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    havent posted for some time , was busy with training and study
    im trying this new thing where i try to enjoy every bit of everything i do , u know i try to taste every bite of my food, i try to preform the best i can in my trainings and enjoy it in the same time, what i cant seem to accomplish yet is enjoying school

    went out for some alone time, took my ipod and went for a walk ,i have been living in this neighborhood for 2 years and i havent checked it out before so decided to do that , it was a thirty min walk before i came upon a dessert with some tiny sand hills and lots of big rocks then i thought well why dnt i have my own small workout there was another 30 min walk back home
    20130503_023644.jpg 20130503_020705.jpg 20130503_020509.jpg 20130503_020230.jpg 20130503_015635.jpg 20130503_024433.jpg
    last pic was of a water holder(dont know what its name is) but it was amazing found it on my way home was dieing of thirst
    it was pretty cool had plenty of fun even though i was alone.
    after that went to my grandma for dinner, she kept on insisting that i take dessert but i refused politely ,(damn i love my grandma ) we had grilled squid +flat fish with tomato sauce and onions+ eggplant( they had rice while i had salad) after dinner had a green tea and all my siblings had black tea with milk and plenty of sugar (ughh) after that me and my siblings went out to collect some berries from a nearby tree.
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      these were in the desert i uploaded them in the wrong post , the above ones where at my grandma except the water thing, as u can see im in a tree thats a berry tree and i was gathering some it was quite hard and the fear of falling from a quite a height was amazing s(note: should do this again )
      after i left my grandma's house i went to a bbq with my team it was AMAZING , we made our own grill and they all had rice and most of them took the chicken breast while i had salad and two chicken thighs , fortunatly they had plenty and i mean plenty of skin btw egypt is nt like this, its just my unfinished neighborhood thats it folks
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        went for a 5 mile "hike" yest while ifing , for some reason i went out of ketosis before yest, cant seem to figure y though heres what happened before yest:

        i woke up at 8 am went to training, it was quite hard(i repeated the one with the 500m,400m,300m thing but on better numbers)
        when i got home my ketones were roof high(dark purple)

        then i had breakfast at 12 which was

        50g cauliflower with 100g mushrooms in 100ml heavy cream +50ml of coconut milk and 50g of mozzerlla cheese(first time in a long time i had cheese)
        with a 100g steak and plenty of steak solid fat fried in butter

        swam a bit

        later in the day dinner wasanother patch of the mushroom thing with 3 eggs\
        dessert was : shredded coconut and shredded walnuts with 20g dark chocolate and 2 tbsp butter all mixed together and freezed with coconut cream ontop

        the day after when i measured my ketones it was completly negative so was the day after
        carbs didnt go above 30g, protein didnt go above 70g

        im guessing mabye it was the dairy i have no clue would someone clarify this for me


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          back in ketosis just after a workout yest but still am in the morning although i ate yest like 50g carbs

          yest was a pretty bad day for the nutrition part + i found out that i am dairy intolerent

          i had stopped dairy since i went primal (except butter and heavy cream) and i tried to reintroduce it but got bloated and felt gassy and stuff so im guressing im cheese for u again :P

          well here is how my day went:

          got up at 8 :30 am sat on the computer and watched to episodes of criminal minds(old i know but im obssesed with criminology)

          got up and had breakfast which was : 3egg omlete with 2 medium zucchinis a tomato and 150g ground beef

          although it should have been satisfying i felt hungry afterwards i tried to busy myself with something so i watched another 2 episodes when i finally gave up i went down and tried to do a ketogenic carrot cake( it wasnt sweet so i ended up adding a big amount of honey, it turned out as a fail because it had too much moisture so to replace it had a tangerine and half a banana i also fried a avocado. i felt disgusted that i just ate anything so i got dressed and headed for the club

          i got there at 3 oclock but my training was still at 5 so i took a long walk then my coach came and here is the workout:

          1-warmup a mile
          2-3*40m butt kicks
          3-3*40m high knees
          4-5*100m sprint with weight sledge (still dnt know its name :P )
          5-3*100m walking lunges
          6-6*100m run 75% of max
          7-3*30m single leg hops(three on each leg)
          8-5*20 reps of frog jumps
          9-ab exercise (60 lower abs, 120 middle abs, 60 upper abs)
          10-15 min cool off jog then stretches and then went home

          thats it took my magnesium citrate (still nt helping that much day3)
          then went to "sleep"