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    So I've been hiding around the fringes for a little while now. I want to drop a few kilos in weight and lose the belly fat and muffin roll over the top of my jeans, as I am a classic barrel shape. At age 47, these things are harder to do. As winter starts to kick in, it will be even harder still, so I'm fairly committed to making some changes. I have bought the book!

    I have given up bread and rice as my starting point. Around the same time as I started reading Marks blog, I also started an exercise program with a trainer twice a week, which is outside (rain, hail or shine) early in the morning with a group of people and gets mixed up with strength training (lifting sandbags), cardio, etc. My body is learning to like (hmmm i use that term loosely) exercise. I've been trying to eat primally since about 1 April. We're lucky in NZ in that we have fantastic grass fed beef and a great selection of vegetables. I'm not too concerned about organic at this point in time just because we do have fantastic food here.

    I have a weakness for a glass of nice sauvignon blanc. This I am not prepared to give up (just yet, although I know i would probably shake the belly fat a lot quicker). Its an enjoyable end to my day when I get home. I get the most terrible hankering for something sugary after lunch and now that I am eating better, I know it is not the carbs and insulin spikes driving this, it is a totally psychological thing... I never crave sweets during weekends, only when I am at work. Doing reasonably well in this area at ignoring the pangs.

    Food diary for the last few days:

    B: Bacon and eggs, cup of tea with 1 tspn sugar ( 2 teas are a regular morning thing and I usually have a few more throughout the day)
    L: Chicken salad
    S: small sweet milk chocolate bar (in my defense, I had a really bad sleep and was tired and needed a pick-me-up)
    D: Steak with red wine and mushroom sauce and garlic roasted brocoli, cauliflower and baby carrots, 1 small glass red wine

    B: Omelette with chicken,cheese and mushrooms, bacon on the side, 2 tea
    L: Pumpkin and coconut chilli soup
    D: No dinner per se as we had a meeting to attend so I ate a few potato chips and some cheese on crackers (duh forgot about the no grains for a moment) and had 3 glasses of white wine.

    Wednesday (today)
    B: Omelette again, no bacon
    S: Small protein shake with milk (big workout this morning, muscles sore so felt I might need an extra bit of protein)
    L: Pumpkin and Chicken curry on cauliflower rice
    D: unknown at this stage, but I imagine it will be a chicken stir fry.... with wine :-)

    Feeling pretty good, and my stomach feels flatter (still looks podgy though). I wouldnt say I have heaps more energy or anything and I always had pretty clear skin so it will be interesting to read this as I go along and see what I think has changed.

    So questions: am I having too much protein?. anything you think I am doing wrong. Workout days are Wednesday and Friday by the way.

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    B: Whey protein shake with half milk, half coconut milk (I did this because I wasnt sure if I would like the coconut milk in a drink... not bad)
    L: Leftover pumpkin and chicken curry and left over pumpkin and coconut soup, not much of either really
    D: Chicken Satay stirfry, (heaps of veg and chicken, a few noodles which I tried to avoid) 2 white wine, chocolate biscuit after dinner (bad girl)

    Friday (today)
    Huge hard workout this morning which involved lots of sprints
    B: Bacon and eggs and the normal 2 teas.

    Was supposed to be going out for lunch today, but now am not so will probably aim to find something a bit healthier than I probably would have.

    dinner will probably be leftover stir fry from last night, but there will be a few wines drunk with it and later when I go out to meet friends.

    Planned quiet weekend, will be walking dogs a lot I hope.


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      I dont know why I did this, I decided to have a licorice bar as a snack after lunch, dammit. just looking at the ingredient list (after i ate it) and it has wheat flour, glucose syrup, sugar, molasses, treacle and another number of ingredients that all have numbers after them. So that was a toal of 24 carbs in that. I wish I hadnt done it. Seriously I wasnt hungry and I didnt need it, it is like some sort of emotional crutch for me at work. I am bad bad bad.

      i had a healthy lunch, chicken salad (although admittedly it had a honey mustard dressing and a fried banana with it - but that is way healthier than anything I would normally eat!)

      I'm not really counting my calories or even my ratios of carb, protein and fat at this point in time, but I know today is a black day. hmmm disappointed with self.


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        Mixed weekend. Dogs got a couple of really good walks.

