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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm an American living in Taipei,Taiwan, working on my MA in National Development and interested in finding that "sweet spot" of healthy, happy living.
    To tell the truth my boyfriend and I have already been primal for about a week already. We had a bit of a rough patch getting over the sugar cravings as sugar is everywhere in Taipei, but it seems that both of us have gotten our energy back now and we feel fine for the most part. (My boyfriend is pretty happy about that because I am not a nice person when I'm grumpy! lol.)
    Starting yesterday we cut back our extra carbs that we were getting from whole milk and nuts out so we could get in Ketosis.

    Goal: To try out a new lifestyle for the month, see if we feel healthier, and possibly lose some body fat.
    Workout: Same as before, heavy weight-lifting 3xs a week (Squats, overhead press, deadlift, row, bench press) along with 30 mins of cardio.

    Lets see how week two goes! 加油!!