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  • Paleoprinciplez 30day challenge

    Hey! This is day 1.

    I am feeling strong and determined to do a 30day challenge. I'd really value the support of people on the forum... so any comments would be gratefully received

    I'm doing the challenge to beat sugar cravings into submissiom. I want to stop eating processed rubbish foods... chocolate biscuits, cake and icecream are my danger foods. Basically I am sick and tired of behaving like an addict when biscuits and cakes are around. See cake.. crave cake... want to eat cake... cave in and eat cake. So, so, so bored of this behaviour.

    I can (mostly!) control my home environment but my working environment is highly toxic. Yesterday I was repeatedly exposed to sugary rubbish, and I find that seeing sugary foods triggers my cravings... very annoying as I was repeatedly exposed all day:
    - arrive at client office... large bowl of jelly babies on reception desk next to sign in book
    - go to waiting area... large bowl of chocolate nuts
    - all day meeting room... biscuits and chocolate on display all day next to teas and coffees
    - outside restrooms/toilets... large bowl of wine gums
    - during the day... cakes and pastries wheeled in for lunch
    - later in the day... mini chocolates and mini cakes

    Finally I cracked in the middle of the day and ate chocolate biscuits and other sugary rubbish. The excuses (and I know they're excuses) I made to myself were... the cups were very small so I couldn't drink enough tea, it was hot in the room and I didn't want to fall asleep (sugary foods and me feel more alert, for a while), oh and that old excuse "just one won't hurt" (except it's never just one, is it? )

    On a positive note things I did well were... I didn't drink any coffee, I reflected on my behaviour afterwards (acknowledged that I am a sugar addict and learnt that a situation I find particularly difficult is being in the same room with sugary foods in full sight all day) and committed to a 30 day challenge with online support from today.

    Anyone got any tips for coping with a toxic sugar environment at work???