        We had guests for dinner on Saturday night so bit of the 80/20 going on for sure. I did make some sesame cheesy crackers, but alas i also ate some of the corn chips and salsa. I also made vietnamese spring rolls which are of course wrapped in rice paper, but then I think well there's not much to a piece of rice paper! Steak and salad and a small spoon of potato for dinner. And lemon sour cream cake for dessert with yoghurt. and all washed down with several glasses of sauvignon blanc! :-) But even though it sounds bad, I dont think I overindulged in anything.

        Sunday was a bit better, 2 slices of bacon for breakfast (had run out of eggs!) I dont recall lunch, and dinner was leftover steak and salad, no wine.

        I have made a smoked chicken/bacon/sweet potato fritatta for my lunches this week so will stay on track hopefully. I have been thinking that today I will do an IF from after lunch until breakfast tomorrow. Will report back on that.


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          Hi Suse - I just wanted to say hi as I am originally from NZ and I am a 47 year old female. I live in the UK now, but might come home one day (after 25 years!!)

          I gave up the wine for a month because I was drinking too much. Long story short but I eventually cut it out completely and don't miss it. Anyway, not expecting you to, but sometimes these habits take hold.

          I eat a lot of NZ lamb which is plentiful here, and I love it. Especially the crispy fat around the edges of chops!!
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            hi jo, thanks for dropping by. hmmm you've just put the thought of lamb chops into my brain, must get some this week. Oh yes, the fat on those lamb chops is the best. Even when I believed in all the CW I would still happily chew at the fat on those chops. Have just had 2 alcohol free days, getting through the first 2 is always the hardest, as you say, its habits that take hold... get home, go to fridge, pour a glass of wine. It doesnt help that wine is so ridiculously cheap here at the moment. I am getting some really nice wines for NZ $6.99 a bottle - it would be criminal not to drink them :-)

            Reporting back on my first IF which I did yesterday. I didnt find it that hard, my stomach was grumbling a bit last night, but I think I was more bored than anything. I had finished my book, there was nothing on tv to watch, nothing I particularly wanted to do and because I wasnt in the kitchen, either preparing, eating or cleaning up, the night kind of dragged cause my partner wasnt at home to talk to. Good though to just drink water and have an alcohol free day! Followed up this morning with scrambled eggs (with cream) and bacon.


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              Good on you for the IF and the absence of wine! I'm doing the same thing this week. Had a bit yesterday, but not going to open a bottle before the weekend, it's too tempting to just have one glass and then think the open bottle will have to wait until the weekend. You do have some very nice wines in NZ, have to get down to that part of the planet eventually (is on our 'places to travel' list).

              I love lamb, but have tried cooking it only a few times, with not a lot of success. Is also pretty expensive here. Once the farmers market opens in June, I think I can get my hands on some local grass fed lamb.
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                oh how I hear you greensprout. If there is a part open bottle of wine in the fridge there is no way that baby is not gonna be finished :-)

                I love lamb too, but I do sometimes hate the way the smell of it lingers in the house when I cook it. Maybe I should just save lamb chops for the BBQ


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                  B: as described previously, scrambled eggs with cream, and bacon
                  L: Smoked chicken and bacon fritatta
                  S: bad girl, had 9 tiny wine gums, (loaded with HFCS, no idea why i did it, someone asked me if I wanted them, I have no willpower)
                  D: Sirloin steak with steamed brocoli and cauliflower smothered in sour cream and cheese. Yum. oh and 2 glasses of white wine.

                  Yesterday I went and bought some stevia as I have multiple cups of tea with 1 sugar throughout the day, so trying to cut back on the sugar with the stevia.

                  Had my training session this morning, lots of abs, arms and back. Feeling good.


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                    B: Cheese Omelette, with bacon
                    L: That bloody frittata again, with a little bit of soup
                    D: ahhh a long story. Got home and boyfriend had opened a bottle of bubbles for us and had prepared some snacks, but friendly snacks for me, my cheesy sesame crackers (no carbs), pimentos with feta. I only had a couple of crackers with camenbert and a couple of pimentos. Then he tells me he is taking me out for dinner. Oh boy! So we had a gorgeous meal. I had venison medallions with a green peppercorn sauce and kumara mash. (I actually gave half my mash to the man though) And then I fell down and ordered a dessert, which admittedly we shared, a new weakness of mine is creme brulee. Oh how I wish I could describe it for you, it was heaven. All this washed down with a nice wine or 2. so you can see I am very much 80/20 on this thing.

                    Anyway, my abs are sore today from workout yesterday so that is good. I am going to try and do a little bit more around my ab exercises, I find pushups and planks are really good and quick and easy.... well hang on, did I say easy... but just getting down and doing 5 pushups when the mood strikes isnt exactly going to kill me.

