tsp of honey.


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          I HATE this!!!! hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate this!!!!!

          aLL I want to do is rigp the skin ooff my forhead, live in agony for a couple of weeks till the skin grows back. Maybe thean the acne will goaway.


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            Okay, that last post was embarrassing. Sorry.

            So, today; thursday:

            Woke up depressed, got up depressed, ate breakfast depre...okay, I'll start again.

            B: 1 slice of bacon, 1 hardboiled egg, 2 fried mushrooms. 1 cup of milkthistle tea.

            Had some dark (85%) chocolate and a banana at 4-something pm.

            I think my carbs have been too low. I didn't perk up until the choc and fruit, and even then I was just in a mental fuzz until after karate. I'm going to have to apologise to Sensei next week. My performance has been pathetic.

            Numbers for today:

            total cals - 1140
            fat - 73g
            carbs - 83g
            protein - 49g

            Man, carbs are higher than fat! I'll have to fix that.

            .................................................. .................................................. ..................................................

            After training a young yellow belt came up to me, and told me she wanted to be just like me, and that I was really good.
            After a hugely depressing week, that really lifted me. It let me know that not everyone thinks badly of me.

            Here's to a happier, acne-free rest-of-the-week...



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              Haven't been that hungry today. I had tiny pieces of dark choc throughout the day, but didn't have any 'real' food until 6:00pm.

              Dinner(?): 1 slice of bacon, 2 brussel sprouts, 2 sardines; all cooked in the frying pan.


              total cals: 426
              protein: 12% - 13g
              fat: 57% - 27g
              carbs: 31% - 34g

              I think I need more protein.

              Today was the first time I've ever had sardines. A friend said they were ''absolutely revoltingly disgusting'', but I just thought they tasted like...well, fish.

              Skins looking no better.



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                Well, it's been over 3 weeks since I stopped my dairy intake. I'm going to start adding it back in, monitoring any changes carefully. Too be honest, I don't think my system cares either way.

                Skin's looking no better.



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                  Just got news that an elderly friend who's currently in hospital, has just developed a blood clot in the lung, and mentally he's suddenly gone very vague. He may not survive the night.


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                    Sorry about your friend. Also the acne, depression etc. Hang in there, Traveller.
                    Annie Ups the Ante


                    • Will do, Annieh. Thanks.


                      • Stayed up to 2 am last night. I was just so angry at everything, couldn't sleep.

                        Woke up with a killer headache in my forehead; behind my eyes. I was still in bed when the arguing started.
                        Dad came over, and Mum asked him to sign the divorce papers. He just...blatantly refused. I think he's in denial that it's happening. Mum started yelling at him, how he had no right to do this, it was her life, and just to bl**dy sign it. But he won't. Just won't.
                        Now, I'm not a crybaby. I don't cry. Perhaps on average, about once a year. I'm more of a 'bottler'. Just bottle it all up inside and ignore it. But eventually it does come out, someway or another. So I just stayed in bed and sobbed for half an hour. It was pretty gross really, as I completely soaked my pillow.

                        My brother came in, advised me just to distance myself from it. It's their problem, their cr*p, not ours. I couldn't speak at this point, just listened. He told me to just focus on my life. What I want to do. Stop worrying about them, they can fix their own problems.
                        I just don't know what to think, what to do.


                        Anyway, away from the soppy stuff:

                        B: 1 hardboiled egg, 2 small sardines (my omega 3 and 6's are out of whack, so I'm trying to eat more fish) and some leftover roast kumara's.



                        • Okay, so:

                          Good news! According too my omega 6/3 ratio is 2.4:1. That means it's in the green zone, which means that it's healthy!
                          It's probably due to the 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and 2 sardines, plus quite a few walnuts.

                          I'm trying to make a chia seed gel/porridge, but it just won't thicken!


                          Anyway, I'm rushing ahead:

                          I woke up with another splitting headache in my forehead. It continued all day, but moved into the front, right side of my head. I'm wondering if it's caused by stress? I got startled by a dog today, and at the exact moment of the actual scare it came back with a huge amount of force. I thought I'd been hit in the head with hammer.

                          Breakfast: 1 HB egg, 30g of 'fudge', 2 slices of bacon, 1 sardine. Quite a big breakfast, actually.

                          Lunch: Um. Well, I didn't really have lunch. I just grazed on cheese and walnuts. And a kiwifruit.

                          Dinner: ground beef, 1 sardine, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds.

                          plus a cup of tea.


                          The chia seeds I got today, along with some dandelion root tea. I'm hoping both will help my acne.




                          • My Grandfather passed away at around 6:30 this morning. As well as having terminal cancer, he just recently developed pneumonia, which is most likely what did it.


                            • Oh Traveller, sorry for your loss. Blessings to you and your family.
                              Annie Ups the Ante


                              • Thanks, Annieh.