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    I've been a lurker on this forum/site for quite some time so I guess I should start participating and keep myself accountable.
    My husband and I have been eating primal on and off for several years now. We go through our phases where we are working so much that the grains/sugars/dairy sneak their way back in but I always feel so awful when eating gluten and lactose that I can only handle short durations of eating them before we clean up our act again.
    I love my coffee and really love vanilla creamer in it but the side effects of dairy for me keep me from using regular creamer and I've switched to the coconut milk flavored creamer.
    My husbands allergies get out of control when he has any dairy, even a little bit. Several weeks ago we cleaned up our diets considerably and his snoring stopped. My stomachaches and headaches and gas went away as well and we were both feeling great.
    I ordered the primal fuel not realizing that the whey protein used in it is a form of dairy and now today we are both feeling a little rough after hubby snored all night long and I tossed and turned all night with a rumbly gut.
    Today we started the "Potato" hack for a few days. I never lose any weight regardless of what I do with my diet without bringing in some form of massive cardio and I need some motivation to keep bread and dairy out of my diet so if I can lose a few pounds doing the potato thing then I'll be happy sticking with the primal.
    My hubby on the other hand has already lost 8 pounds in a few weeks just by cleaning up his diet. Why do guys always have quicker results?
    Case in point, a few years ago he was in another state for work and I started running. Two months of running and I hadn't lost a pound but I felt pretty good and my legs were looking better. Then he comes home and starts running with me. Within a week he is shredding the weight and his six pack starts to show. What the heck!!??!!??
    I eventually quit running because my joints were not happy with me and achy hips and knees all night long didn't help with my already existing insomnia issues!
    So now I prefer to kayak, paddle board, bicycle or walk when I have the chance. Although those first two things only happen during the months that we are in florida which luckily is alot this year but could be none next year

    So now that I've rambled on and on, I basically need to jumpstart some weight loss since I feel that I have a good 20 lbs to lose. I'm 5'3", 35YO, currently 140lbs. I've never been this heavy in my life and although I carry it well and its pretty evenly distributed, I don't like it. I've got the italian hips and butt!

    I'll keep track of my progress on the potato hack here and then again when I switch back to primal.

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    Starting day 2 of the potato hack and weight is at 138.7lbs this morning.
    I can't really attribute the weight loss to the diet since I got a bad sunburn on my legs last sunday and have been swelled up all week. Before the sunburn I was at 138.
    Yesterday was difficult. Both hubby and I were always hungry and propably ate way more potatoes than we should have.


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      So hubby and I only made it 2 days on the potato hack before I thought I would vomit if I had to eat another potato. My weight went up the second day as well. Maybe we'll try it again when my sunburn is healed so I only have to deal with one thing at a time.
      We did get out and kayak with some friends yesterday and then watched a band play some blues at a local grill. It was a good time!
      My leg sunburn is a little better each day and I've switched to balm now to try and heal the skin now that the swelling is down. I've burned several times throughout my life but never this bad!
      We will be leaving the florida keys on thursday and making our way up to pensacola beach for a couple of months. I'm really excited because we have a water front rv spot so we can throw our kayaks in the water and just go whenever we want to. There's also a great sidewalk all the way down the island to my parents condo and they will be about 2 miles away from us. Their facility has an excellent workout room and several pools and hot tubs and I plan on making use of all of it!
      I slept better last night after returning to the primal diet but I'm sure the kayaking helped with that as well!
      We both still can't believe how much better we feel with no grains or dairy in our diets. Just sneaking a little bit in our diets one day reminds us of why we need to keep it out!


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        We are both very happy to be back to eating our fats and meats after trying the potato hack and only managed 2 days!
        I have to have variety in my diet and I can't feel like I'm depriving myself or I will go the complete opposite way and over indulge later on. I know, typical emotional chick!!!
        Yesterday I tracked what we ate and we're definitely not eating ketogenic and we've decided to give that a try so today we've cut back on the carbs and will have to continue cutting them until we get to the right levels.
        I never realized that vegetables can contain so many carbs!!!!
        I'm looking forward to hopefully having more energy, although I already do after just eating primal again yesterday and my weight went back down another pound.
        Hubby feels amazing just eating primal and I'm guessing his results on ketogenic are going to be out of this world and I'm going to hate him for it, just kidding, a little.
        He always gets amazing results as soon as we clean up our diets and exercise a little more, while I trudge along behind him losing weight sooooooo slowly. But he's always been an active person and I think that physically he's just got the better metabolism. I've always been a book work and I work full time at the computer which doesn't help AT ALL!!!
        Yesterday we got out and kayaked for 5 hours and it was amazing. When we got down to the florida keys, we decided to just buy some kayaks since we love to do it and plan on doing it alot while here and then up in pensacola. So we found a local place and he got a tandem splash and I got a emotion spitfire. The spitfire is adorable with an awesome "cadillac" seat, but it absolutely does not track in the water. Every time I would paddle the front end goes one way, and then the other. And in a heavy current or waves, FORGET ABOUT IT. I was all over, spinning in circles and running into tree branches.
        So we went back to the place we bought them and I explained my dilemma to the store owner. He had just gotten in a huge shipment of more of the Splash kayaks in various sizes and he let me trade in my now "used" kayak for one of those for a minimal fee. AMAZING!!! So we went out that day for 5 hours and it was so incredibly awesome.
        There's mangrove forests all over out here and you can kayak down the tiny trails through them and see all kinds of wildlife. I really hope we can get back here in the early fall when the water is really warm so we can see more sea life and go snorkeling!
        In pensacola we have an RV spot right on the water so the kayaks will get used alot there!
        I also traded in my rusted out schwinn bike for a sun seeker bike that is built with materials that won't rust and fade in the florida weather. It really is amazing the comfort differnce between the two bikes. The sun seeker is a much better ride and I don't feel like I'm straining my knees or holding my arms at an uncomfortable angle.
        Ok, enough of my blathering. I will continue to update on mine and hubbies progress using the ketogenic way of eating!!!


