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Baking a Primal Baby (Kay's Journal)

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  • Baking a Primal Baby (Kay's Journal)

    So I finally decided to stop being lazy and start a journal, mainly because I want to keep track of my lifestyle during my first pregnancy.

    I'm in my 16th week right now and belly is starting to show \(^_^)/. I can't wait till I look properly pregnant and not like someone who had too large a meal.

    To be honest, my first 3 months were far from perfect. I still feel guilty about downing half a bottle of (really good) Italian wine at a friend's birthday two weeks into the pregnancy. My only excuse is I did not imagine I would be pregnant.

    There's also been bread, rice and quinoa here and there but I've tried through out to have a proper breakfast: eggs, bacon and ayran (yogurt drink) + fish oil + 5000 IU Vit. D
    Lunch at work is usually: mozerella/feta + ham/some sort of cold meat, or an avocado instead of the meat/cheese + an occasional piece of fruit. Also the "crappy" stuff I ate were generally of a good quality to avoid frankenfoods.

    Last week I was in south France to visit M (that's the one responsible for the baby ) and aaaah the food is so good there. So I splurged on sea-food, fruit, cheese and regional butters but also on fresh baguettes, croissants and home-made ice cream. I was dying to order a steak tartar (complete with a raw egg yolk) but thought perhaps not. I did have some sushi M made though. I figured we bought the fish and cleaned it ourselves, ah well. Besides I already have had that toxoplasmosis bacteria in the past so that's not an issue anymore. I'm really going to miss the free lodging in Antibes when he moves back to Germany

    Yesterday breakfast was 4 small sausage links and Hallomi cheese fried in coconut oil, ayran.
    Lunch was feta salad with cucumbers plus a lot of yummy pistachios (these things are addictive). Dinner our boss invited us to an Italian resturant, the food was great (calf cutlets served with roasted potatoes, aubergine side with pine seeds and an artichoke salad). I did have a piece of bread but it was a freshly baked, hot-from-the-oven flat Italian bread topped with a tomatoe-olive oil-garlic spread. OH MY GOD. Worth it.

    Exercise-wise, I've been doing the Perfect Pregnancy Workout twice a week. That workout is awesome, that's all I'm going to say. Plus I do a lot of walking and carrying (part of not owning a car, living on the 4th floor with no elevator), I'd say at least 40 minutes per day. Perhaps I'll add swimming on the weekend.
    I've also started dry brushing in addition to using oil against stretch marks. Hope it works!

    The only thing that is driving me insane is the frequent trips to the bathroom. I thought it'll ease up at some point but ah well. 4 months in I've gain around 5 pounds, but it seems most of it is boobs and belly because I notice no difference in my legs, back, arms...

    Main thing I want to do this week is copy FNW's idea of taking a weekly photo + a summary for my family.

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    I know everyone's different but the frequent peeing let up for me for a while in the middle. I can't remember exactly when, but I had it at the beginning and am just getting it back in my last month.

    Congrats! I wish I could visit France. Ahhhh....


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      Congratulations! I'll be following your journal as I'm very curious about pregnancy while semi-primal.

      Let go of the half-a-bottle-of-wine-guilt - our mothers (mine anyway) were far from saints and we (most of us?) turned out just fine. Stress is probably the greatest danger during pregnancy, if a glass of wine or good quality sushi alleviates your stress, I say go for it.


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        I'm so happy you started this journal Kay. You know how I've been, I have been FAR from perfect, but looks like you are doing the right things. I too have the same problem of having to make frequent trips to the bathroom. Surprisingly, it's not too bad when I'm at work, but it's mostly at nights or when we driving or in a place where there are no bathrooms nearby!!! Will you be posting the pregnancy pictures here? I'd love to see them.

        I've heard about Ayran but never tried it. Is it like diluted yoghurt (Indian buttermilk)? Must be a very refreshing drink.

        What is dry brushing? I'm getting stretch marks in my arms (and have them on my tummy, but that's from long ago) and I don't want it to darken any more and look very conspicuous.
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          Thanks everyone for the sweet words!

          slesca, you know the states are way more exciting for me than France. Right now I'd much rather visit my brother in Arizona, it's such a beautiful state! I was like a giddy child when he took us horseback riding in the dessert even though they gave me a half-way comatose horse given my experience level (zero) . But that's the way it is, we always want what's far from reach.

          And yes the whole peeing thing is easing up, now am down to two trips to the bathroom during the night instead of 4 or 5 (o_O). Yay?

          @maba, ayran is basically a drink made of half-water, half yogurt and a dash of salt. I LOVE it, it's so refreshing and easy on my stomach. I could never drink cold milk straight, it made me nauseous.

          I could post pics here, did not think about it. Maybe I will but then you'll have to too I was thinking of making a small weekly diary like FNW.

          Dry-brushing is well, brushing dry skin with a brush. The Internet-legend is that it helps reduce cellulite (by stimulating the lymph system) and stretch marks by ex-foliation. I don't know if I believe because most of the evidence is random reports but I figured it can't hurt to try it. That's how I started on the whole real-food diet thing almost 8 years ago (simply because a woman on a forum said it worked for her acne). In any case it feels really nice. I'm being very vain these days and I'm scared that the cellulite will get worse from the pregnancy, it's not bad really, I still wear short stuff but I don't want to get worse. So am doing a lot of squats and leg exercises, started the dry brushing and oiling my skin every night.
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            Yesterday was a good day. I had again sausage links, fried Hallomi and ayran for breakfast. Lunch was a few cold meat cuts, mozzarella and a small cucumber salad. I also had pistachios again during the day. A colleague of ours comes from Iran and man they have the best pistachios ever. He brings some with him every once in a while and then we're all sitting with piles of shells on our desks.
            Dinner was liver fried with onions and a small salad. It was a bit little and I was still hungry but too tired to figure out what to eat next so i just went to bed a bit hungry and had a big breakfast this morning.

            My stomach seems to have popped out all of a sudden over the last week. The uterus seems to have moved up because I can get into my pre-pregnancy jeans (can't button it, I just put a rubber band to hold the button and hole together ). Before even that was very uncomfortable.

            Yesterday I went to the first hospital birthing tour (rough translation). I'm planning to check out two hospitals and a birthing house. I felt depressed after the tour, I'm not sure why. They were quite friendly and helpful, and seemed to really care about what our wishes would be. I imagined the birthing room would be bigger, still it was nicely lit but it really still looked like a hospital bed what with all the contraptions, screens and equipment. The whole place looked like a hospital (duh it is one, I know) and in my head hospitals = bad things happen I'll have to get over that because I might just have to give birth there and it will not accomplish anything if I start out with a negative attitude. Right now I have my fingers crossed that the birthing house will work out. I spoke to some of the other expecting couples and one of the men got on my nerves because when I mentioned that I'm checking the birth house, he mentioned 2 or 3 times "what if something happens?". I wanted to say it's not a cave in the woods you know but I settled for "it's only for low risk pregnancies and they usually know enough in advance to go to the hospital in case of a complication.

            In other news, I'm loving the FreeRangeKids blog. That woman speaks to me. I'm always exhausted for the parents who hover over the kids and won't let them get more than a meter away. I also had protective parents (not too much though) but I had to pick fights to be allowed to walk to friends' places on my own. My Dad even admits that he was too protective with me but loosened up with my younger siblings


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              Yeah, hospitals are so hospital-y. I know everyone feels differently about this, but I really did not notice much by the time I was fully in the throes of labor. I could have birthed in an elementary school and not cared. I know plenty of other people disagree with me, though, and find that the ambiance is really important, but I was so focused inward by the time I arrived, I couldn't tell you a single thing about the room I birthed in. So, if you aren't too happy about the labor room, I'd suggest staying home until things are really moving. That might reduce the chances that you'll care. Worked for me.


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                Thanks Kay! I'll look for a dry brush tonight at the health-food co-op. They usually carry such stuff. I don't want the stretch marks to become worse than they already are. Looks like ayran is same as Indian lassi. I agree, I prefer yoghurt to milk. I'm forcing myslef to drink milk these days. I wish I could post my pics but all the ones I've taken thus far haven't turned out well. If they turn out well, will post them.

                Hospitals depress me too. You know, I get the same kind of reaction when I mention I'm seeing a midwife. People go, why don't you go with someone who is trained? But he IS trained to deliver.

                My parents were over-protective of me because I was the younger of the two. They weren't so with my older sis. And that protectiveness rears its head even now!! I definitely don't want to be over-protective with my kids.


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                  slesca that's my plan, I'm visiting the places early on to decide the "where" part, then I can look for a midwife who can stay at home with me once things get going and monitor the contractions. Midwives here are associated with a particular hospital, they can't go with you to a different one. I'm very affected by my surroundings and I know I'll want to be mostly alone and undisturbed.

                  maba lassi is AWESOME but I think you mix fruit and sugar in it, or?. Mango lassi is soooo good. I also mentioned the birth house to a couple of my colleagues yesterday, they're nice and polite but you could see the "fear-based view of birth" rearing its ugly head: what if something happens to the baby, what if there is a complication, there will be no doctor! I tried to explain to them that the midwife is not going to sit in a corner and watch until the moment of birth comes, that they'll be able to tell beforehand if things are not going as planned and call a doctor, transfer to a hospital. They nodded, I think out of politeness though.


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                    Searching the archives yesterday, I found this post yesterday over at the FreeRangeKids blog about pregnancy perfection and man did it hit home, particularly the comments, I saw myself over the last three months in there.

                    The second trimester is great, I feel happy, energetic and a lot more relaxed. Right now I just miss M a lot and wish he was here

                    Yesterday my friends took me to a birthday dinner at a French restaurant. My birthday was actually over a month ago but this restaurant was part of the gift. Unfortunately it was fully booked and the first opening was yesterday. Once I ate there I understood why their next free table is after May 22 (o_O). The food was AMAZING and actually mostly primal. It was a great evening over all, 4 courses spread over 4 hours of lounging around the table and chatting, a very classic French way of eating. Some times it's fun taking a lot of time to eat but sometimes in France they would get on my nerves with the slow service, because 2 to 3 hours is not always an option.

                    Anyway the first served really tiny quiche made with salmon pieces and an asparagus sauce. After that I had an asparagus and duck "confit" salad, drizzled with a butter sauce. The main dish was a lamb stew with roasted spring potatoes, it drives me crazy how the meat comes out so soft it almost melts in your mouth. I have a hard time achieving that at home. Then came the dessert, oh my god!! I was planning to get the cheese plate but then the waiter mentioned goat cheese serves with honey and a green tomato compote, I had to have that. Which was very delicious and a great idea to serve a more primal-ish dessert (honey and compote were both barely a teaspoon). I also had a tiny glass of wine, I felt guilty about that

                    It was all small decadent portions and I should've stopped at that. BUT a couple of my friends ordered the chocolate cake for dessert and I had to have a bite. Unbelievable. Another friend tried it and he immediately ordered another piece for him and me to share. I am not exaggerating when I say it is the absolute best chocolate cake I ever had. Barely sweet, very chocolate-y warm and butter-y. It was so good we were making all sorts of mmmm sounds and faces. Turns out it's 70% chocolate, flour and eggs. Worth every bite. Hmmm I just realized I went on and on for 3 paragraphs about one dinner

                    Breakfast today was yogurt, a banana and more pistachios. Did not have time to make the regular breakfast, work up so late because of dinner last night. I'll probably have a tuna salad for lunch.


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                      The lassi we make at home is like ayran - yoghurt, water and salt and sometimes ginger and cilantro. You find the fruity ones mostly in restaurants.

                      Your dinner sounds amazing! If it's stuff like that, that's well made using quality ingredients, I don't mind at all indulging in desserts but it's stuff like the grocery store cakes with atleast 40 ingredients that we seem to get at work all the time that I stay away from. The French really know how to enjoy their food.

                      That was a good article. I liked the comment where she says people think an occasional wine is not ok but they don't think twice about eating from McDonald's and Burger King.


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                        So after more or less a good week, situation deteriorated at the weekend Friday evening I wanted to eat fish, but due to some family stuff that upset me (nothing seriously bad), I felt very emotional and worked up, ended up finishing the Haagen Daz in my fridge for dinner.

                        Saturday was good with a breakfast of eggs, ham and yogurt and strawberries... It's overflowing with strawberries here right now and it's hard to resist picking up a few every time I'm shopping. Spent Saturday mostly in the park basking in the sun with a few friends (while it's there) and grilling. Lots of meat, salad, some fruit, and a few bits of crusty bread. It was really a good day except for a run in with some annoying vegetarian, my first one ever.

                        The moment we sat in the park, this guy comes to say that we're not allowed to grill here and we have to go else where. Now every one grills there and it's sort of an unspoken agreement that if you keep the place clean then it's no problem. Three years and no one from the "order police" (don't know how to translate that one) ever showed up. My friends did not say anything so I asked him "are you from the police?" and he was like no. So I told him to go. He didn't and started going on and on. Annoyed I told him I'm pregnant and don't want to carry all of the stuff up hill to the grill place. That's when he pissed me off, the guy says to me "well then you should not be eating meat but that's another topic altogether". The nerve of that man. I was so angry. I just shouted at him "What did you say to me? Get the hell out of here and call the order police if you want". Either he chickened out or did they just blew him off (I think it was the latter) because no one showed up and we had an awesome day. I even made a point of walking around barefoot, with my small pregnancy belly sticking out, attacking a pair of grilled lamb chops. Felt very primal


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                          Sunday was just horrible. I started out good with a few left over lambchops and grilled hallomi for breakfast but then it all went down hill. First I had two apples (not so bad), then I ate a small box of chocolates and felt horrible. I have no idea why I did that, I wasn't even craving them that much. I just don't do well sitting alone at home for more than a few hours, it's bad I know and I don't how I'll deal being a little baby for months on my own a lot

                          I then went to meet a colleague of mine and his wife (for tips on the hospitals, midwives, kids...) and decided to walk instead of taking the bus. The weather was awesome and 25 minutes of walking in the sun did me good. We all went to the park to enjoy the sun while it lasts. Unfortunately, they had baked a cake and I found too hard/impolite to refuse. At least it was organic made with real butter and eggs.

                          I just love this couple as parents (minus giving them bread snacks and putting on sunscreen at 4 in the afternoon :/ ). They've very easy going and relaxed, and one can see that reflected in the kids. They rarely cry or fuss, but at the same time seem outgoing interact easily with adults. They let their 3yo daughter walk by herself on the pavement) without hovering all over her. She just followed us without ever going too close to the cars and once we were in the park just ran ahead. I just see too many parents fighting with their toddlers/little children about holding their hands on the street and the kids end up screaming their heads off. Mom was breastfeeding 10 month old baby in the park, he just crawled for a "drink" every once in a while and they were so casual yet discreet about it, one barely noticed. My colleague was really primal and rough in his play with his little daughter. He'd hold her by the hands or legs or one of each and then turn in fast circles with her dangling their in mid air giggling screaming. I was a bit worried about it being too much for her. Ended up with him flat out exhausted and she's crying "I want more". She really loved it. Maybe kids are not so fragile as we think.

                          My diet disaster did not stop their I then met a friend to watch The Blind Side (I loved that movie, poor Sanda did not get to enjoy her oscar). Had an icecream cone before the movie and a bag of popcorn. That was way too much crap for one day!

                          Anyway today I'm back on track with a regular breakfast (eggs + bacon) plus a feta salad for lunch. Chops are on the menu for dinner. I'll also be visiting another hospital today. Thursday I'll go to the birthing center, then I do have to make a decision and find a midwife.


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                            This hospital tour was much nicer than the first one. So for now I'm at least decided on which hospital, and the birth center is in any case associated with this one. A midwife gave us an hour long presentation about everything the one can think of and showed us the birthing rooms. We have the option to take a bath if one wishes. My favorite is the so called "family room", for 45€ extra a night (this is not paid by insurance), we get a room for ourselves. I really like the idea and thinking seriously of dishing out the extra money to have a family room for M and I (and the baby of course). The only thing is they have a limited number and so one can not really reserve it.

                            I'm actually having second thoughts about the birth center, not because of fear or anything like that, it's just I like the idea of being taken care of for 3 or 4 days after the birth. I'll be able to focus on the baby and myself. Food (probably not very primal but at least it's in buffet from so I can pick and choose what I want) is also taken care of. I find the idea more relaxing that going directly going home.

                            Anyway nutrition wise I did good so far (more or less): Monday I had 2 pieces of calf chops plus a few fried potatoes (in ghee). I did not have any time for breakfast on Tuesday so ended up having two squares of dark chocolate (85%). Lunch was a salad with cucumber, tomatoes and sausage. Then I had the last two 2 squares of dark chocolate again. Dinner was fish baked with mushroom sauce but it's a frozen ready-made thing. It's my goto dish when I can't be bothered to cook but it's not bad really, it's fish fillet and the ingredients are all good except for a suspicious "plant oil" at the end of the list. I was still hungry after that so had some cheese.

                            I also did the Perfect Pregnancy Workout DVD. I'm quite pleased with myself about that really, it's been more than a month that I'm doing this workout twice weekly. I'm finally advancing to the "intermediate" and "advanced" moves in some of the exercises and I can see a lot more definition in my legs and my stomach. I had good stomach definition pre pregnancy but it started to disappear slowly, now I see the muscles on the side and top. Bottom is all stretch out. I want to pick up heavier weights too to use. Many thanks to the person that recommended it here somewhere on the forum.

                            So that DVD twice a week plus all the walking, stairs and grocery carrying I do, I feel quite good. Although the last week or so I've been getting the urge to go one walks even more. Getting a bit restless during the day sitting at the office o_O.

                            Speaking of stairs, my friends are wondering how I will manage with the baby living on the 4th floor (we don't have an elevator). They always arrive to my door huffing and puffing . Part of me wants to stay in that place because I will be forced to walk with the baby. I live in the city center, the place is surprisingly quite and I just walk everywhere. A large park is 5 minutes away. I'm not too keen to move.


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                              One more thing to add, I think I'm feeling the baby, actually I'm 99% sure. Starting around 15 or 16 weeks, I'd feel weird rumblings below my belly button, not the usual sort of rumblings, but I was not sure. But last week and this one, when I lay still at night and put my hands on my belly, I feel very tiny moves , a couple of times there was even what felt like a kick \(^_^)/. I found myself thinking "please baby, kick me as much as you want" LOL. They're more pronounced at night after I ate, I think having a full belly squeezes things more and creates less room? It's just can't all be digestion sounds, I'm sure.