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  • Primal Journal - Reporting Live from the Middle East

    Today is my first 100% primal day! I've spent the last week reading all about the Primal Blueprint and weaning myself off my beloved potatoes and bread, and now I'm ready. I made mushroom, pepperoni, and green olive meatza with a sprinkle of mozzarella last night after a 24-hr fast, which was a-ma-zing, despite only being able to finish a quarter of it. All the more for my flatmates and for leftovers!

    Got up this morning at 3 (I sleep polyphasically), had a quick cup of tea (I don't function without it, been addicted since before I was eating solid foods) and jogged barefoot (I've long been the slightly odd one who rarely wears shoes to my friends) to the beach (I live in Tel Aviv). I warmed up and then did 8 all-out sprints, resting for 10 seconds between each and then finishing with the 'indigenous peoples' stretch for a few minutes, enjoying the soft sound of the waves at night.

    Jogged home, spent some time doing planks (and realised just how poor my abs are!) and then did some work for uni until 8, had my first nap of the day and then breakfasted on another quarter of meatza with rocket leaves, more olives, and some tehina. Did more work (writing a thesis, bleurgh...) until 14.30, had another nap, then cooked the liver I bought at the shuk yesterday, with some mushrooms and some more rocket.

    Spent the last few hours catching up on the news, tv shows, MDA, facebook etc., saw everyone's lovely journals and decided it would be a great way to motivate myself. Not that I need much motivation, I love this lifestyle - fat and protein rock! I'll probably fast from now until tomorrow at about 9, although I don't know whether I should be working out again tomorrow or giving my body a rest...

    Background information and goals: I'm a 23 year-old, 6ft tall bloke, weighing in at about 168 lb (don't actually have a scale, that's a bit more than what I weighed last September when I last went home, but I haven't changed all that much). I have never worked out before in my life, having been pretty much capable of eating what I like and staying fairly thin (but hopelessly unfit). But recently I've noticed too much fat on my hips, belly, and (oddly enough) neck. My ultimate goal is to develop a set of abs (well actually, it's to develop all my muscles), but for the short-term I'll settle for appearing (and being!) leaner (yes, I'm doing this purely for self-image reasons ).

    Thanks for getting to the end of this essay! Except for you, you know you skipped down to the end...

    Anyone has any tips, I'd be pleased to hear them. Also, anyone in Tel Aviv give me a shout!

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    Had fried eggs, bacon, sausages and black pudding for breakfast this morning. Was delicious. My vegetarian flatmate however decided he'd take the opportunity to berate me about the dangers of eating meat vis--vis colon cancer blah blah blah. I've always eaten a lot of meat, but he's noticed the increase and thought he'd be a good friend by trying to 'warn' me.

    I just let him talk. There's no point in trying to get him to see sense - he's the kind of veggie that wears t-shirts with cute little piggies saying 'Don't eat me' (which just makes me hungrier...), and I know he would just deride any scientific material I gave him as bullshit. It is a bit aggravating though, being told you're going to get cancer repeatedly. *sigh*



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      I've been a bad Grok the past few days, and all because I don't want the drama of telling people I'm eating primal.

      Yesterday I finished a 24hr IF at lunchtime, when my flatmates and I were at the shuk. They decided it was a good time for hummus - I didn't agree but I went along with it anyway. Ended up having hummus, tehina and an egg, and stopped myself from using more than half a pita to mop it up. Even then I got weird comments about my waste of bread.

      Then this morning we went out for breakfast. I got a shakshuka - basically tomatoes, eggs, peppers, ground beef and chili all cooked together. The only problem was that it came with the most exquisite Moroccan bread, that a) I couldn't help devouring, and b) would have prompted serious interrogation if I had left it.

      I now feel horribly full, which I suppose I deserve. I need to get back on the wagon!


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        Oh boy, friends can be a very interesting source of madness! I'm sure your primal commitment will show up in the form of results-and they will have little to say!
        Regardless, I must say that your falling off the wagon experience, doesn't look like you fell off at all-maybe stuck your foot off the side, if anything. Don't put your self worth into food-there is not such thing as deserving pain!
        I love your blog-you have a great sense of humor and I love your location-you eat some awesome foods!
        Kepp writing!