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    . im having so much fun with primal living, i fell better and not hungry anymore , (i had food addiction before i started primal) now i eat an average of 1800 calories , 30 to 40 grams of carbs( trying to get into ketosis) but probably will lower it to 20 to 30 grams.the rest comes mainly from fat and some protein.

    i now warmup in my pole vault trainings barefoot for 1 mile and also cool down barefoot for another mile. im felling so great and i soo love the idea of being primal i just wish i would have found it earlier . what i have trouble with is the organic food and grass fed meats , pastured eggs and chicken. and the like. i started doing an hour of walking each day since we dont have mountains or anything i can hike on. taking up cycling 1 day a week which is friday the only day i have free in the mornings.

    one sample of my eating would be , well i give you todays:
    1)breakfasti had just finished a 36 hour fast) , 4 pouched eggs in 1 tbsp of butter, 1 almond pancake with 1tsp honey and cinnamon in 1/2 tsp butter( the almond pancakes with the honey , 11 g of carbs )(this is where most the carbs come from), cup of strong coffee, and chia tea)
    2) lunch: another 2 pouched eggs with 1/2 tsp butter(didnts have steak at home ), 1 can tuna, another almond pancake with 1/2 tsp butter, chai tea, pinar labna with 1/2 tsp olive oil

    then went to training
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    hey there everyone i know no one has still replied or anything but hoping u guys do today was pretty good , 10 more days until my African league championships im so happy but also so nervous this is my first BIG championship, although i had a mini under 16 world championship last year, got third btw

    okay today for breakfast i had : 2 pouched eggs in 1/2 tbsp butter ,(i only had two today) , 1 small chicken leg(drumstick and thigh with skin on), cup of coffee with tbsp heavy cream, chai green tea
    for lunch had: almond pancake in 1/2 tbsp butter, chicken leg skin on, 8 small strawberries, 2 pouched eggs in 1/2 tbsp butter, 1/2 an onion, coffee with 1tbsp heavy cream and 1/4 cup milk for flavor.\
    for dinner had: 3 egg omelet with chopped greens(coriander, parsley, dill) in tbsp butter , with cup coffee and 1 tbsp heavy cream, 1 small tangerine .
    then i had pole vault training so decided to go on a 16 hour fast until breakfast tom. got in 1500 calories (102 gram fat, 38 carb, 108 protein) im guessing the ratios arent right well wats done is done

    pole vault training was nice to day: ill give a brief outline of wat i did.
    first got barefoot and warmed up with a mile.
    then did dynamic stretching
    then 3 40 meter high knees, 3 40 meter butt kicks
    then did 2 100 meter consisting of 25 m sprint then 25 meter decelerate
    then did 4 long jumps (the one where u jump in a pit of sand ... i know i know some people know already) from 5 steps, then 6 long jumps from 7 steps , then 4 long jumps from 10 steps
    then did 50 rep of planting drill( i just take 3 steps and lower the pole and plant it in pit)
    then i pole vaulted from 5 steps 8 times , pole vaulted from 7 steps 8 times
    then did a couple 30 m sprints to train for the approach of the pit
    then cooled down with another mile, did stretches and headed home

    thats it folks
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      Welcome! I'm glad primal is going well. You might get more replies if you broke the text into small paragraphs. just saying.
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        Looks like you're doing very well! It's such a great, energizing, enjoyable sort of lifestyle - stick with it! Also, if you aren't able to buy organic meat and vegetables, don't worry. Worrying = stress = unhealthy. Do the best you can with what you have! It's still a huge step above a processed food diet. Good luck with the championships! Also, don't be disappointed if not many people comment - think of the journal as a way to help yourself keep on track. If you have any questions, just do a quick search on the forum and on Mark's posts. Basically everything there is to know is in the archives somewhere.
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          Hi Pole Vaulter, are you still on PB? How are you doing?
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            i dont know why i quit on this journal but planning on posting again from now on
            wow i just moved a big step in this primal living, i ONLY ate when i was hungry , yay me!!... i thought i couldnt do it because i thought i was ALWAYS hungry so i wouldnt make it through the day. i also have spring break now wohoo so i thought i should try going rowing its nice but pretty hard damn i felt like such a noob :P anyway yest i went at 9 am and suprisingly i wasnt hungry so i passed breakfast and when i came home from rowing i had lunch:

            3 eggs with turkey steak an onion and a tomato(onion for cooking :P)

            then i went to pole vault training and did
            1mile warmup
            500 meter , 2 min rest
            4 200m. 2min rest between each after that i did medicine ball throws then some abs and back excercises then i did weight training then some stretches and then went out with my family for dinner.

            had: 5 lamb chops with 3 tawooks and some green salad
            so another thing to clear out , i stopped counting calories because when i did it made me eat for no reason say i average at 1800 and nw im at 1200 even though im bt hungry id say to myself it doesnt matter bec anyway u still have some room to play with sad i know :P so yes when i calculated the calories after the day was over i was at 1550 which is pretty good and im happy with that

            sorry for the bordem iv put u in but ill try better next time :P !!!
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              Welcome back Egyption grok

              I love lamb chops too It's fantastic how eating this way both tastes wonderful and stops the hunger dead.

              Which means we can get on with life/polevaulting or whatever.

              What are tawooks???
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                ooo sorry for that tawook is in arabic i just noticed now , well they are chicken legs that are cut up into pieces and i had 3 pieces from them , they r like diced chicken breasts but fattier


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                  okay hey there today was a nice day although it was quit an empty day so it left me bored and thinking of food ,(sigh ) well anywho i had to wake up extra early today so i could attend rowing class, woke up at say 5:30 (damn im starting to hate this rowing thing :P) idk y but i took a handful of almonds while on my way out i wasnt hungry or anything i dnt know it just happened (oops , i guess its the "im supposed to eat when i wake up thing :S )

                  but anyway drove up with my mom to rowing club did some time say 30 min on rowing machine then got in to the water for first time wohoo! it was a bit scary at first but got the hang of it
                  stayed some time in the water then got out did some pullups and some stretches then went home at 11:00am had lunch

                  which was: 2egg yolks with half turkey breast and some ground meat, 2tbsp butter and 2tomatoes and an onion
                  then relaxed a bit and sat on the computer for 2.5 hours(note :should decrease amount of computer use)
                  then got in the pool and swam some laps for 40 min or so wasnt actually looking for a workout just having some fun (i had rest from pole vaulting today)
                  at 5 pm had dinner which was:

                  80g ground meat(i know i actually weighed it + 2eggs + 2 egg yolks, with 3.5 tbsp butter, and a cup of green salad that had peas in it

                  after that took an hour nap well i was pretty tired from the rowing and weight lifting of yesterday my body is so sore (well have to get over it bec tom. pole vault training is going to be tough :P) then went out with my sis to an intro class of crossfit( i really liked , the coach also told me if i went a month earlier i would have competed in the open tournment and would have done pretty well mabye even would have won :P (but oh well mabye next year ) damn the rowing coach also told me if i went two monthes earlier i would have competed in nationals and would have got a medal , well im happy that pole vaulting has gotten me to this position ( which makes me want to train even harder)

                  oh almost forgot when i came out of crossfit we passed by on the run ( i got sparkling water and some dark chocolate bt my sis got FREEZE and some nerds(sigh,, still trying to get her primal) when i calculated calories it showed 1950 im nt upset i think this is what my body needed today

                  thats it folks hope i didnt bore u this time , also tell me if im getting better at this or nt so i can improve myself , and make u guys follow with me


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                    Great to have you back, EgyptianGrok. Good to hear everything is going to well.
                    "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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                      hey there today i went to rowing class abit later then yest (woke up today at 6:45) it was fun but today i didnt enter the water because all the begginers werent there oh well did like 30 min on rowing machine.

                      before i left i had the leftover chocolate from my yesterday bar( okay this time i ate something in the morning nt bec i was hungry nor the reflux of "i should eat when i wake up" , idk i just ate it i dnt think we eat chocolate for a reason :P
                      when i came home at 11:00 am had a late breakfast which was

                      half a cup of mixed veggies with 100g mushroom in tbsp butter and some heavy cream with 40g of liver pate (got recipe from paleobird ) wasnt really hungry so i didnt eat that much

                      i watched some t.v then took nap because i was extremely tired my body still sore from before yest (damn my pole vault training is in an hour and today is ganna be tough ) ( i also wouldnt call it a nap bec i slept for 3 hours :P

                      when i woke up i was quite hungry so i made another patch of veggies and mushrooms but this time with a cup of veggies and 150g of mushrooms in 4tbsp of butter and 1/4 cup of heavy cream with 100g of liver pate + an egg+ 2 egg yolks
                      im pretty full nw and getting ready to head for training i think i should have eaten earlier but bec my mom was tired i had to cook for the whole family so my lunch was a bit late

                      and woohoo i finally made the macros work(trying to get in ketosis)
                      119g fat
                      54g protein
                      35 carbs(net carbs 25g)

                      mabye the carbs went a bit higher then most days but protein down by 80g wohoo i just wish tommorrow when i test for ketosis its positive thats it folks mabye when i come home ill post what i did in my training


