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    Obligatory Background Info:
    I'm a 28 year old teacher and have been living overseas for the last two years. I currently live in Kuwait and will be moving to Colombia this summer. Growing up, I was a dancer- ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc. I was always heavier than the other girls, but was strong. When I got to college, I stopped dancing and the weight poured on. My last few years in college, I did Jazzercise and Weight Watchers and lost some weight... then I went to work on cruise ships for three years. The massive amounts of booze and poor eating/sleeping added the weight back on (think daily buffets for all meals, hours in the bar at night, and 4-5 hours of sleep a night). While attending Grad School, I joined 24 hour fitness and was working out like a maniac, as well as being back on Weight Watchers. I lost 25 lbs and felt great, but hit a plateau.

    After moving to Kuwait, I focused on teaching and didn't make time for the gym or much healthy eating the first year. In September of 2012, I got back on Weight Watchers and managed to lose about 20 pounds before hitting another plateau. I was working out at the local gym and eating "healthy," but the weight and inches stopped coming off. My dad began the Primal lifestyle in January 2013 and has lost 30+ pounds. He has been overweight ever since I can remember and this is the first time he has stuck with a healthy lifestyle. I decided to give it a try, and in three weeks, I've lost 6 lbs. I'm not as focused on the weight loss (although it's a plus!) because I can see the changes in my body already.

    When I started, I cut out all grains/wheat, sugars and dairy. My skin cleared up, I had more energy than ever, and I really was satisfied after a meal. Last week, I was in Prague for vacation and had many beers (hello, it's the home of Pilsner!) and meat with dumplings. My skin broke out like crazy and I just felt sluggish. Now, three days after being back on Primal fully, I feel like myself again. This is a journey and I am going to use this journal to keep myself accountable and hopefully to form a support network on here!

    Things I've noticed since becoming Primal:
    *I never like unsalted nuts. I thought they were boring and gross. Now, I can really TASTE the food I eat, and I can't imagine eating salted almonds ever again.
    *I don't miss bread (although, when it's covered with melted cheese........ However, the thought of how dairy and wheat mess with my digestive system keep me from going back.
    *I don't get daily stomachaches... I credit this to giving up dairy and wheat.
    *I am losing weight and inches without doing 2 hours of cardio/weights a day--- rather, I do Zumba and kickboxing classes 2-3 times a week, as well as a circuit training class that uses mainly body weight to do exercises.
    *I can really TASTE the food I eat. This is huge. I enjoy what I eat and am really satisfied after meals. I used to eat a meal (pasta with chicken, or something similar) and would be starving an hour or two later. Now, I eat a big breakfast and big lunch, and have a snack for dinner.
    *I wake up rested in the morning, before my alarm goes off (which is usually at 3:50 am!) Wow.

    I am going to use this to post about my daily menus and workouts, as well as keep track of my weight (I try to weigh in once a week, otherwise, I will obsess over the scale every day).....

    March 4th, 2013:
    B: 2 scrambled eggs with 3 oz salmon and 1 whole avocado
    S: 1 cup mixed strawberries/raspberries and a handful of almonds/walnuts
    L: Salad of cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar
    S: Grapefruit
    D: Chicken and meat kebabs (2)

    Current Weight: 188
    Size: 14 (loose, though!)
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    Welcome Meggo! Sounds like you are off to a great start!
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      Thanks! I am sitting here during my prep time while my kids are away. I used to struggle to stay awake... Now, I'm munching on some carrots, tomatoes and zucchini while I find more resources on here!


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        Day Two of Journaling

        Well, today a student brought in three fish for our classroom.... I guess he thought we needed some class pets--- I teach Kindergarten and, boy, were they beyond excited about this! Especially because we are going on a field trip to the aquarium soon. We decided on their names by brainstorming and taking votes:
        Glow (silver and orange with brown spots)
        Goldie (yep, the original!)
        Sharkbait (my personal favorite)
        I just hope they survive. My personal track record with keeping fish alive is not in their favor.

        So, I was spending my precious prep time looking on MDA and realized something.... I used to spend my breaks trying to stay awake.... Today, I am sitting here eating carrots, tomatoes and some zucchini and feel great!
        My menu for today:
        B: 3 hardboiled eggs, 1 cup of strawberries
        S: Handful of almonds, 2 cups of carrots/tomatoes, 1/2 cup of sauteed zucchini
        L: 1 1/2 meat kebabs, 1/2 cup baba ganouj (eggplant, tomatoes, onion, bell peppers)
        D: 3 oz chicken
        Update: Ate 6 hershey kisses during a weak moment.
        My workout:
        15 minutes of walking on treadmill to warm up
        60 minutes of Body Combat (kickboxing) with my new hand wraps that make me feel powerful!
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          Hey Meggo, great start. Love the sound of your food, and so pleased that you are feeling so healthy with it. You are really grokking.
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            So, I've never been a fan of sweets. I always liked having a cheese plate for dessert instead of chocolate. The last few days, I have been having intense sugar cravings! I'm not sure what's going on! I am trying to cut out the nuts I've been snacking on, but it's such an easy snack at school--- I can keep them on my desk and grab a few every now and then (I only put about 15 in a bag).
            Anyway... kickboxing last night (Body Combat) was amazing and I felt awesome with my new wraps! Looking forward to it again on Saturday.

