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  • a mixed weekend really, relaxing though.

    Friday eats were mostly pretty good
    B omelette I think
    S Florentine, but as these are nuts and dried fruit I dont really think they're that bad
    L Potato and egg salad with bacon
    D Oxtail ragout on Pasta (I was at a friends, she is a great cook so I'm not saying no to pasta ocassionally) with a green salad. Did try her homemade duck and chicken liver with port pate, but the chicken livers a bit too strong for me! Noticed my other half chowed down heaps though! 2 glasses of champagne, 1 large glass of red and 1 (maybe 2???) glass of dessert wine with some divine cheeses after dinner

    B Bacon and eggs
    L Sweet chilli chicken salad
    S Rice crackers with hummus and camenbert
    D Chicken breast stuffed with salami and mozarella and rosemary with a tomato-ey sauce on top. Brocoli and some roasted tubers. Lovely. 2 cosmopolitans, 2 chardonnays.

    B Bacon and egg
    L Roast chicken sandwich (sourdough bread) with coleslaw and hummus
    D Morrocan spiced lamb with remains of tomato sauce from night before, creamed spinach and more roasted vege (potato, kumara, pumpkin) 1 glass of pinot. 2 squares chocolate after dinner (1 which was 70% and one which was 85% - 85 a bit too bitter for me, but I guess we can work up to it)

    Some dog walking in the weekend, and some good sleeping. Seem to be able to roll onto my side at the moment which is good, as I'm not being woken with the pain. Still cant get my clothes off without considerable effort and pain though, but physio will start later in the week for that. Generally though just a nice relaxed chilled weekend, hanging with my sweetheart and my furkids.


    • B: Protein shake with coconut cream
      L: Chicken and avocado sandwich (sourdough)
      S: camenbert, salami and crackers
      D: coq au vin, mashed potato/sweet potato, brocoli, celery/leek/carrot mix. 2 or 3 glasses of wine. Water as well!!! Dessert of a couple of tiny choc eclairs.

      Weight this morning 54.3kg, bf 21.7%. Happy with that. Seem to be sleeping a bit better with the shoulder now, can actually sleep on my side if I get the position right at the mo which is good.

      Have a nasty cold sore... havent had one for years - and I do mean years! ow I forget how much they hurt. Whacked some lysine down my throat last night and this morning and slathered coconut oil on it. This morning I've put a compeed sticker over it but its kind of annoying, it'll be off in a few hours I reckon, if I can make it last even that long. Then I'll be slathering the little bugger with zovirax. I suspect this is a reaction to me getting overtired last week, and maybe the stress of the cortisone shot???


      • Glad to hear your shoulder is a bit better. Bummer about the cold sore. I wouldn't be surprised if the cortisone injection had something to do with it, along with the fatigue. Hopefully it won't last long.
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        • Went to bed last night at 8.30. I was sooooooo tired and pretty much fell asleep straight away. So had a good night, still felt tired when I woke though but better now that I'm up and about. Cold sore looks real mean today, you know the oozing getting ready to scab look. niiiiice. NOT. More lysine, more vit d, and more coconut oil on it - I'll be rid of the little f*cker faster than you can say jack robinson.

          Yesterdays eats:
          B Protein shake with coconut cream
          L Big ass salad with chicken and cashews
          S boyfriend fancied popping out for a drink when I got home from work (I didnt really want to, but sometimes I humour him!) had a wine and we shared some hand cut fries - probably the worst part about them was the tomato sauce on the side
          D Leftover coq au vin from night before. didnt have any of the 85% chocolate as read that upsets the balance when you have a cold sore!

          Contemplating an IF tonight. Will see how I feel after lunch. Boyfriend on night shift so this is the time to do it. Its his birthday tomorrow so tomorrow night I am taking him to a very flash restaurant and will no doubt eat a few courses so an IF strikes me as a good idea tonight!


          • Happy B-Day to your BF.... have an awesome day tomorrow!

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            • Thank you TFG.
              So no I didnt IF last night, although I probably should have as I had an upset tum yesterday. I wondered if it was the mix of supplements that I took that upset me actually... Lysine followed by vit D3? Perhaps, but I guess I'll never know. But I felt queasy all morning and then really had to go to the toilet - suffice to say, not pleasant! I'm also terrible when I get a bout of diarhhea in that I never fully rehydrate myself... I dont know what it is but I just seem unable to drink water afterwards, (or at least very little). So I was very tired last night and weak willed.

