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Four Months to Wedding Day!!

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  • Four Months to Wedding Day!!

    Four months from today, almost to the day (June 29), my son is getting married to his sweetie in our back yard, under a 160 year old maple tree.

    I've bought a little purple jersey dress which may end up being my "mother of the groom" dress. Right now, I am 20 lbs over the weight that would look best in this dress, and I'm "lumpy". I know that there are undergarments that can improve on the lumpiness, but that's not what I want. I want to rock that dress! I'm going to have my picture taken countless times that day and I want to feel like a million bucks.

    So, I want to firm up the bod, lose fat, flatten the core, firm up the arms (I have a lovely upper arm tattoo that I want to show off with this sleeveless dress). I have lots of tools - Primal diet, Shangri La appetite suppression, Primal Potato Hack, Whole 30, a juicer. And spring is coming, so the possibility of running and sprinting outside is coming. But I know that I have to get lifting for the most benefit. I'm thinking about a personal trainer.

    I also find that journalling here and keeping a food record on MyFitnessPal or Livestrong help me to stay honest and stay motivated. So I"m starting a new thread for this purpose. Any encouragement will be gratefully received.

    Four months and counting!

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    Hey, Marthat, you can absolutely rock that dress.

    I've been following along in your journal, and you do have all the tools that have proven themselves for you in the past. A personal trainer is another great tool. Are you looking at getting into lifting? That would be a great addition to your running.

    I'll be watching with interest.
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      Marthat - how exciting
      You will look amazing in that dress - Its incredible how positive thoughts flow through to body language so my advice is just stay your wonderful positive self.

      good luck
      G x
      "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

      ...small steps....


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        So Rock the Dress Project is underway - Day 1

        Plans include eggs in ghee for breakfast with black coffee (done - check!), Tuna in olive oil and an avocado for Lunch with Greek yogurt with hemp seed sprinkles and a grapefruit for dessert. Macademia nuts for snack if needed. Supper isn't planned yet, but will be light as hubby has his martial arts class this evening.

        For exercise, I plan kettle bell swings and plank in my "exercise room" upstairs.

        And I'm grocery shopping this evening, so can restock the veggie supply.

        I'm rather bloated from wrong eating choices the past few days, starting at 154.0. Goal is a well-toned 135-140 lbs. It's not really about the number - it's about the dress (meaning that it's about my shape and my fitness/energy level).

        It's so hard to get over the initial conditioning period when starting back to some kind of exercise. Getting the energy level up to the point where it feels good instead of a chore. But I'm determined that March is the Month when Martha becomes Marvelous!

        Spring is coming, isn't it??


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          Martha, from everything that I've read the last six weeks, you're already Marvelous! I look forward to watching your progress. You're going to rock that dress.


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            Day 2 - I was off today and the main job was paperwork, specifically taxes. Took the whole day, but I have son's taxes completed and Netfiled, husband's taxes almost ready to go, and my (much more complicated) taxes are looking much better. As a self-employed person, taxes are a mammoth paperwork organizational headache.

            Interesting that I ate bacon and 1 slice of toast for breakfast, coffee in midmorning, and I built some Primal Nut Fibre bars which I taste-tested several tablespoons worth of. And I was so full that I skipped lunch, just had tea. I ate a small pepperoni at about 4, but was not terribly hungry even then. Supper was a large cabbage roll with meat and rice. I ate the whole thing, but had no salad - I wasn't hungry. Now late in the evening, still not hungry. Hmm, maybe there's something special about the Fibre bars??

            I just did some deep Grok squatting and found I was not as seriously off balance as I have felt on previous attempts. I stayed in the lowest position for several seconds to stretch out, then rose up without assistance. Did that about 6 times. It's not much on a totally paperwork day, but it felt good nonetheless.

            Thanks for the encouragement, all! I'm ready to rock for March!


