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    Posting a day late -- it's been busy recently! Yesterday, weigh day, I was at 159.8. *happy dance* That's in the 150s!!!!!!!!1!!!!zomg!!!!

    And this morning I was at 159.1: that's 31.4 pounds off total. Not that I expect a continual downward trend: there are up days and down days. But as long as the trend is in a good place, I'm happy.

    Since losing OVER 30 POUNDS, I've noticed it's much easier for me to be in my body and to do things. I can squat more easily, sit down, look down over my whole body and twist around to see the backs of my legs. Those are things I could not do easily before. When I climb stairs or ladders or hills, I can tell there's less to heft, so it's easier to get it done, which makes me want to keep climbing / running / jumping / whatevering.

    Yesterday I took my husband and kids to Stone Gardens for a one-hour session to learn the basics. I scaled the whole wall, even though I was terrified! And I was thinking, as I went up, that it would have been a whole lot harder back when I was 30+ pounds heavier.

    I've been eating liver once a week to get those B vitamins. Got more grass-fed meat, and wish the butcher shop were closer so I could shop there more often. I'm eating an average of 60-65 grams of carbs per day, almost all from nonstarchy vegetables and the occasional fruit. Every so often I'll have rice or sweet potato. There are occasional splurges here and there -- I'm not 100% -- like yesterday when I ate a delicious piece of real, fresh fish that had been breaded (no doubt with wheat) and fried (no doubt in industrial vegetable oil) -- I figured the breading and oil were part of my 20%. But I just had one piece, and no fries (and didn't feel at all deprived -- in fact, I felt happy to be able to enjoy the piece of fish). So this is a total lifestyle change from before, when I ate anything that wasn't nailed down and prided myself on it.

    This weekend I'm catering a large tea party for 30 to 40 people. I chose a menu that was as Primal-friendly as possible: the entire thing is gluten-free, and most of the calories are coming from good fats. I'm happy and excited that I get to share this philosophy of eating with others!

    Last night I actually DREAMED I was explaining Primal / Paleo to a bunch of my friends, and they were asking me questions like, "But what on earth *do* you eat!?" I told them all about the great foods I get to eat, and they were nodding and smiling and really listening to me, instead of just waiting for me to pause so they could say, "Well, *I* could never give up bread," or whatever.


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      Hey there!
      I just signed up yesterday and just started Paleo three days ago. I started at 160lbs (I'm a 5'6" female) and today I'm at 156.6lbs. I love your journal so far. Very inspiring, so thank you!


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        Hi Whimsical Lunacy! Thanks for the kind words! I hope you have a journal too, so I can check out your progress!

        Weigh day! This morning I was at 159.3.

        I'm feeling happy and healthy and strong. I've slacked off a little bit on my tracking of everything I eat -- despite loving PaleoTrack, I feel that I have a pretty good sense now of how much I'm eating in carbs vs. fat vs. protein, and that I can let my appetite govern my food intake instead of needing to chart everything out. I do enjoy running the reports that the paid version of PaleoTrack allows me to run, so I have to figure out if running the reports is worth the hassle of inputting the data.

        I've noticed hair falling out more than it used to, and I'm thinking that might be a side effect of low-carbing. Perhaps there's less carbohydrate in my body to hold my hair in place? Or perhaps it's because I've let my hair get really long -- the longest it's been in my adult life -- and so I notice it more when it falls out now? Or maybe my body is telling me I shouldn't wash vigorously with industrial shampoo every single day -- maybe I should switch to something less invasive, like washing it every other day with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, or brushing in dry shampoo? Not sure.

        Overall, my hair looks healthy and full: I'm not losing it in any sort of quantity that would be noticeable. It's something I have my eye on, though, since hair loss is not something I want to encourage!

        I think once I'm at my goal weight I'll switch to a maintenance diet of 100-150 grams of carbs per day instead of my current regimen of about 40-65 grams of carbs per day. That will feel positively luxurious. In fact I'm not sure how I will manage to eat that much in carbs, now that I'm used to dipping in and out of ketosis on a semi-regular basis.


