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    Louisem: you're welcome! No, they're not as yuck as you think. Fried in bacon fat, they're absolutely delicious!!

    Hiya Gwamma! Primmeal is a primal porridge recipe thought up by Yogabare.

    Mash up one banana, add a handful of berries and microwave or heat in a pot until berries are soft and mushy. Then mash them into the banana. Whisk up one egg, add to the mix, then microwave until egg is cooked which for me is about 2 1/2 minutes. Then mix and mash the whole mixture until egg is combined. I then add a tsp of honey and cinnamon, but it's up to you.
    I was a bit doubtful at first, mixing banana and egg together, but I tried it and loved it. Now I think I may be eating to much of it....


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      Day 30

      I've been Primal for exactly one month! Not as strict as I'd like, but I didn't give up either.

      Breakfast: 3 tablespoons of Greek yoghurt with 1 tsp of honey. A few squares of 85% chocolate (love that stuff).

      Lunch: a bowl of primmeal, but I put in two eggs to up the fat content. A few macadamia nuts.

      Then through the afternoon I had a cup of turmeric tea, more 85% choc....then a bit more 85% choc....
      Had a bit too much choc, I think.

      Dinner: steak and baked kumara chips.

      Today wasn't such a bad day, I grazed barely at all. Just that chocolate...

      Exercise: 2-3 sets of ten pushups. I'm doing them a bit deeper, now.

      Today I did my annual clothes shop. I do it annually, because...well, I hate clothes shopping. But it's getting colder and wetter, and I had no winter gear at all.

      Anyway, I've gone down a size. Well, I don't know if I've actually 'gone down' a size, or if I'm simply more comfortable in the smaller size. Does that make sense?

      Anyway, first month is done and I'm feeling great!




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        I hate that I look like a couch potato.
        I hate that I look like I lie around all day, when in fact I'm quite active.
        I hate that I'm the only one in my family who is Primal, but am the one that looks like I live on cakes and muffins.

        Had another academics test today. I'm almost certain I completely failed it.


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          Day 32 - 4:00pm -

          Hi all.

          Really tired, didn't get to bed until 3:30am. All I want to do right now is fall asleep, but if I do that I'll never get to sleep tonight.

          Oh, yesterday I tried coconut oil for the first time and I love it!! It's got so many uses, and it tastes awesome. I'm a complete convert.

          Breakfast: cup of chai tea with half a tsp of honey and 1 tsp of CO.

          Lunch: half an avocado, 3 eggs scrambled in CO.

          Dinner: haven't had it yet, but it'll probably be lamb chops and steamed/baked vegetables. And CO.


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            Day 32 - continued -

            Hi again,

            had dinner at 8:30, two lamb chops seasoned with rosemary, and steamed broccoli, brussel sprouts and peas.

            It wasn't enough, though. I think I'm craving fat, because I completely devoured those chops, especially the fatty bits, and picked fat off my family members plates. They don't eat it, of course.

            Today was a bit of a Lift Heavy Things (LHT) day. I don't have access to weights or a gym, so I used whatever I could find.
            Which was a vacuum cleaner and bags filled with unopened, full milk bottles. Sounds silly but hey, it works!
            Also went for a 2.4 km walk.

            What I'm really pleased about is that I haven't grazed at all. It was just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing else.




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              Hey Traveller,
              Though I would stop on by and catch up on your journal - looks like you are well on your way down the primal path - congrats! A couple posts back you mentioned you had how you look like you are in active - I'm sure you were just venting but at the same time remember - you may look that way now but you are making a stand and changing the way your body is - one day not so far in the future you will look back and marvel that you ever looked like you do now - and so will your family and friends. Keep walking the path - you'll get there!
              “There are only two options regarding commitment, You’re either in or your out. There’s no such thing as life in between.” – Anonymous

              "Das Beste oder nichts" - Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler


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                Day 33

                Hi all!

                Primal Primate, thank you for your encouraging post. I read it when I woke up this morning, and it really motivated me through the day. So thanks.

                Breakfast: nothing. Just didn't feel like it.

                Lunch: brussel sprouts and 2 scrambled eggs. Somewhere around this time I also had a cup of turmeric tea.

                Dinner: 2-3 beef spare ribs, small amount of broccoli, peas, and fried brussel sprouts.

                Confession: 3 squares of milk chocolate. >sighs<

                Despite the chocolate, I'm feeling pretty pleased with today. I didn't graze at all!

                I also made a sort of 'primal fudge'. Melted CO and honey mixed with 2 teaspoons of cocoa. I had a teaspoon sized square of it sometime between lunch and dinner, but it was very small. Is that grazing? I didn't have it because I was hungry, or because I wanted to eat, but just to see how it tasted.