                    And to end on an extremely positive note, I had my weekly weigh in today and am down 1.1kg to 56.2kg. To put it in perspective, at the beginning of December I was 60kg. I had already started to find my way into primal mid to late feb but hadnt really made any commitment to it until 1 April and at that point I weighed 58kg.


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                      B: Protein shake with milk
                      L: yep, the frittata again, and I actually had a hankering for some burger king chicken tenderloins, but the dummys gave me the wrong meal and when I got back to work it was a chicken burger. so I threw out the bread and ate the chicken
                      D: Fish with coconut and a couple of glasses of bubbles.

                      Had my bootcamp workout today, man I sweated through that one. Followed up with omelette and bacon for breakfast. Have just been out for a team morning tea and had half a slice of ginger loaf (yes bad I know, I really am doing this 80/20) Lunch will be the last slice of my frittata and dinner who knows.

                      Feeling pretty good all in all. Went shopping yesterday and had to get the next size down in a skirt so that really means I need to commit to staying this sort of size (cause I havent got a lot of weight that I want to lose)

                      Have a good weekend everyone.


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                        hmmm i seem to have a lot of 80/20 going on at the moment. Not good. friday night drinks after work were a special Alice in Wonderland theme. so I had a couple of little chicken sandwiches (in white bread, gaaaa) and I had a cupcake (sugar, gaaa) and I had a sausage roll (pastry, gaaa). Ok so I didnt eat a lot but i still ate exactly what i knew I didnt really need. I didnt have anything else for dinner that night.

                        saturday morning took me out for breakfast - bacon, sausage and fried eggs.... hold the bread and hold the hashbrown I told them. when the waitress came with my meal, she said you're doing atkins right - uh, wrong, I said, I'm eating primally. look of confusion.

                        No lunch but we went out to a friends birthday afternoon tea and I ate badly again, admittedly not a lot. actually in many ways I'm more worried about lack of calories and my body going into starvation mode. I didnt have dinner as not really hungry. Had a few wines of course during course of the day, must cut back a bit more on the wine this week. It was good to have a couple of days with absolutely none. I hardly ever over-indulge in a big way any more, but most days do see me have 1 or 2 glasses so it is good for the liver to have a break.

                        so the plan is to get back on the horse today, I am just about to get my sorry ass out of bed and make bacon and eggs for breakfast. I am going to hunt out the cauliflower pizza base recipe and try making that for lunch. My partners girls are coming for dinner tonight so i am making a lovely beef in red wine casserole - with mashed potatoes for them - I might have a small tablespoon though as it is nice to soak up the beautiful gravy.

                        Planning a huge dog walk today and will do some sort of ab exercises today in the hope of tightening up the flab. also am going to drink lots of water today - i have no excuse not to as now have a water filter.


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                          Originally posted by Suse View Post
                          i have no excuse not to as now have a water filter.
                          Why do you need a water filter in NZ? I thought it was all lovely rain water? Or have things changed since I left all those years ago.
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                            to be fair jo, the water is still pretty good. But I do really notice that if i get a glass of water and put beside my bed at night, in the middle of the night if I feel like a slurp, it is totally gross. Now it is drinkable. and of course with the fridge filter thingy, it is lovely chilled water on tap all the time. Nice.

                            so I have done reasonably well today - quite a few glasses of water. rang a friend today, said what are you up to, she said, I have to move a trailer load of wood and stack it under my house. I said, i'll come and help you. wow, clearly I have energy to burn. anyway, it was good. she took me out for lunch as a thank you and we shared a caesar salad..... now I have to say I hate anchovies with a passion, but I thought well perhaps a caaesar dressing willl be ok.... nope, it was bloody ghastly. so I had a light lunch. I did have a chocolate milkshake though, not really primal is it but I deserved it and lets face it, it was better than having a coke or a glass of wine!

                            lovely dinner as planned, beef in red wine, mashed potato and brocoli. am regretting the potato now that i write this, I had a little bit more than I initially planned. I have also had a few wines too. my friends popped over this afternoon to check out my new kitchen and bought a bottle of champagne with them (french, ohh la la) so it would have been churlish to say oh no i'm not drinking today! ;-)


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                              Weekends and wine...go together so nicely! We had a lovely german sparkling wine last night.

                              Here's cheers to holding out for the next glass until next weekend. That's my plan, you up for it??
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