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                        okay i thought today's training was going to be tough but not this tough damn i thought i was sore yest and today nw idk wat im going to be tom
                        btw guys im in preseason now or idk what they call it but the workouts arent specific to pole vault nw so feel free to try out the workouts and if u do tell me how it goes, would love to hear ur stories
                        okay so here we go
                        first took off shoe and warmed up with a mile then did some stretches to loosen up my muscles bec as i said i was very sore
                        then did 3*40 m high knee, then 3*40 meter butt kicks
                        after that i did 4*50m bounding
                        then i ran 4*100m sprints with weight (30kg) idk name of the machine or watever i was using but its something u tie a rope to ur waist and its a piece of metal that u add weights to it and u drag it along while u run
                        after that i did 3*100m walking lunges (damn this was hard )
                        then 4*50m frog jumps
                        then 3*50m single leg hops (3 on each leg)
                        after that i did 6*100m run(60-70% of max)i guess :P
                        then did some abs and 30 min of stretching i know (30 whole minutes first time i do stretches for so long)
                        and then came home , do u guys have any suggestions on how i could relieve the soreness? would appreciate that very much
                        nw im ganna home in the hot tub


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                          damn it im in ketosis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! i actually did a victory dance in the bathroom half-naked :P
                          i wont forget how i jumped when i saw it turning pink, omg im soo happy !!. i did a test in the morning and it was negative when i decided to do another one at around 5 pm it was positive cant figure out y but im so glad i did a second test
                          im afraid i will be out tom bec i had alittle bit too much protein today but hope the workout i did makes up for it. btw yest i slept like the dead :P

                          today i woke up at 10 am and then made myself breakfast which consisted of:

                          2eggs+2egg yolks+cup of peas and carrots+100g liver pate all in in 2tbsp of coconut oil
                          as a "snack":i had bulletproof coffee a cup which had tbsp coconut oil and 1/2 tbsp butter
                          then lunch was: same i guess as breakfast but without the peas and the liver was 160g with another cup of bulletproof coffee with 1tbsp coconut oil and 1/2 tbsp butter and thats it macros today was:

                          fat: 152g
                          carbs:30g(net carb 20g)
                          protein yikees: 90g damn it

                          just hope i stay in ketosis


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                            the training today was good still sore from yest but still did a good job today and again guys if u want to try these out go ahead
                            first i warmed up with a mile barefoot
                            2- 3*40m high knees, 3*40m butt kicks
                            3- 4*40m bounding
                            4-3*20m sprint (rest is way back as for all the other sprints)
                            5-3*30m sprint
                            6-3*40m sprint
                            note: broke all my sprint records although i was sore and heavy cant wait to see numbers when im all fresh and light
                            7-3*600m run(rest is way back from 400 meter mark to 200meter mark)
                            rest 7 min after all three
                            8-3*600m run
                            9-did medicne ball front throws(3kg, 20 throws)
                            10-medicne ball back throws(3kg, 20 throws)
                            11-abs excersies
                            12-jog 1 mile
                            13- stretches like hell
                            thats it folks and if u try my workout tell me all about it


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                              i am still in ketosis i cant believe it, and its nt just pink it is light purple cant wait for it to be dark purple didnt sleep so well yest but oh well i want this insomnia thing to go away its pretty annoying and i need the sleep bec i come home tired from training

                              i also want to get the ketometer rather than the ketostix bec i dnt want to panic when i stop excreting the ketones in my urine :P

                              nw just waiting for my butler to get me some eggs so i can have breakfast ,a bit hungry hadnt had anything since 5 pm yest + the workout of yest so ya i guess im pretty hungry nt just a bit hungry :P

                              more on wat i did today later