                I've realised that my 'danger zone' is late afternoon, an hour or so before dinner. I'm slightly bored and haven't eaten in 4-5 hours, but I'm not exactly hungry.

                Exercise: 1 set of ten pushups. I couldn't go for a walk or anything today because it's just poured down continuously.




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                  Day 34 - 10:30am -

                  Hi everyone,

                  Since I started eating CO 2 days ago, I've had two new pimples and mild cold-like symptoms in the mornings. Runny nose, fatigue, etc. I've read that CO has a detoxing effect, and this is quite normal, so I'll just wait it out.

                  I've also been reading about how CO is brilliant for your skin, and apparently heaps of people use it and love it. But there are others who say it caused massive breakouts. So I've been a bit hesitant to try it.
                  But last night I decided to try applying it only to the two worst pimples, and not to my entire face.

                  So I applied it, and this morning they've both gone down!!
                  Not sure if I'm ready to start using it all over my face, but I think I'll keep using it in spots.

                  I'm just soooo relieved it didn't cause breakouts.




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                    Day 34 - continued -

                    Hi all,

                    Breakfast: Cup of tea with 1 tsp of CO

                    Lunch: roast chicken and lettuce salad, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. Chicken was a bit lean, so I had to eat quite a bit of it to feel full.

                    4:15pm: one small square of 'primal fudge'.

                    Dinner: rolled roast beef with roast kumara's and parsnips. It was seriously awesome!

                    8:15pm: cup of tea.

                    And that's it.

                    After dinner, one of my Family Members made apple crumble for dessert. I should've seen it coming, I was the one who peeled the apples.
                    I had no trouble turning it down, but she was very offended. But what can you do? I just said it looked and smelled divine, but I'm not having any. Thanks anyway. >shrugs<




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                      Day 35

                      Hi guys,

                      Breakfast: I actually had it today! A very small amount of leftover roast beef and cauliflower. Cuppa with CO.

                      Lunch (2:30pm): Cup of turmeric tea with CO.

                      Dinner (7:30pm) Plate of mince garnished with a tsp of CO. Also had 4 froozeballs.

                      Exercise: Just over an hour of karate. It was a lot harder tonight, with heaps of sit ups, push ups, and various squats and lunges.
                      Despite that, I'm not really doing much exercise these days because it's pouring down most of the time. Naughty me.




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                        Hi Traveller, what are froozeballs?

                        Mmm, apple crumble can be pretty tempting. I have made it for the family using rolled oats, but no flour in the topping. It's an ok almost primal dessert for them and I can usually resist.
                        Annie Ups the Ante


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                          Hi Annieh!

                          These are froozeballs: Frooze Balls | Healthy Sweet | Dates Carob Cashews
                          Having four of them was a bit much, but I needed something and it was that or milk chocolate.

                          Using rolled oats sounds interesting, thanks for the idea!


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                            Day 37 - 2:00pm -

                            Hi everyone.

                            I'm a bit overwhelmed with a few things, and I'm feeling really...dunno, subdued.

                            I'm really behind in my academic work. I only just passed my tests. I mean, 56%?

                            I have a karate seminar on saturday and sunday, which is great, but I have a problem.
                            My Sensei lent me some sparring gear for the day. One of the sparring gear items doesn't fit me, but I don't know if I should tell him that. What if he says he doesn't have another and I won't be able to do the sparring class? I'm tempted to just say yes, I'm wearing it and spar without it. There'll be a lot of people, chances are he won't even notice. I think.

                            Just needed to vent.



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                              Day 37 - continued -

                              Hi all.

                              Breakfast: cup of earl grey tea with 1 tsp of honey and 1 of CO

                              3 hours later: handful or so of macadamia nuts. Few lines of 85% choc.

                              2 hours later: 3 eggs, scrambled in olive oil. Salt, pepper and walnuts as a garnish.

                              Somewhere in between I had a cup of turmeric tea with 1 tsp of CO. And more 85% choc.

                              Exercise: 1 set of ten pushups. 15 secs of planking.

                              Man, I'm depressed.




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                                Traveller, just read through your journal and congrats on making a great change to your life. The Sugarbare says, that this your journal and you can rant, vent and rage all you like! No use keeping that negative energy bottled up inside! Sugarbare also feels your sugar pain. The Bare grew up in South Florida on a steady diet of pancakes w/ Mrs. Butterworth syrup and sweet sun tea(10 bags of Lipton, 2 quarts of water and "cane field" full of table sugar a.k.a. the devil!) You are doing great and sound like an interesting person rants and all! Your family can either run with the beast or get ran over by the beast!! (whispers: The beast is the new primal you.) Keep posting we are listening.
                                BaconFist Master of Pork-Fu!!

                                My journal: