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  • all good. Took him to the vet today, could be epilepsy. will start to watch very closely. He's fine after the seizure, absolutely fine. completely back to his normal self.

    My poor friend is still in hospital, the top of her humerus has shattered, so will probably need an op. Milo is staying for a bit longer. the fireman will have to cope.

    the firemans daughter told us tonight she is pregnant


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      the firemans daughter told us tonight she is pregnant
      Is this good news?
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      • hmmm. I dont think so. But that's a whole 'nother issue...


        • yes, i am completely mad. but, it gets you adapted to the shock of cold water (which I hate).

          i just learned from a friend of mine that the recreational derby league is up and running! I'm so psyched about it because it's low-commitment. I can train as much or as little as I want, so it's low commitment. I'm excited about this, and might participate here rather than going into the NSO/etc route. I don't know, though.

          with biz, things are going great! it's awesome. i'm transitioning the studio over to a normal studio model (because that's what people want), and then I'm making plans to open another location probably getting the basics going around this time next year. I'm starting to build the client foundation in feb (kids yoga classes plus some adult classes plus a seniors class). That way, there will be a foundation of clients (and income) as well as brand recognition when we open premises. Then, I'll probably open a third and THEN start it up as a franchise. Though I have a friend in the US and another in Israel and another in Australia who is looking at. . . doing franchises. But, at least it gives me a bit of time to get things sorted.

          in terms of that baby, I know a few women here who really want to be mothers. so, if fireman's daughter is keen, there's a way forward. adoptions here are semi-open, and i'm fairly certain you can do them privately (i don't know the law distinctly in this issue), but I could hook you up if you were intersted in that way. or if she was anyway.


          • thanks zoe. No, she wants the baby.. I just feel a bit like babies having babies. I feel a bit sorry for the father, I'm not sure it was in his plans right now and I feel he may have been caught in a trap. Just my feelings. Have to keep them to myself though. Life. complicated sometimes eh!


            • Um, yeah. Ouch.
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              • Babies having babies - yeah, I know what you mean. My middle girl did that. She's a great mum, but would be having a much better time of it if she'd gone into it a bit more thoughtfully and chosen a better father! It's hard, eh. At dinner last night our 2 younger kids BOTH let slip that they'd talked marriage with their partners. One is 19, the other 21. Double ouch. We're trying to be delicate in case it's for real, and realistic in case we can influence their decisions.
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                • She'll be alright. There's lots of safety nets in this country for her (and the baby), so that's all good. ANd whatever happens with him will shake out.

                  A lot of my friends from high school had babies in high school (ages 16 and 17), and they did ok. kids are graduating from high school this year, the oldest of them. pretty wild, since I have a 4 yr old. Actually, our class is like that. about 1/3 of them started having babies between 14 and 19 years ago (so between ages of 16 and 22), and then the rest of us have only been having babies for the past 4-5 years. it's kinda strange.

                  Anyway, most of those who had babies between 16 and 20 are not with the fathers and some don't even have contact with him anymore (gave up parental rights eventually, etc), and then a couple of them who had babies between 20-25 were married at the time and are still married. Yeah, my one friend has been married for 14 years, but knew the guy since she was 14, so . . . they have a long history. Their kids are 14, 10, and 6. Still, it strange to think of my friends as parents of teens.

                  I won't be there until i'm 45. I'm going to be an awesome 45, too.

                  Anyway. . . it'll all work out.

                  Dh and I talked about marriage at 20, married at 25, still together today. I like him. We are 10 years married now.


                  • oh well here we are another day. HOpe it is better than yesterday. Rained all day. crap. With 3 dogs inside (did I mention I'm looking after a friends dog as she has a badly broken arm and is awaiting surgery) so you can imagine how thrilled the fireman is. No thats right he's not. so a tense day yesterday which ended up with neither of us speakiing. He just pissed me off. Of course when I feel stressed out I go and find something to clean so my ensuite bathroom is sparkling. The ceiling needed a good clean, gettng a bit of mould (we really need a more powerful extractor fan) but in the end the bathroom got done from top to bottom. I love that feeling of satisfaction when I have had a good clean.

                    anyway, heading up north to visit the fireman's brother. I've got this incredible anger right now. everyone knew about the pregnancy except the fireman. Last to know. First to be called when she needs help with something (money or computer issues) Yeah, I've got a few issues. I need to get past them. Nothing wrong with a good bit of anger though from time to time. See what mood the fireman gets up in. we hate fighting (or not as the case is).

                    Food front could have been better but wasnt too bad. Eating a million rice crackers with hummus isnt bad is it
                    edit: oh yeah, daughter is 25... not really a baby, but may as well be.

                    and yeah zoebird you will be awesome at 45!
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                    • I would say that fireman is probably more upset about his daughter than anything else, so he's probably glowering over that, and other things are just annoyances. No reason to take all of that too personally and get upset at each other. I think it would be very hurtful to be the last to know.


                      • I'm not doing very well at keeping up to date on my journal. But I'm trying. I'm also not doing very well at keeping on the wagon either

                        fireman and I went to sydney for the weekend. hmmm had a great time, but man did we eat and DRINK tooooooo much! But yes, a great time Scales tell me I had tooo good a time. I dont understand, cause man did we do a lot of walking, and I even went out for a run!!!!

                        I have taken to eating complete crap really since I've been in my new job. Bad. Must change it... yeah the job and the bad food


                        • ok lots to report. I'm hopeless I know. I'll try to be better. I'm here to vent about my life predominantly

                          My brother is an arse. I dont know where to begin. So perhaps I should just start and end it there but that would leave out the fun bits. Anyway, all I will say is that my mum's dementia has progressed, she is no longer safe at home and I (as her EPOA for health and welfare) am making the decision that she needs to go into a resthome. My sister and my other brother (who has been living here and caring for her) are all agreed and my other brother who lives off the pigs back next door and does FUCK ALL has decided that he is going to a lawyer to see if he can get power of attorney revoked. Cause he will look after her. Yeah fucking right. He cant even pay his miserly amount of rent on time, turn up anywhere when he says he will and he is trying to run a business and has no idea that mum needs 24 hour care. In the meantime, my sister and i have pretty much put our lives on the backburner and come here to sort stuff out. I have actually resigned from my job. Yes the reality is he just doesnt want his life turned upside down and the thought that he will have to move out from the cushy number he is in now really gets his goat. Good.

                          So anyway, excuse me if I'm not exactly primal and not exactly contributing much. There has just been too bloody much lately. I have been reading journals from time to time though Anyway on the good news front, I'm back down at the beach which means regular beach walks and the furkids of course will be happy. Thank god they are here to keep me sane. And also thank god for low alcohol low calorie wine You knew I'd find it sooner or later


                          • Hey Suse, that's tough. But no, you are not hopeless, you are a loving daughter in a stressful situation right now. I hope the beach walks will help refresh you from time to time.
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                              That is all.


                              • {{{{{Hugs}}}}}
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