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    Hello everyone,

    I have been engaging in these forums for only a few days and well I simply must say I LOVE it.

    This community is absolutely incredible and is ever growing.

    I thought I would start my own journal here at this forum and update it as much as I want to. I kind of started one earlier, but it involved something else. This is going to be the real deal.

    I have an acne blog and have had it for 5 months now. But, it is not really going anywhere... so, guess what?

    I am going to start a primal blog. That's right. I have been reading this one for the past few months and love it more and more as the days go by. I have 3 domain names in mind and I would like your guys input on them. Feel free to give me more ideas.

    So, you might be asking... why Toad? Well, my first name is Todd. In my childhood my 3 siblings decided to call me Toad. I hated it as a child. But, guess what? I love it now and want to bring it back to life. Also, toads hop around, right? Well with my going fully primal I am sort of hopping back in time... got it? Ok, good. So I want a domain that includes primal and Toad.

    Any more ideas? Do you like any of the above? My favorite is But, if anyone can think of another one let me know!

    The rest of this thread will be my personal journal. So, no worries there. I promise you guys will enjoy reading it I have been primal for a few weeks, but its time I step it up a notch.

    Thanks guys!
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    I am loving the Primal lifestyle more and more as time goes by.

    I enjoy a big ass salad everyday for lunch. It is so simple yet so flavorful and so nutritious! That's a 1-2-3 punch! You can't say that about my used to daily PB & J sandwich! Damn... I use to alternate between that and a turkey and cheese forever!!!!

    I feel incredibly lucky to have found a true lifestyle at age 21!

    I was able to stay under 100 grams of carbs yesterday for possibly the first time in my life! My goal is anywhere between 100-150 so going under 100 was huge.

    This is easier then I thought and a whole lot of fun.

    I am excited to getting into more primal fitness activities, and just living primally
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      Well I am enjoying one hell of a big ass salad so I thought I would share with everyone via my journal...

      -3 hard boiled eggs
      -4 thin slices bacon
      -3 green onions (entire onion)
      -3 Tomatoes (150g)
      -1 Small cucumber (90g)
      -1/2 Head Boston Lettuce (120g)
      -1.5 medium celery stalks (50g)
      -Walnuts (20g)
      -3 Mushrooms (50g)
      -Pepper and Oregano (good amount)
      -Homemade dill vinaigrette dressing (this recipe)

      I also had a spoonful of Carlson's liquid fish oil - orange flavor with 4 fl. oz carrot juice and will be eating 1 block of an 86% cacao bar by Ghiradelli (I found a bar that is 100% pure chocolate!!)

      My big ass salads are better and better as time progresses. I have been taking a picture of everyone so I will have some awesome pics up soon on my blog!
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        mmm Dill vinaigrette! I love BAS somedays I feel like an insane women rummaging through the produce section to find the best most badass veggies to accompany my lettuce. Bacon and walnuts are magnificent. Great job on the progress, getting under 100 carbs is awesome! Cant wait to see the pics too


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          [B]I just had the most AMAZING breakfast this morning. Delicious, healthy, satisfying... and, well, perfect.

          Here are the FitDay stats so all of you can address it to your needs:
          -Cals: 728
          -Fat: 49
          -Carbs: 32
          -Protein: 37

          4 Egg Omelete (organic, free range - egglands best)
          -2 Slices of Bacon
          -3 green onions (2.65 oz)
          -3 mushrooms (1.4 oz)
          -Parmesan Cheese (.2 oz)
          -Spice up with Pepper

          Coconut Parfait
          -Coconut Milk (.5 cup)
          -Mixed Berries - Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries (2 oz)
          -Fuji Apple (2 oz)
          -Sliced Almonds (.35 oz)
          -Fair amount of Cinnamon

          **I made up "Coconut Parfait". I substituted coconut milk for yogurt since I eat dairy free (99% anyways) and, well, coconut is waaaay better! And instead of granola I added some Almonds! The triple berry blend with a little apple is a perfect combination! They were frozen and so I just had to run some water over them.

          The omelet was truly the best one I ever had! It was cooked to perfection and I think the fact that I added bacon to it and cooked it with the bacon fat made it that much more delectable. A little Parmesan adding some flavor and the pepper was great too!

          If any of you try this let me know how you like it!

          I will post pictures of this meal soon
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            Well, I am just now beginning to dive into The Primal Blueprint. I have owned it for 1 month now and it has been sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. I read this blog daily and have been reading at lest 5 articles everyday on a consistent basis.

            But, I realize I have possibly made the biggest mistake of my life! I started reading it last night and could not put it down! I will be diving in quite a bit today and would be surprised if I did NOT finish it by tomorrow.

            The book motivates me to get the word out as much as possible!

            Breakfast today included...

            *3 egg omelet with mushrooms and swiss chard sticks.
            *Coconut Parfait - coconut milk, shredded coconut, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, pine nuts, and cinnamon

            FitDay stats:

            Cals: 723
            Fat: 47
            Carbs: 39
            Protein: 34

            Solid for me... I go for 2000-2500 cals, 100-150 grams of protein a day, 100-150 grams of carbs, and 50-60% of my cals from fat.

            I have tons of awesome pics... I will post them when I feel like it
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              Well, I guess I suck ass at updating my journey through MDA. Oh well, that's what my blog is for

              I can not believe its been over 6 weeks since my last post here though!!!!!

              June 5 marks my 2 month anniversary of being primal. All I can say is this...

              Thank you Mark Sisson and all the wonderful people in the primal community for providing a wealth of information that motivates an individual to make a change and thus go primal even when he is considered "healthy"... CW healthy that is.

              Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
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