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  • My RANT

    This is just a rant to let people know my headspace and just so i have it on paper for future reference. I have always heard that a person should document their life and keep a journal either for fun or education purposes. I know for a fact that it has always helped me to hear what other peoples headspace are for their current position in life. It's the reason that people anylize successful people because they think theres something special they do, at the end of the day you just need discipline. We have the resources now you just need to utilize it
    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. -Albert Einstein
    Your health is considered optimun when you reach homeostasis. To attain this you must exercise correctly, eat correctly and think correctly. This is hard to do and all these areas have different needs to be met for different people.

    The fudamentals in life are so important, if you do not have the basic strongly grounded then you cannot advance any further. If you do not know the basics then you won't have enough energy to invest in the more advance areas.

    My ideal habbits are:
    - gym/exercize 3x a week

    - read one new book per month (i'm a slow reader)

    - EAT Paleo = extremely healthy!! (investing time educating myself, trying new ideas, )

    - Meditate (this is the hardest habbit for me to form atm which probably means i would benefit from it!!)

    - work on goals etc

    I have short term goals, long term goals and they make life fun otherwise there''s no point living if you have nothing to look forward to or celebrate. THATS just my opinion but i've notice people with no drive in life often self medicate themselves with alcohol, unhealthy habbits or heavy drugs (whetheres that be antidepresents or heroin i don't care).

    In regards to healthy eating it has been said that theres a new diabetes referenced to as type 3. This diabetes is of the brain and results bad nutrition. I try to do these habbits no matter what is going on in my life. If Im feeling sad i still go to the gym, if I'm feeling happy I still go to the gym. If I'm feeling sad still eat healthy etc etc. This is my idea of what riding the bicycle is all about.

    I actually don't know why I enjoy trying to be the best person I can be but i think it's a natural human instinct, and something that makes us top of the food chain? There is always room for improvement but it's the journey not the destination haha. I love this community its just a bunch of people with their daily grind of a life trying to get healthy!!

    I respect the fact that everyone here has seeked an answer for their health beyond conventional wisdom, we are the real winner here guys . I think that ART in it's purest form is what we are on earth to do. Exploring art in any form is to fuffil an internal desire that EVERY human has.

    If anybody has any habits I should add to my week I would love to hear them
    -safe is the new risky