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              After a weekend of eating out three nights in a row and having moderate amounts of alcohol all three nights, I was bloated WAY up, sleeping really poorly and having the worst hot flashes I've had in ages! So Monday I decided a reboot was in order. I'm off all alcohol for at least the month of March and I started the Primal Potato diet on Monday. I eat nothing but potatoes for B, L and snacks, then a small supper of potatoes and a protein. I'm back down 2.5 lbs of bloat in the past 2 days.

              I tried making those fibre bars last week, but I swear they just made me more constipated. I don't think chia seeds and I agree. Might try them again some time, but more just nuts and chocolate and coconut oil this time. They were yummy, but between being constipating and really high cal, they sure didn't help me out much on my quest for the dress!

              In other exciting news, we have just given away the enormous floorspace-sucking futon couch in our basement and hubby is talking of wanting a Concept 2 rower. We've been doing some research and I'm off to the Y this evening to try one out - it's been years since I've been on one and I never really took them seriously before (being a runner and all, ya know...) But you can warm-up on one, do lower intensity cardio, do sprints, get good upper body and core work. One review described it as a total body workout except for the front of chest, so with a few push-ups, you can exercise everything. It's a big expense, so we can't get one right away, but I'm excited anyways.


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                hiya Martha - wow you really are throwing everything at this wedding. Good on you.
                I have a rowing machine in my wee garage gym, and I do find it really boring - however having said that if you used it in conjunction with some running/walking or weight exersizes it could be a good addition to your fitness routine.
                There are also some great challenges that you can set yourself.
                good luck - you are doing well
                G x
                "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                ...small steps....


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                  150.0 this morning after 4 days of the Potato diet. Down 2 lbs overnight - definitely a real weight loss "whoosh" as I had the classic symptom of a really poor night's sleep last night.

                  Off to the gym after work to again get on the Concept 2 rower. This time I will pick the machine that overlooks the pool as my 20 year old son will be in the pool at that time with his Special Olympics swim team. Was so much fun to watch them do time trials as I ran the track last week. I would stop whenever it was his turn in the lane and watch. He's a strong swimmer.


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                    Hi Martha-

                    Great job so far! So, my wedding date is the exact date as your sons I stumbled upon Paleo/Primal way of living through friends who are Crossfitters, and I really like the idea of eating no processed foods, only real foods. I'm right there with you on wanting to look the best for the wedding! I don't have much to lose- only about 5-10 vanity pounds. But maybe we can encourage each other?

                    I'm meeting with a trainer on Saturday- I'm a runner and I love to work out, I just have a hard time sticking to a really clean eating plan. Am contemplating doing a "Whole 30" type of challenge, but focused on giving up sugar.

                    Keep it up, you're inspiring! And congrats to you and your son!


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                      So after 5 days of the Primal Potato Diet, here's the result. I started last Monday at a rather bloated (bad weekend) 156 lbs, up about 3 lbs from my usual range the week before. Each day consisted of potatoes all day, then a moderate mixed supper, usually nothing but tea after supper. One day I IF's until 12:30 (fancy way to say I skipped breakfast).

                      And this morning? I saw 149.5 on my scale! The first time in months that I've broken through into the 140's - a major mindshift, if you know what I mean. WAHOO!

                      So I'm eating normal primal this weekend (2 eggs, 1 breakfast sausage for B, black coffee, BAS with avocado and tuna in olive oil at L. Supper is a dinner out/birthday party. At friends. Ribs, Caesar salad (which I'm bringing), a home-baked spelt-based cake, not sure what else. And I'm not drinking at all, so that's one source of bloat that I don't need to worry about.

                      Plan is to do 5 days of potatoes again next week. Mon-Fri days is easy, regular Primal supper with hubby, then weekend "off".

                      Core is feeling a bit tighter after the two rowing workouts and the slight weight loss. At least the "north of the navel" area. The southern regions remain pouchy and soft, of course. They will require significantly more work. But it's still nice to be feeling some results.


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                        I rebounded after the weekend from 149.5 on Saturday to 152.5 on Monday, three lbs courtesy of two small forays into desserts. I was attending a birthday dinner party (home-made spelt-based cake with whipping cream for icing - not so bad) and a baby shower (enormous dessert buffet, all pink and white chocolate and puffy cakey things - uggg! I had a few bits, some pink candied popcorn).

