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    Dinner last night was fish cooked in butter and lemon, with cauliflower and brocoli smothered in cheese sauce and some roasted sweet potato. Very nice. annoyed with myself though as i had too many glasses of wine to go with it, I blame the other half, if he filled up his glass, I filled up mine He's not usually much of a drinker but he was obviously in the mood and needed to lubricate his throat from all the talking he was doing at dinner. tee hee.

    Up early for my workout this morning, fortunately it's not cold yet and it wasnt raining... although clearly it had been raining. I take my yoga mat now so that if I have to get on the ground for anything I dont get a wet bum! It was a strength day today. ha, well I'm not very strong. we had to do this one exercise lifting a 10kg sand bag from behind our head and up and then back again (great for the triceps). Well I just couldnt get the bag off the ground today, my shoulder is still playing up a little. Anyway I switched to a 7.5kg bag for the rest of the morning. Everything about todays workout just seemed way too hard - I blame it on the booze last night. Bad girl, I will be good for rest of week.

    Traffic crawled to work today, my usual 30 min commute took nearly 1 and a half hours - idiot drivers who insist on crashing their cars and slowing us all down! Grrrr. My stomach was eating itself by then (no time for breakfast at home, had planned to do a quick bacon and egg fry up at work) so my carpool buddy gave me a biscuit to shut me up. I shouldnt have had it, but I was literally feeling shaky and faint from lack of food and drink. And this morning we had a morning tea at work and ate 3 sausage rolls (only about 30cm big each one). So today has not got off to the best start.


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      Yesterday improved. I had my bacon and egg for lunch yesterday - delicious! Drove everyone at work crazy with the smell of bacon wafting through the office. yes I am very cruel.

      When I got home last night I thought, aaaghh, what am I going to make for dinner and ended up getting some mince out of the freezer and cooked that up with onion and garlic, some pesto, and tinned tomatoes and mushrooms and a splash of wine. Then I mashed some cauliflower (that was a first, I'm not entirely sure about it) and sort of had little shepherds pies. Washed down with 1, yes just 1, glass of sauvignon blanc! Nice. And that is what I am having for my lunch now, the leftovers. (of the pie, not the wine, I wish! ) I also got to bed early last night and had a great nights sleep as this morning both my partner and I got up early to go and have blood tests done on an empty stomach. I will be very interested to find out my results, not that I had any particular health issues before hand apart from low B12. I would hope to see an improvement in that now that I am not eating grains (or at least hardly ever). I think that may have been causing the malabsorption problems.

      Partner is on night shift tonight, so may contemplate an IF. I'm just not sure if doing an IF is a great idea or not.... I've got my workout first thing in the morning... its hard enough on an empty stomach at the best of times, but on a really really empty stomach???

      On the good news front, I had weigh in today and was down 200gms. Not much but at the end of the day it is better than an increase so happy about that. Sore arms today from yesterdays workout. All good!


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        so I went shopping at lunchtime and am pleased to say I didnt take my clothes off and think yuk. This is a major step forward! I did try on a lovely skirt that was very flattering on my very small bottom (actually made me look like I have one!) but it was still just a bit tight on the waistline, so I decided to forego it. Maybe next month the fat will start melting from the tummy a bit more.


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          Originally posted by Suse View Post
          Partner is on night shift tonight, so may contemplate an IF. I'm just not sure if doing an IF is a great idea or not.... I've got my workout first thing in the morning... its hard enough on an empty stomach at the best of times, but on a really really empty stomach???
          I've done a lot of workouts in the 18-22nd hour of a 24 hr fast. Have been intense bodyweight sessions, heavy weights or cardio (HIIT followed by low-mod intensity cardio), up to about an hour total time. Never a problem with energy, and I've done some of my best workouts fasted. Even if you feel a bit hungry before you start, once you get going, the hunger goes away and you can have an excellent, focused workout.

          Hooray for the 200 grams!
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            Well I did end up having a light dinner last night (along with a few wines!) Made peppers stuffed with tomato, chorizo and feta, a little bit of basil sprinkled on the inside of the pepper then the rest of the ingredients loaded inside and then baked in the oven for about half an hour. Actually very yummy!

            Oh my god, what a hard workout this morning.... we had to do a road run. honestly, I really dont like running, I think I have a very small lung capacity or something and I just feel exhausted. Anyway I just mapped the run and it was only 2.5km... crikey it seemed like a much greater distance than that, but also some of it was uphill! I swear even my ears were sweating when I was done. And then as if that wasnt bad enough we then had another half hour of lunges and squats and more running.... aaaagggghhhh! Ok I admit it, I feel good now though (especially seeing as I have just had bacon and eggs for breakfast!

            We are out at a pub tonight for a friends 50th. I must try to curtail my wine drinking... get me at a pub with a group of people and I just drink like a fish. I dont want a hangover in the morning. Must remember to eat something as well.


