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  • feeling decidedly sluggish today. bit of a headache. but managed to get through yesterday. Didn't eat any of the chocolate that was put out at work, and I didn't have any wine, even though the fireman put an empty wine glass on the dinner table for me (I think he was testing me).

    So yesterdays food was
    Scrambled egg and a couple of rashers of bacon
    Chicken and vege soup (and the dreaded bread roll)
    Small eye fillet steak and cheesey potatoes/kumara with broccoli

    Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg with ricotta and lunch is left overs from last night so steak and potato.

    Still no sugar in my tea. I have to say I miss this the most of all. My tea just isn't as enjoyable. I will probably try to cut back to 1/2 a teaspoon at the end of my week. (I am currently 1 level teaspoon) Definitely drinking a bit more water which is always a good thing


    • uggh this afternoon is terrible. I really really fancy a chocolate bar or something... anything. I feel quite flat.


      • cuppa green jasmine tea, perhaps?
        My musings

        The old stuff


        • don't cave and have the chocolate bar! You have a few days to get through....chew on some jasmine (can you do that even?) or have jasmine tea or something like that.

          or what I do is have a spoon of peanut butter. Tasty!


          • Its ok, I'm holding fast, but I just feel blah. Just been reading about the potato hack. Perhaps I should try it. I love potatoes!
            But I think I'll try and get through this week of no sugar first.


            • Ok so yesterday I felt absolutely terrible. So bad I decided to flag going to work. I had a crusher headache, felt tired, depressed, sore joints. Generally blah. Pleased to say that the headache has gone today, my joints are still a little bit sore but I don't feel depressed either so that's a definite bonus. Perhaps it helped that I got my new car delivered yesterday... Yes brand spanking new (well ok 60km on the clock but I did most of them in my test drive). I felt so flat yesterday I could barely get excited by it. Today I am though...

              So food yesterday
              B: Bacon and egg
              L: 2 pieces of vogels toast with vegemite (yeah bread, but vogels is kind of different in my eyes, I just honestly decided several months ago that I cannot do gluten free bread, it's bloody awful no matter what I put on it) Anyway I checked the pack and vogels has like 2g of sugar in 2 slices so I felt that was ok.
              D: chicken thigh marinated in lime and rosemary and garlic. Spinach wilted in the juices of marinade, and roasted potato/kumara/pumpkin.

              So as you can see I'm not trying to go carb free, just limit the unnatural or added sugar that I am putting into my body.

              Watched a really interesting BBC program about twin doctors that did a month long diet on fat and sugar (one on fat only, one on sugar only) Interesting results. The one who was on fat only lost more weight but also lost quite a bit of muscle (4kg in all, 2 of fat/2 of muscle). The one on sugar lost 1kg of fat only. The one on fat had worse blood results though which I found interesting. Anyway they finished off by saying that it is the combo of fat and sugar that they think is making us all fat and I stopped and thought about that, and thought, yeah. I reckon maybe we would be better served having fat days and sugar days. I suppose this is the thought about these people on the boards that do their carb reload days.

              I've still got the hankering to eat something though, perhaps it is because I'm hungry. As you can see, I don't really eat a lot. So I was tossing up about getting a little mince savoury pie but then I decided on a small bag of cashews which I ate half of. I thought that was a better snack.


              • Well my week is up.

                Saturday I slipped up and had a hot chocolate, although to be fair I only drank 1/3 of the cup. It was too sickly sweet! I was just so sick and tired of tea that I wasn't enjoying.
                Sunday, we had to go out for dinner and it required a glass of red wine for my sanity.

                So after one week, I have lost 1.5kg. Which is 3.3lbs if I am not mistaken. not bad. I did have a spa treatment yesterday and sat in the sauna and steam room for 25 minutes followed by a wrap and then a massage so that may have well helped get rid of a few lbs.

                All headaches gone.

                I am trying now to limit my cups of tea, or at least mix it up. So I have cut down to 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar, but I am mixing it up with every second cuppa with a slice of lemon and no milk.

