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  • quittin' the white stuff

    I'm starting this journal to help with accountability while quitting white sugar and wheat. I've had short bouts in the past where I've done okay but I'm one of those people who can't have just a little and too many times I keep telling myself "I'll start tomorrow" and it never happens. IT IS TIME.
    I'm tired of feeling like crap and I'm tired of getting fatter and fatter.

    I am starting now.

    I'll allow myself fruit and dairy for now. I feel that fruit is not a problem for me because it's not something I've ever had a problem with over eating. Dairy is sort of a crutch but I consume much much less than I used to.
    Also I will move more.
    My diet is currently atrocious. That's why I'm here.
    Shootin' for a minimum 30 day stretch of being sugar free.
    I'm assuming it will be easier to stay away from after that.