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          Wow, WHAT a crazy week I've had. I can definitely state that I have not been 100% Primal in the past week or so. Perhaps that explains why, when I weighed myself a day late on Wednesday morning, I was still at 159.3, exactly the same as the previous week. And this morning I was up at 161.0.

          However, a few pounds here and there is normal over the course of the week, so I'm not sweating it. Staying "stuck" at about the same weight for 2 weeks, then dropping down and staying there for the next 2 weeks, has been my body's pattern this whole time! That may also have something to do with my monthly cycle: it seems I stay the same or pudge up slightly right before my period starts, which makes sense.

          Here is my cumulative weight loss so far:

          Week 1: 0
          Week 2: 3
          Week 3: 6.1999
          Week 4: 10.2
          Week 5: 10.8
          Week 6: 14.2
          Week 7: 14.9
          Week 8: 17.9
          Week 9: 17.5
          Week 10: 19.8
          Week 11: 19.6
          Week 12: 23.2
          Week 13: 24.6
          Week 14: 26.1
          Week 15: 27
          Week 16: 26.6
          Week 17: 28.9
          Week 18: 30.1
          Week 19: 30.7
          Week 20: 31.2
          Week 21: 31.2

          Losing 31.2 pounds is NOT NUTHIN, y'all. It's SOMETHING.

          This past week, although I've almost entirely avoided grains and sugars, I've slacked off on entering my foods on PaleoTrack, taking my supplements, and ensuring I at least *try* to balance all the sodium with great amounts of potassium. And I can feel in my body that I've been slacking.

          Time to get back on track. Last night I took my fish oil and Vitamin D supplements and ate a tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, along with a delicious homemade coconut oil / nut / chocolate chip / espresso powder bar, some roasted cauliflower, and some homemade Kombucha.

          This morning I had plain coffee, an avocado, and some macadamia nuts for breakfast. Lunch will be homemade red pork curry with sour cream. Dinner will be cucumber and seaweed salad, and scrambled eggs with all-natural chorizo.

          I've had occasion recently to be extra-glad that I now Look Good Naked (LGN) (TM). While I looked pretty great before, it's even greater that now there's a bit less of me. ;-) About 16% less, in fact!


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            Another nutso week, but I hope things are settling down for me at least somewhat. This week I was up a pound, at 160.3.

            Here are reasons I may have gained back a pound...

            * bought a bag of steak jerky that looked good but turned out to be marinated with brown sugar... maybe a bit too carby
            * didn't do Salad in a Jar
            * added chocolate chips to my coconut-nut bars instead of having them be sugar-free
            * ate a lot of berries
            * didn't do a good job planning my meals
            * kept forgetting to take my fish oil and VitD supplements -- only took them 1 or 2 days
            * not enough sleep.

            Wow, as I review, I see that I need a tuneup.

            Yesterday morning, to try to get back on track, I added a big dollop of MCT oil to my office coffee, but without the Kerrygold butter that I usually add to Bulletproof coffee. Beginning last night and through this morning so far I've had an aching intestine and some "unusual" productions, and I can't think what else could have caused it besides the MCT oil. Which was probably too much for my system all at once, without the butter to moderate its effects.

            At this point I think my body is done expelling it (I hope... the bathroom is a bit too far away...), and I feel I've learned my lesson about adding too much of that stuff to my coffee all at once. It still seems odd that it took a whole day to affect me, if that was really it. Maybe I should blame the dollop of rosewater I put in my club soda last night? But I don't see "rosewater" linked to diarrhea anywhere online, whereas the actual MCT oil bottle warns that it can cause diarrhea if one isn't used to it yet. D'oh!

            Since I've been off Paleotrack for at least 2 weeks, I feel I may not be eating enough. I'm picking it back up today so I can get another look at how I'm doing.

            On the bright side, my old "skinny jeans" are now too big for me, and I acquired new "skinny jeans" that I can now fit into comfortably... although when I first acquired them I couldn't even pull them up over my hips, much less zip them. Wow! Thirty pounds lost makes a HUGE difference.

            I still have a belly. I wonder if that's the last thing to go? But I can also feel more of my ab muscles under there.

            When I sit down and my knees touch, there is DAYLIGHT between my thighs (at least, when I sit a certain way...). Daylight? Between MY thighs, when MY knees are touching?!?! Whut.

            My lips are no longer chapped. I used to get ingrown hairs all the time; those are pretty much gone. (!!!) I sleep really well. I have lots of energy. I almost never have digestion issues anymore (this morning's problems notwithstanding). Heartburn is a thing of the past, and I used to blame heartburn on too much fats, whereas now I can look back and see it was probably the gluten and sugar. I threw out my old Tums because I didn't need them anymore.

            My teeth and gums are much healthier since I gave up grains and sugars -- I can't wait for my next dentist appointment, because I think they'll be pleasantly surprised at how I've reversed my chronic gingivitis and borderline constant need for yet another "deep clean"!

            I'm happy almost all the time! I've had the energy to take night classes and learn something new. I feel my life is on the right track. I experimented with some recipes from the "Primal Cravings" book, including the thick'n'chewy chocolate chip cookies and the pizza crust (!), with great results. Yay!

            I spent a little while researching yoga and Crossfit places to see what I can come up with that's convenient to my commute, schedule, AND budget. That's a hard thing to find! Crossfit looks great (although scary...), but it's out of my budget right now.

            I'm not ready to move on it yet, but I think that when my schedule changes in the autumn, adding structured class exercise will be the thing that takes me to the next level. In the meantime I'm quite pleased with myself for having lost 30 pounds JUST through diet changes. I tell anyone who will listen, and I forward along success stories from this site.

            My kids get it. The other day they were pointing out an older version of the USDA Food Pyramid that had grains and wheat as the foundation, and fats up at the tippy-top of the pyramid with the note, "Use Sparingly."

            "Mom, this pyramid has those two things backwards!" I told them that I fully expect that in their lifetimes, the conventional wisdom will finally come around to recognizing that good fats are a healthy and clean-burning fuel for humans, whereas grains are low-grade poisons. Who knows -- maybe it'll even happen! ;-)


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              Weigh day! This morning I was at 158.4. Wheee!

              The weight loss has been much slower this quarter than the first quarter of my effort. It seems my body naturally wants to hover around 160 pounds. That's not so bad! Still, I know there's a lot more I could be doing.

              I've had an umbilical hernia ever since my second pregnancy. It's never really bothered me; I've always just pushed it back in whenever it started to feel weird. In the past few weeks, it's been bothering me more. I wonder if losing all this weight has shifted the ecosystem, so to speak, and so there's less fat on my stomach to hold it in? Hmmm. Anyway, it's not painful or weird, but it's something to keep an eye on. I might have to get some mesh put into place soon. Maybe I can get down to my goal weight beforehand, because I'd hate for them to put mesh in place and then have further weight loss mess up the placement!

              And I could type more, but I'm out of time. Later!


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                Has it really been 3 weeks since I posted? Guess so! I've been busy!

                This morning I was down at 157.1. Yayyyyy! That's a total of 33.4 pounds lost from my starting point of 190.5.

                I realized that this is the last week of the "second quarter" of my primal life... that is, as of next Tuesday, I will have been primal for 6 whole months.

                It's been a WONDERFUL 6 months. The creakiness / aches I used to have upon waking up, that needed to be "walked out" or massaged out for a few minutes here and there, are gone. I sleep extremely well and wake up without the alarm.

                Once I hit the 35-pounds-lost mark, I'll post another update on Facebook. I've been trying not to spam all my friends with my endless posts about Primal / paleo... I know that most people just don't want to hear it, even though I want to tell everyone. :-/

                My energy levels are stable and on the high side. I don't need to eat all the time anymore: just some high-quality fat and protein and I can power through my day.