                        So after 2 days of back to all potatoes till supper, I have dropped back to 150.0 this morning. Supper is a regular Primal meal. Compliance is usually perfect - I don't crave anything and my appetite is minimal.

                        So now on into the 140's! Hubby leaves this evening for 2 1/2 weeks in China and I will be home alone. I plan to cook only minimally, eat up what's in the fridge and freezer (so minimal to no shopping), and spend that extra time on being productive - whatever form that takes. I'll miss him lots, but I admit I'm looking forward to this trial of living alone. First time ever for me, as youngest son just moved out 4 months ago. I will still spend a lot of time and meals with my son as he is developmentally challenged and is still learning to cook for himself. I plan to eat supper at his apartment at least 3 nights a week and teach him some basic cooking methods (like how to cook rice) and some easy recipes. His suppers have been frequently primal by virtue of the fact that he doesn't yet really know how to cook pasta or rice or potatoes. Lots of supper meat and veggie stirfry variations - he can rock a frying pan or a wok. We'll have liver one night - we both love it.

                        In exercise news, we're excited to be ordering our own Concept 2 rower later today, to be picked up in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I plan to continue to use the rowers at the Y. Hubby went to the Y this past weekend, bought a day pass and used the rowers at my insistence (we're not spending all that money on a piece of equipment that he wants for his heath without him trying it again - it's been years since he used one) and he loved it. He said he loved it even more than he expected to. That bodes well for his fitness level. Between the rower and restarting Kung Fu, he'll be in the best shape in years.

                        Both he and I have parents who died at 55. My mom died when I was 18 of breast cancer and his (non overweight, but smoker) dad had a fatal heart attack at 55. Now that we are almost 53 and 52, we are feeling that slight back-of-the-brain twinge of mortality. That's why it is so great to be getting into much better health as we age. I intend to live to 90, vibrant and fit, and then die quickly. And I want hubby to be by my side for all or most of that time.


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                          148.7 lbs this morning - WAHOO! That's the average between the 148.5 and 149.0 results that the scale couldn't seem to decide between this morning. Either way it was a new low for this go-around.

                          I had nothing but a couple of cups of black coffee until 12:30 p.m. today, painlessly, then a 6.5 hour gap with only an additional cup of black coffee until a delayed supper at 7 p.m. Wow! Never before could I go so long with no calories - loving this!


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                            148.0 this morning. Potatoes only until supper. I was hungry for breakfast today, unlike the past 2 days, so I made a grated potato patty but I added too much pepper and didn't really enjoy it much. Had a small bowl of mashed for lunch, then home-made chips about 4. Supper was leftover meatballs and some shredded cabbage fried in butter. Not much appetite for supper, couldn't finish the meatballs. I feel like I overate.

                            I'm starting to get tired of potatoes. Maybe it's time to take the weekend off and eat other stuff, then try again on Monday when I go back to work.

                            I gave up my Y membership today. It's good still until April 15, but with the purchase of our new Concept 2 rower (will be here in 2 weeks), plus my other at-home workout equipment and the imminent arrival of spring and gardening season, I felt it was the right thing to do. Saves me some money that will go towards the rather major investment in the rower.


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                              So, end of the second week. I was 156 when I started, 149.5 last Saturday, 153.5 this past Monday after a weekend rebound and 147.5 this morning. So another 2 lbs gone this week. Down about 5 lbs of real weight in the past 2 weeks. I'm doing only potatoes all day to supper, then small protein and veggie supper. Black coffee and tea between meals, occ home-made potato chips sometimes in the afternoon. My appetite is somewhat suppressed and I crave for nothing.

                              But I'm tired of potatoes right now and plan to eat clean but varied over the weekend. Unlike last weekend, I don't face birthday dinners or baby showers this weekend, so I hope for less rebound, staying in the 140's. Back to potatoes on Monday, and back to work after a week off.