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              had lamb and kumara (sweet potato) soup for lunch. but oopsie... a piece of toast fell into my mouth... and then oopsie, a cupcake fell in afterwards, and then oopsie, a handfull of lollies after that. tsk tsk. Just as well I burned a million calories this morning.


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                "Fell into your mouth..." hmmm. Hey girl, sort yourself out!! Remember what your goals are!

                Okay, enough of that. Sounds like a great workout today. And I can't comment on the wine indulgences...sort of a pot calling the kettle black sort of thing.

                Seriously though, time to focus. It's really not hard to say no to the crap food if you remember how good you feel when eating primal and how cruddy the other stuff affects you.

                Here's to a great weekend, primal style.
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                  I know... you are so right (I hate it when you are so right!) I am weak willed though and easily led astray. But yes I will try and do better over the weekend. We've just booked our next holiday to New Caledonia in July for my birthday so I'll be hoping to fit into the bikini again.

                  I definitely need to sort my head out and think 100%/0% rather than 80/20 at the moment. I was doing really well but I seem to have wobbly wheels at the moment hence I keep falling off. I think I am using my workouts as an excuse to be naughty.

                  My stomach does feel rather huge after the cupcake. In fact I feel like I have a cupcake (much like a muffin) hanging out the top of my skirt


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                    Originally posted by Suse View Post
                    . but oopsie... a piece of toast fell into my mouth... and then oopsie, a cupcake fell in afterwards, and then oopsie, a handfull of lollies after that. tsk tsk. .
                    Ha ha, funny how that happens. I find once I cheat a little I end up cheating a lot! I tend to have a carb up half day about once a month where I allow myself these things and this seems to stop me 'cheating'. Having said this I think it is a good idea to have a good period of PB eating under your belt before you do this.
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                      ok the weekend has been and gone. Friday was a disaster from start to finish so I wont dwell on that at all.

                      B out for breakfast, lovely omelette filled with ham, cheese, mushrom and tomato
                      L Chicken tacos. Hmm yes i know the taco bit isnt exactly primal, but there is this little mexican restaurant literally around the corner from us that gets rave reviews and it is only open on friday saturday lunchtime, so finally we decided to try it out. The taco part was really small so I dont feel that i was too bad.
                      D Venison medallions with a home made green peppercorn sauce (a bit thin - need to work on that) with peppers stuffed with chorizo and feta (boyfriend hadnt tried these so was keen to give them a go - these also still a work in progress) and a portobello mushroom that was topped with a sausage and tomato mix - my boyfriend saw this in a recipe mag while we were out at bfast and thought he'd give it a go - I wouldnt rave about it. so yes - a dinner that was a bit all over the place in flavours but all good food wise. Unfortunately the 3 cosmopolitans I had were not such a good idea. No wine.
                      I also did a good brisk walk with the dogs as there were giant rain clouds looming - got home just in the nick of time by jogging from top of street to home!

                      B bacon and scrambled eggs with cream
                      L skipped it, not hungry
                      D Family over. Thai pumpkin soup with coconut milk (new recipe, very nice, will def do again) Roast chicken with home made gravy, (delicious), roasted sweet potato, brocoli and cauliflower with a cheese sauce (I;m still using normal flour to make this but its so minimal I dont really care but am going to hunt out some coconut flour at some point) dessert was a chocolate mousse (not primal as it is made with melted marshmallows and chocolate, cream and eggs but it is yum and the servings are very tiny as it is rich!) 1 cosmo and 1 glass of wine. unfortunately I had put out snacks, hummus and salsa with crackers and corn chips and I ate some of these pre dinner without even thinking about what I was eating. Doh!

                      so... must try harder. all in all though, not a bad weekend, just not a good one. Very relaxing though. went and bought my dogs a new kennel (I like to refer to it as their executive apartment) and was thrilled that they pretty much started using it straight away. In the summer while i am at work they usually sit out on the deck in the shade but on wet days and in the winter they come in through the dog door and stay in the laundry. We have decided that if they had a nice little warm possie outside they could stay dry and out of the weather rather than turning my laundry into a smelly muddy footprinted warzone. The fact that the kennel came with a thermal liner was the selling point for me, i am a softie and just couldnt bear to think that my babies would be outside in the cold in the winter. Now I know they will be a snug as bugs.


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                        hmmm so my doctor just rang me and my blood tests are back and I'm low again in B12. So its back to injections again. To be fair I only have top ups every 18 months or so, so its not pernicious anemia or anything too sinister. But somewhere along the line, something isnt being absorbed in my system, and god knows, I eat enough red meat. Its good that my dr now recognises this and he makes me have a regular test, cause when my levels drop too far I am just a complete zombie, I can barely string my sentences together and struggle to get out of bed. Over here, a B12 blood test isnt part of the normal blood testing.