              B: lovely cheese bacon and mushroom omelette
              L: Mushroom and spinach soup, piece of sourdough toast with a ton of butter
              S: bit of cheese and rice crackers and then out of nowhere decided I needed to eat potato chips, and they were bad potato chips, they were chicken flavoured and full of shit like MSG. and still I ate them. Crapola. I knew I shouldnt be doing it but still I did. sometimes I feel mad at myself.
              D: Final remnants of coq au vin with some extra vegies added to bulk it up. Not a very big serving though. 2 glasses of wine.

              Went to bed early, very tired. Slept the sleep of the dead from 9.30pm to 3am. Then I couldnt sleep. Then when I did sleep?? I had the most vivid dreams, nightmares. I hate that... it makes you feel so exhausted when you do wake up.

              Anyway I feel that I am gearing up to a change. a change in my eating, ie, really trying to be 100% rather than 80/20 (70/30??), and also a change in my exercise. First things first though, I need my shoulder to heal. I know there is nothing stopping me now to be 100% on the food front, other than my own mind. It's not quite ready, but I'm working on it OK.


              • quick update... had my weigh in at work today, dropped 1.1kg from last week. That i expect is totally dehydration from that bug yesterday. On my home scales this morning I was 52.9kg and 21.5 bf. Work scales 54.2kg. Of course at home I am naked on the scales!

                Anyway, upping my water intake today as I do have a bit of a headache.


                • 4am and I cant sleep so may as well update now. I despair about the lack of sleep sometimes. I feel awake now and my mind wont shut off. grrr

                  anyway, food yesterday
                  B cheese ham and mushroom omelette
                  S 3 small sausage rolls and a spinach scone (catered morning tea at work)
                  L nope none after that morning tea
                  D Out with my partner to a very nice restaurant. we shared an entree of scallops with crab and morel, and then I had pork. I'm not normally a pork eater (apart from good old bacon and ham) but this was lovely - I wish I could remember how it was described on the menu. seriously good. Cocktail to start and 2 glasses of bubbles. sparkling mineral water as well.

                  random thoughts. Tried on a dress yesterday. oh dear... my arms. I need to be careful now about maintaining weight and I clearly need to get some exercise in. my arms looked like chicken skin, like an old lady's arms at the top. I was a bit horrified. probably doesnt help that i dont have a tan. but yeah definitely some muscle atrophy I think. physio on the shoulder starts tomorrow and i intend to be really hardcore about doing the home exercises he gives me. I do want to be fit and healthy.


                  • i feel like a pattern is developing with my sleep. sleep well one night and crap the next. 4am and I'm WIDE awake again. sigh

                    friday food log
                    B scrambled egg and bacon
                    S florentine (my usual friday morning tea!) and a hot chocolate. I'm normally a tea drinker but felt like a change. wont do that again as frankly I had a queasy stomach rest of day
                    L very late, after physio, could literally only find a sandwich wwith chicken, flaked almonds and salad.
                    D chicken stir fry. i think I had some cheese and crackers before hand though. couple of wines.
                    went to bed early and slept right through till 5am for first wake up and then back to sleep till 7.

                    saturday food log
                    B fried egg and bacon
                    L I made a cheese souffle! always wanted to try one, watched julia child on PBS and thought yeah, I'll try that. was a little bit stressed making it as my cousin and partner turned up early so I was talking to them and trying to cook and really when I'm making something new i need to concentrate on what i'm doing. However it turned out ok and was very tasty but next one will be better. I also roasted some baby beets and had those on baby spinach and feta. lovely. washed down with a nice glass of chardonnay. oh and nearly forgot a very nice piece of kumara sourdough.
                    D Out for dinner again! Leading a decadent life lately. shared a pork belly starter, had duck for my main course and shared a creme brulee for dessert. all divine.

                    contemplation.... a lot of bread creep. still havent entirely reconciled myself to all grains are some of my reading, sourdough is acceptable. Certainly the sandwich I had on friday wasnt sourdough, just a normal wholegrain bread, so that isnt so ideal. slight tum upset next day possibly from the bread. I must get on with the probiotics I think.

                    shoulder seemed a bit freer in terms of movement after physio on friday. still pain when i lift my arm right up but must try to be vigilant about doing my exercises at home.