            Today's Menu:
            B: 3 hardboiled eggs
            S: Handful of almonds/walnuts (about 15)
            L: Salad of cucumbers, carrots, bell pepper and mushrooms topped with a 3 oz. chicken breast and balsamic vinegar (my favorite!)
            S: Grapefruit
            D: Haven't thought about it yet- either shrimp and cauliflower stir fry, or some sauteed zucchini and kebabs.


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              Well, change of plans. Shortly after my last post, I felt nauseaous, light headed and feverish. I ended up taking a sick day and going home from school early--- I came back and slept for 5.5 hours.... After waking up, I thought, "Well, I'll just step on the scale and see how I've been doing this week." It was up FOUR pounds. Now, it's that time of the month and I am hoping it's water retention. Sometimes I want to throw my scale out the window, because even as the scale says I gained 4 pounds, people are complimenting me on how loose my clothes are and how "dangerous" I look at kickboxing!

              My breakfast was all I ate today and some tea after sleeping all day. Now, I am crawling back in bed, as we still have one more day of school before the weekend. Hopefully feeling better tomorrow! I have to say it was the first big carb craving for me, but I think it was more of a comfort thing. I just wanted to make Ramen Noodles, but I managed with just some hot tea with honey and lemon.


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                Feeling a bit better today, but just exhausted! I'm sure one of my darling kinder kiddos passed some major germs on to me. Today, I was only drinking tea, but then my stomach told me I was hungry. I didn't want to try anythig big, so I had a cup of chicken noodle soup. (Yes, noodles, but not many!) It seemed fine, but now I just want to crawl in bed and sleep!

                On a brighter note: I registered today for the Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar and True Nature Training in Portland, Or this summer. Anyone else going? I'm super stoked on it!


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                  Well, quick update:
                  Weighed in and lost .6 lbs.
                  Current Weight: 187.4
                  Getting excited for when I'm home this summer. I will be going shopping for some new clothes, as mine are getting big on me! I don't remember the last time I was excited to shop- clothes are fitting me nicely now!

                  Daily Menu:
                  B: 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms and bell peppers, 1 minced meat kebab
                  S: 2 cups of cherry tomatoes
                  L/S: handful of almonds and 1 gala apple
                  D: Shrimp curry in coconut milk, stirfried veggies (delicious!)
                  Dessert: 1 cup of fresh blueberries. Expensive here in Kuwait, but so worth it!
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                    Had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Slept in, took a nap, did laundry, went grocery shopping, spent a few hours in the spa. Fabulous day. I had a big 'moment' last night. I ordered shrimp curry in coconut milk and stirfried veggies for dinner. I used to order from this restaurant a LOT last year, but I would also order naan (Indian bread) and rice. Every time I would have the same meal I ordered last night, but with the bread and I would have a stomach ache about 15 minutes later. Last night, I skipped the bread and had no digestive issues at all. I think that's saying something along the lines of, "STAY AWAY FROM GULTEN AND WHEAT!"

                    Today, I woke up and had a protein shake. Man, it was disgusting. I don't drink milk, so I mixed it with water (no blender to mix with fruit). I had to gulp it down. However, it was perfect because I then headed to the gym to do an hour of kickboxing. After class, I spent about 30 minutes with the instructor doing a bit of sparring and it was awesome. When I move to Colombia this summer, I think I will join the local MMA gym. It's an awesome work out and so much fun! After working out, I enjoyed some time in the pool and the sun and it felt so good to have some Vitamin D in me! I ran into a friend and we ordered some salad for a snack/lunch. It came with a basket of bread and I wasn't even tempted because I realized it would not make me feel good!

                    Came home after tutoring and cooked up some baked eggplant, steamed string beans, 4 steaks (had one for dinner!) and hard boiled eggs. I am set! Looking forward to this week of circuit training and kickboxing. Did a bit on the treadmill before class and am wondering what speed would constitute a "sprint." Any advice????

                    Daily Menu:
                    B: protein shake (vanilla- soy, dairy and gluten free)
                    S: apple and carrots
                    L: Big salad!
                    D: 5 oz. rib eye steak
                    Dessert: 2 cups of strawberries

                    Doesn't look like much now, but I am completely satisfied! I am going to try to stay away from the fruits, especially the apples this week, but I figure a dessert of berries is better than a dessert of cheese or sweets. Ready to rock it this week!


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                      Well, I got sidetracked from this journal with school and life! Ugh. I'm back thought.
                      Current Weight: 184.6
                      I'm feeling great and really see a difference in how my clothes fit!
                      B: 1 egg, 1 avocado, 3 oz salmon
                      S: 10 almonds
                      L: 2 chicken drumsticks, 1 cup cauliflower rice
                      D: 1 cup cashew chicken (take-out... I know, I know)
                      Desssert: 1 small non-fat frozen yogurt with strawberries and blueberries
                      No workout today as I was informed I'm presenting at the next staff meeting and I felt stressed. So, I came home, went over my presentation and ordered some feel-good food. Small steps- at least I stayed away from grains!
                      My mom is coming to visit at the end of this week, and I'm very excited! We plan to eat out several times and will be going to some fabulous places that are Primal. Can't wait!


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                        So, my mom came for a visit and it was fabulous, but we definitely slipped back into old habits. Not even close to what I ate before, but we would sneak some bread and rice during the meals and had some sugar, too. I also skipped out at the gym a lot when she was here. When she left, I got sick and was down for the count for a few days. By the time I felt better, it was time to go to Thailand to do a big presentation at a conference. Thailand was amazing, but I think I overloaded on fruit! Oops. I am still getting compliments about how I look, but I don't feel great like I was. I'm back up to 187.8. I have a fridge full of yummy Primal foods and am going to the gym tomorrow after school. I have 9 weeks until I go home, and I want to be able to go shopping for new clothes. So, I am re-committing myself! Ready, set, go!


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                          Back on it. A busy summer at home getting ready for my big move to Colombia. The first few months have been crazy here, getting into a routine, figuring out work and what not. The last few weeks have been horrible, as I've been eating bread and sugar. Not a lot, but enough to make me feel like crap! Today, I'm back on it.
                          Breakfast: One avocado
                          Snack: 1.5 cups of cherry tomatoes and some ham
                          Lunch: Chicken with mushrooms and zucchini
                          Dinner: 3 egg omelette with one slice of cheese
                          I am going on a cruise in 2 weeks. It's 3 weeks long. I know what to expect, as I worked on them for many years, however, I want to curb my carb cravings before I get there! All the meat, eggs, fish and veggies I want! Any support from you guys is awesome! I will try to keep up with this better.
                          BTW, weighed in today and am at 186. My clothes don't fit right though. Lots of water today and good food!


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                            Soooo. I know this is a journey, but shoot! Went on the most amazing vacation to Antarctica and had a very Primal breakfast every day. Didn't usually have lunch, as i consumed at least one Bloody Mary a day. Vegetables, right?! Dinner was a full-out affair... I never ordered pasta, but managed to eat my weight in bread, I think. Also, I was out every night drinking major amounts of alcohol. When I got back, it was right back to Primal Living for me.

                            I've been using the journal to track my food and exercise. It's been 9 days. I joined a gym, that has weights, classes and a spa area. So far, I've taken kickboxing, which I have really missed and also some Rumba classes. I grew up dancing, so although I know this is CARDIO, for me, it's my version of "play." I am about to sign up for some personal training sessions, so they can help me with the weight machines and create a kind of program for me.

                            Weight: 189.8 (9 days ago was at 192) Not a lot, but I'll take what I can get.
                            B: 2 eggs with one piece ham
                            L: grilled chicken with salad
                            D: 2 eggs with one piece ham
                            S: 1/2 cup pistachios, 1 cup carrots, 1 cup cucumber
                            ***I need to make sure I am stocked up on good food, because this is what happens when I'm not. Maybe I will make something tonight!***
                            Bought a new Paleo cookbook and and am back on track. Would love some support!


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                              Went to the dentist last night and then decided to take it easy at home, reading. It was fabulous. I teach Kindergarten and am usually so busy, I have a hard time finding time to read. When I read, I need at LEAST 2 hours to be in my own book world. Going out with some friends after school today, but will stick to a glass of wine (or maybe even just water). My Friday night will consist of pajamas, my couch and my Kindle. Tomorrow, I'm getting up early for kickboxing, signing up for personal training and then will enjoy some time in the spa at the gym. Can't wait! I miss having a bathtub... First thing I'm buying whenever I settle down in one place and buy a home. A giant, lovely bathtub. With jets. Okay. Gotta make it through today at work and then it's a lovely 48 hours away from work!

                              Weight: 188.2
                              B: 2 eggs scrambled
                              L: 3 hardboiled eggs with mayo, 4 slices of ham
                              D: Will have to fill this in later, as I have no idea.
                              S: 1 cup pistachios, 1 cup carrots, 1 cup cucumber
                              ***Will lay off the pistachios as soon as they run out. Gotta eat them while they are fresh! They are expensive here in Colombia, but so worth the yumminess!***