                I'm still allowing myself full-fat dairy, coffee, and intermittent primal / paleo treats that are carbier than I should be eating every single day. I'm excited about cooking and eating.

                I've stopped tracking my intake on because it was taking too much time to figure out how to enter the weird foods I was eating. Plus, my intake was so consistent (without even really trying) that I really think my body "knows" how much of what to eat in order to hit the basic targets I am going for (15% carbs, 65% fat, 20% protein, give or take a bit here and there, and averaging out over time).

                I'm taking fish oil and Vitamin D supplements whenever I remember. I eat Kerrygold butter or coconut oil as a snack. I practice intermittent fasting and give blood regularly, which I think is a beneficial stress on the body.

                I wish I had more time to make large, elaborate salads, experiment with PrimalGirl's magic dough (although it's not at all low-carb), practice barefoot walking, take naps, and write creatively.

                Since my 6-month anniversary of starting Primal is next week, I'll make an appointment with my doctor to have my cholesterol, etc. checked. Perhaps seeing those numbers will be the proof that my loved ones need to finally accept that eating high-fat is a GOOD thing!

                Although I know I'm not doing 100% of all the things I could be, I definitely feel that I'm on the right path and living the life I want.
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                  I haven't posted for about a year. Wow! Life has a way of getting away from me.

                  For a long time, I felt I was pretty dialed-in on the diet front. So it seemed boring to come back every week and post something like, "Yep, still feeling fantastic, still maintaining my new weight, still having more energy!" It felt like bragging, and it was just wasting time that I could have been spending doing other stuff!

                  Well, in the past month or two, my weight has started to creep back up. Eek! It's not drastic, but I'm back in the 160s, and not too happy about it. I've been 161 for a week or so, and it is harshing my vibe.

                  In addition, I went to the doctor to get my cholesterol checked (finally), and the numbers were high. I expected them to be high, but these were higher than I felt comfortable with -- high enough that if I were seeing a traditional doctor, s/he would want to slap some statins on me right away. That doesn't feel good.

                  So it's back to paying more attention to what I'm doing.

                  Here are my current weak areas:

                  * Not sleeping enough
                  * Not exercising enough
                  * Feeling that just because I've cut out all grains, legumes, unhealthy oils, and limited my intake of nuts and fruits, I can eat AS MUCH of the rest of stuff as I want to... including a plethora of cured, salty meats, salty fatty creamy cheeses, and a bunch of other highly delectable foods. ;-) Maybe SOME MORE VEGETABLES would be good. :P
                  * Also I need to up the seaweed and seafood!

                  On the other hand, here are my current strengths!

                  * Keeping Paleo (along with high-fat dairy) 95%+ of the time with ease
                  * Supplementing with Vitamin D, cod liver oil, a second fish oil supplement, and niacin (to help "flush" out the cholesterol particles through vascular dilation)
                  * Having effortlessly maintained a 30-pound weight loss for over a year!
                  * Eating liver, omega-3 eggs, & wild-caught smoked salmon on a regular basis!

                  ACTIVITY LEVEL TODAY
                  Today (2014-07-18) I went for a brisk walk outside in the sunshine. I just mapped it out, and it looks like about 1.5 miles, some of which was up a pretty steep incline. I wasn't really out of breath at all. Plus, I found a cool Polish deli that has smoked fish!

                  FOOD TODAY
                  Breakfast: Coffee, 1.5 cups plain full-fat Greek yogurt, 4 T. fig jam
                  Snack: 1/3 cup of mixed unsalted nuts (cashews, pistachios, almonds, pecans)
                  Lunch: Big salad of romaine lettuce, oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes from a jar, four beef / veal / onion meatballs, and a drizzling of MCT oil
                  Afternoon snack: Lemon-ginger tea
                  Dinner: Turkey lunchmeat, salami, cheese, lettuce, potato salad with bacon (white potatoes, bacon, mayonnaise, pickles)
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