                        On the good news front, everything else is normal.


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                          Pretty good day yesterday....
                          B: Omelette filled with chicken, mushroom and cheese. Bacon on the side
                          L: Roasted tomato soup, leftover roast chicken with leftover brocoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce and a small piece of sweet potato
                          D: Venison stir fry (and yes, with a couple of glasses of sauvignon blanc)

                          Tonight though, no wine. I havent been sleeping well, which could be due to the wine, but sometimes its just a phase I seem to go through. Very annoying. Plus I have training in the morning and it is better if I have had a decent nights sleep.

                          This morning I jumped on the scales and it said I weighed 54.9 kg and had body fat of 22.7. I just looked back through a journal I was keeping on another website for a monthly challenge and I first got my scales on 1 March. I then weighed in at 57.9kg and had body fat of 24.9. So I think that is really good, slow and steady progress. I do have to keep in mind that my scales and the work scales weigh a bit differently (work weighs about a kg higher normally) and I really only take the work scales as my "official" weight. however my scales are the only ones that give me the body fat percentage so its promising to see that reducing. I have a goal that I'd like to get my body fat down to 20% - I just havent set a proper date for that yet, but definite goal is to get below 22% before I go to New Caledonia in July. I think that is achievable. Maybe I should aim for 20% by end of year, keeping it slow and steady.

                          I was looking at my boyfriend this morning and he has really dropped the body fat, I can see those effortless abs coming through. He's never had a problem with weight though and is pretty fit cause he's a fireman but man, this morning I said, hon, you could be on the fireman's calendar with that body Very nice.


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                            Workout this morning. Getting just a little bit harder to get out of nice warm bed, and was very foggy at 6am. Lots of shoulders, back and ab work today.

                            So to yesterdays food:
                            B: Whey protein shake with cocoa and milk
                            L: Leftover venison stir fry, but not a lot leftover unfortunately
                            S: couple of marshmallows that someone put out for everyone to eat, but only 2, I am much better at stopping now when the lollies come out! I also had a handful of almonds and cashews.
                            D: Sausage goulash (made with tomatos, veges - capisicum,mushrooms, a small handful of potato, onion, garlic, smoked paprika) It was quite a wet dinner so we had some bread to mop it up. I really need to find an alternative to that, or at least try making some bread with coconut flour. Anyway, not a big deal, I only had one slice, its not going to kill me, but I have to admit that my tummy felt a bit .... cant think of the right word... perhaps bloated. Had a very small glass of red wine to go with dinner, none before.

                            We had weigh in at work today (a day earlier than normal) and my weight is static, same as last week so thats good. I might try and do an IF this week though as I would like to get down and stay down below 56 (am currently 56.2kg on the work scales) Other than that, feeling good. I wouldnt say that I have a ton more energy like some people seem to get, but I dont feel exhausted so thats good.


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                              yesterdays food:
                              B: Omelette with cheese and mushroom
                              L: Leftover Sausage Goulash from night before.
                              S: handful of nuts
                              D: Beef Burger with no buns, avocado/tomato/capiscum salsa, mushrooms and chips (I hardly ever eat potato now, and especially chips so this was a nice treat for a change - possibly not ideal, but then again, it comes back to how many I ate, in the past I would have cooked a lot more because I love potato so much but I had a very small amount).

                              Went for a walk along the waterfront with the dogs after dinner. That was nice!

                              I've posted some before and after pics on the before and after thread... quite interesting from my viewpoint looking back to August last year and seeing such a difference. I wonder how I'll look later this august. Will I keep this up. I definitely feel like I want to. I had 2 people comment to me today in the kitchen at work about how well I am looking and you've lost weight etc. I've sent the link to the Primal blueprint 101 to both. People are fascinated when they see me making a protein shake and pouring in a cup of coconut cream.... oooh the fat the say.... and of course that starts the discussion. Up to them to make their own decisions... i for one found going through the primal blueprint 101 was what got me interested, and then I got the book and havent really looked back. In fact I ordered another book yesterday as I have loaned my book out and it could be a while before I get it back (some people are slow readers arent they!) and I decided I wanted another copy.


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                                yesterdays food
                                B: protein shake with milk and coconut milk
                                L: BAS with chicken and bacon
                                D: Steak with beans and something else but i've forgotten.
                                I also had a few crackers with cheese just before dinner. Went to a friends gallery opening and I was hungry and just popped them in my mouth. probably about 4 tiny crackers. And with dinner, some garlic pizza bread came out beforehand and I had a slice of that as well. I just find that hard to resist.

                                I feel like everyday I am cheating. I really need to pull my head in. but the good thing is that my cheats are so much less than they would have been in the past. Maybe I am just an 80/20 girl all the time.

                                Today I did not go to training, I slept badly and it was absolutely pouring with rain and windy to boot. I just couldnt face an outdoor workout in that sorry.