                Going to try and up the exercise this week


                • Good job on the week! Losing over 3 lbs in the week is awesome.


                  • So day one of Suse's seven day spring clean exercise routine

                    Rest day


                    • lol, Suse, getting your strength up for days two to six? Spring surely has sprung so I thought today was a great day to avoid the big clean by getting out in the wild. The chores will still be there tomorrow.
                      Annie Ups the Ante


                      • Well what can I say. So far my seven days of exercise has resulted in no days of exercise. hopeless. I really just need to get off my bloody arse.

                        I had two small pieces of dairy milk chocolate yesterday but other than that the sugar content was pretty low for the day. I'm probably only drinking about 4 cups of tea a day (with half a teaspoon of sugar). I checked out the sugar content in my low alc wine and it is something like 1.2 grams per 150ml glass. So I'm inclined to say that my added sugar intake is probably well under 30gms a day. I did have some hot chips for lunch and then crumbed fish and roasted potatoes and kumara for dinner so I guess my carb intake is still fairly mid range. Not trying to be low carb anyway.

                        Day off tomorrow so going to go to the home show so at least that will be a bit of walking around. Other plans for the weekend after reading a bit of annieh's journal is to de-clutter. Not that I have huge amounts of clutter, but there is plenty of stuff I could just get rid of.


                        • Only four cups of tea a day? I hit that by 9 or 10am. And lucky you getting kumara for dinner, I completely forgot to put my lamb roast and veges in the oven before I started teaching this afternoon. Finally we ate a mince pie and chips about 7.30 and now I know what's for dinner tomorrow (as long as I don't forget again).

                          At 0 from 7 your exercise completion rate is about on a par with my decluttering this week. But if my journal has inspired you, then I'll try not to regard it as a complete failure and perhaps I will redeem myself tomorrow.
                          Annie Ups the Ante


                          • Yes Annie, I too would normally have 4 cups of tea by 10am. Trying to cut back a little though.

                            Did a little bit of de-clutter. Few items on Trade me to sell which is good.

                            Went through a few more open homes in the weekend, but still haven't found our perfect house. I'm sure it is out there but it is unfortunately about a million $$ more than our budget.. Bugger. I'll keep buying my lotto tickets (speaking of which I won $250 this weekend so not all bad)

                            Went to the HOme show on Friday and had a nice wander around at my leisure looking at all sorts of stuff. Was actually there for over 3 hours, so a pretty good slow walk and a good walk to and from my car which I parked miles away.

                            Back to work today and a bit of a bunfight going on. A load of nonsense really, it just makes you think "why do I bother". Fortunately, I don't let these things stress me out too much but I hate seeing the effect on others in our team who perhaps don't handle the stress as well as I do.

                            Foodwise in the weekend, I wasn't too bad, but also I wasn't really that good either. Had a couple of nights where I just had a few glasses of low alc wine and cheese and rice crackers for dinner. As for today, well a glass of wine called my name at lunchtime (a rarity for me, but the day started so badly I thought it was required in the name of sanity).


                            • I cant say I was good on the food front yesterday. Bacon and eggs and gasp! toast for breakfast. After the bunfight in the morning, decided that a burger and chips and a glass of wine was called for at lunchtime. I didn't eat the bun though. Then the fireman suggested a drink after work, so what am I going to say, no? Nah, I don't think so, so had a couple of glasses of wine, and he bought chips and then home for dinner which was a thai red curry on cauli rice.... with a glass of wine

                              Off to the opera tonight. More wine to be drunk beforehand...


                              • Last week really wasn't a good week on the food and wine front. ho hum. Will try to be better this week, although I have to say I am currently having visions of a cronut. I haven't had one all year and now I am just completely obsessing about one. I'll probably give in to it I think.

                                Weekend went by in a his and a roar as usual. More house hunting, more looking at houses that we cant afford. F**K

                                I have booked to go in a floation tank on my day off. I think it will be interesting. Will report back.