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          Yesterday was our first day of going keto and we did pretty good with keeping within our ranges.
          I wasn't feeling so hot by the end of the day and had a headache by bed time and slept horribly. I'm hoping that my body just needs the 3-4 day period to transition to fat burning and then I'll get more energy and clarity.
          I feel great when I stick strictly primal/paleo but I don't lose weight so my whole purpose for trying keto for awhile is for the weight loss.
          I've been down in florida since january and haven't had to wear a bathing suit yet since it hasn't been warm enough but the time is coming and my body is definitely not ready for that kind of exposure!
          Our meals yesterday consisted of:

          3 slices organic bacon
          Smoothie w/spinach, coc milk, mct oil, egg whites, frozen berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries & strawberries)
          coffee w/coc creamer

          spinach and hogfish cooked in coc oil and ghee butter

          half an avocado
          coffee w/coc creamer
          2 slices organic bacon
          green tea

          1/2 lb steamed gulf shrimp in ghee butter

          Before bedtime
          1 tbsp mct oil

          I think I put everything in there that I ate.
          My husband ate eggs and more bacon than me and various other snacks but my totals for the day came out to:
          calories: 1075
          sugar carbs: 29
          fat: 82
          protein: 52

          I couldn't seem to get enough fat in so I'll have to really watch that more today. We went out yesterday and picked up the unsweetened coc milk and creamers so that will help with being able to have more of that and get more fat but not as many carbs. I'll also put more mct oil in our smoothie and have eggs for breakfast.

          I had planned this morning on getting up at 7 and taking the kayak out to watch the sunrise on the ocean. But a rain/lightning storm came in overnight and this morning was yucky and rainy. Maybe tomorrow or thursday I'll have the chance before we leave the florida keys.


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            Doing good with keto and losing weight steadily

            Been doing keto now for about 9 days and am down 5 lbs so far. Its slow but steady weight loss as long as I don't cheat which has happened a couple of times since being in pensacola with my family. My mom is a major foodie and always cooks large, heavy meals and desserts. Luckily she believes in eating organic, whole foods but still uses dairy and gluten in her cooking which trigger bad reactions for both the hubby and myself. She has been trying and makes most meals without either but her desserts always contain something. She made my favorite dessert last night, apple pie with a wheat crust and I couldn't resist so today my joints are aching. The day before that we celebrated my nieces birthday and we ate a tiny amount of cake with ice cream so double whammy there.
            I know that when my sister and her family leave at the end of the week, I won't see them for awhile so I'm okay with eating some crap here and there. Once they leave we will be back on lock-down mode and will start working out again.
            The weather has been cold and windy here and we attempted to kayak one day but it sucked. I miss the clear water and warm weather of the florida keys
            I really hope we get a few decent days before my sister leaves so the kids can enjoy the beach a bit. I took this week off of work and I'm still stuck inside.
            Still gonna stick with the 70/20/10 split for now and then will change the ratios as needed when we start working out. Hubby is really excited to do some full body weight workouts with me and seems to really think my body type will do really well with it. I'm going to indulge him and see what happens.


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              Last week was a whirlwind. My sister came into town with her husband and three kids and I took the entire week off of work. We were constantly on the move doing something and my diet suffered here and there.
              At the end of the week, my husband and I started a 3x per week workout routine that involves some heavy lifting so we're adding more carbs back into our diets by way of fruit and veggies. I haven't been getting on the scale because I know that the weight will go up before it goes down when I'm weight training.
              So far so good with the workout, each session I'm a little stronger and can do a little more weight and my husband says he's already seeing some definition come in.
              We did P90X two times a couple of years ago and both got into really good shape, but then life took over and we had to travel for work and spend most of our time sitting on our rumps. I still sit alot because of my full time job but its not as many hours as what we were doing for a couple of years so now I'm able to fit in more "me" time.
              Most days I'm still eating pretty close to my keto levels from before and I still feel good. I'm sleeping better and my skin stays clear. I've been reintroducing some dairy into my diet because I found a company that makes the beta-casein A2 products and my symptoms are not coming back so it turns out I was never lactose intolerant, just couldn't handle the form of protein that comes in the majority of the regular dairy products in the US.
              It really is amazing how much you notice the bad reactions to certain foods once you've eaten paleo for awhile. Eating gluten makes my joints ache the next day and I'm moody and don't sleep well. Regular dairy would give me awful stomach aches and gas and my sinuses would start plugging up. Empty carbs make my sugar spike and crash quickly.
              It is a struggle sometimes to find the fresh food we need to continue this lifestyle since we do travel alot but we do pretty good if we have the time to research a new area.