                    • Sunday wasnt a particularly good day on the food front and M and I have committed to eating better. We can both notice the difference when we arent towing the line. His stomach has been quite bloated the last few days (I reckon its the beer, not that he's had a lot but add that in with bread and its building up). I have noticed that my skin is particularly spotty at the moment which I'm not too happy with, obviously. Overnight I have gained more than half a kg - that in itself doesnt worry me cause I know it can go the other way as well but clearly I dont want it to continue. so this week, healthy eating, more vegies, less alcohol.

                      spent the weekend trawling around used car dealers. I need a new car sometime soon. Mine is old, dare I say ancient, I mean I dont even have airconditioning or electric windows, not to mention the 200,000 kilometres on the clock. Great little car, engine is solid and reliable but I just cant do another summer in it. I dont drive it so much nowadays, as I carpool to work and I always use my partners car for my week of driving so the girls dont have to get covered in dog hair. And of course mostly if we go anywhere we are in his car so not a major. But if we go down to visit my mum which is about 3 hrs drive away, I always take the dogs with me as they love the beach and they are not allowed in M's car! Anyway, I'm in a muddle trying to decide just how much I want to spend, what sort of car to get etc. Wouldnt be surprised if I'm still looking this time next year


                      • No air-conditioning?! I'm so spoiled! I've been there before, though... Spinach and feta...favorites! Must get some more feta....
                        I'm in the same boat as you with these stupid sleep patterns! Drives me insane! I do better with naps, but because of lack of sleep, the naps are getting too long. I don't want to make this a habit.

                        Have you tried splitting your supplements up?
                        Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
                        Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
                        Ultimate Goal: 125/18


                        • yes, I'm currently making sure I dont mix any of my supplements together. If I take fish oil, thats it. Vit d, on its own. Havent taken a magnesium for a while but I plan on cutting the pills in half and taking a smaller dose next time I do. Thats it on the supplements though, dont feel I need to take any others if I am eating properly. Got my first iherb order today with fish oil and 5000mg D3 pills and a vit c serum for my face!. I must say they are very efficient and I'm happy with the price even when its converted to NZ dollars.

                          I only ever nap if I really really cant help myself. I always worry that I wont get to sleep later in the night. I had a 15 min nap on saturday as I had a migraine come on so I put my eyemask on and had a lie down and drifted off. The power of a restorative nap is totally awesome .


                          • good day on the food and sleep front yesterday
                            B: Scrambled egg, mushroom and bacon
                            L: Thai kumara and coconut soup
                            D: Fillet steak with mushrooms in red wine sauce, roasted kumara and potato, creamed spinach and carrot/leek/celery mix. one glass of chardonnay

                            Went to bed early, nearly fell asleep watching Rick Steins far eastern odyssey (which is so interesting and just makes your mouth water). Slept the sleep of the dead from about 9.30 (maybe a bit earlier) until just after 3. Then I went back to sleep again until 6. A good nights sleep is just the best thing in the world. When I woke at 3 (my nemesis hour) I actually decided to try a thing called vagus nerve stimulation... basically you let your mouth fill up with saliva and then just relax into it, I dont know how it works, but it did! I actually tried this the other day when I had a migraine and it is effective... or maybe it was just luck
                            Did 20 squats this morning. Have decided I need to start getting some sort of exercise in... I am not allowed to do anything with my upper body, not even a plank, because of the shoulder. We dont want to aggravate it too early in the rehab process. Had a good physio session yesterday. I can notice already that it is easier for me to do my bra up.
                            Weight this morning 53.1kg and 21.3bf so I'm pretty happy with that.


                            • oooh having a sugar craving moment. As usual it is straight after lunch. and a good lunch it was, chicken salad, lots of avocado and a handful of cashews. Whoever said that eating fat suppresses sugar cravings is full of crap I'm sure. anyway, I'm battling. I'm actually having a hot chocolate drink which i like to think is better than me going and getting a bag of lollies and scarfing them down but I can tell you.... I really really really want some lollies right now.


                              • Hey Suse, you are stronger than some damn craving! Here's a kick in the backside for you!!

                                Don't give in!!

                                <glad to hear your shoulder is starting to feel better>
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