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    Yesterday was a second potato day, plus chicken and rice and salad for supper. Weight is down to 145.0 this morning, so most of post-weekend bloat is gone.

    I spent last night working in the family room again, sorting, cleaning, moving stuff. Plus I carried a large bucket of water over to the neighbours for their chickens, who I'm minding for a few weeks. I can't wait for it to warm up enough to start on the outside yard and garden work. Our spring is really delayed this year...

    I'm going to eat non-PPD today. Good cold roast beef and salad leftovers, plus some leftover chicken for chicken salad. Too good to pass up.


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      Another week gone. I remain at 144.5 lbs. Mon and Tues were potato days, Thursday was a sushi takeout supper, Friday was a Chicken Caesar salad at a restaurant. So not bad overall. Weekend looms with one meal out so far. Super busy this past week, like never home except to collapse in a lump busy, so no exercise. So that's my goal for next week. Another lb or two gone and to get on my new rower.


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        Yesterday I saw 143.5, a new low. I ate well, no non-primal stuff except a 35 calorie yogurt cup. And this morning I weight a bloated 145 lbs. It wasn't the yogurt cup, as I'd had 1 or 2 the day before weighing my lowest. I'm sure it was the large mug of bone broth that I warmed up in mid-afternoon. It was from a thawed, previously made batch and was super salty. But I drank the whole thing anyways.

        Did some intervals on the new rower last night. 30sec/30s rest x 8 reps. Small start, but I spent yesterday shoveling out a winter's worth of chicken manure and wood chips and spread them over my vegetable beds, so I wasn't feeling like I needed much exercise.

        I'm wearing my Lucky brand jeans today. A bit snug, but doable. I love these pants, but haven't fit into them for almost a year!


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          I was right about the fluid retention. I skipped B due to not being hungry and I've been peeing like a racehorse all day. I had to go before leaving home, 15 min later going into an appointment, about 25 min after that as soon as the appointment was finished and again about a half hour later. I like my morning coffee, but nothing like that much!!


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            Rowing workout. 5k in 31 minutes. Pace just over 3 min/500m. I was tired by the end, and feeling it in the base of my neck. Guess I need to do some tweaking to my form. Felt good, though. I watched Statin Nation, as recommended by another poster here.


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              Holy crap! I had a terrible night's sleep, which I attributed to going to long and hard on the new rower. My lower back ached, my shoulders at the base of my neck ached, no position in bed was comfortable. Then partway through the night I thought, "I wonder if this is a whoosh." I always have a crappy night's sleep just preceding a weight loss whoosh.

              And I was right!! I weigh 142.5 this morning! Two days ago, I dropped to a new low of 143.5 after plateauing at 144.5-145 for several weeks. Then yesterday, after a large serving of really salty bone broth, I was up to 145. So that's a 2.5 lb weight loss overnight! Wow and double wow!!

              And represents a 2 lb weight loss whoosh over the past 3 days. I'm hopeful of meeting my goal of getting into the 130's by the end of the month.


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                So, I continued to whoosh and hit a low of 142.0 on Saturday morning. But Sat evening was dinner with friends. We had Chinese take-out and despite eating mostly veggies and meat(I had about 2 tbsp of rice), the high salt, high sugar sauces got to me, as well as 1 glass of red wine and too much dessert. Hubby went to Toronto with an Iranian co-worker on Friday, was introduced to Iranian food and an Iranian grocery store, and brought home, of all things, baklava! So I ate more honeyed, nutty, crispy phyllo pastry goodness than I've had in years.

                Hence, the weekend rebound bounce. I'm at 144.5 this morning. But when my bloated post-weekend rebound weight is actually my lowest weight from the past 3 weeks, I really can't complain. I've got the pot of potatoes on to boil for another round of PPD, fed the remaining baklava to my visiting son yesterday, the bulk of the Iranian and Chinese leftovers are out of the house. I can get back to normal.

                In exercise news - not much. I hurt myself on Saturday morning. I was helping hubby secure his new motorcycle to the trailer for transport home from the shop. Think high winds, driving snow (yes this is the second half of April!!), a slick aluminum floor of the trailer. I'm holding up the bike when hubby yanks on the first restraining tie and the entire bike topples away from me, my legs sliding under the bike as it goes down, me still holding on to the handlebars. Nothing broken, not even visibly bruised, but I have a sore ankle and shoulder from the mishap. I'm staying off the rower for a bit.

                We did a nice easy half-hour hike yesterday. Rough ground, but no big hills. Fabulous view.

                Goal is 140 by the end of the week.


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                  Major munchies attack this afternoon - not sure why! I ate nothing but potatoes all day, but had an insatiable need for snacking about supper time. I had a few chips (for the salt and crunch), then after supper (shrimp and tomato sauce on mashed potatoes - filling), I had a diet yogurt for dessert, then three squares of Lindt 75% dark chocolate, then a couple of tbsps of macademia nut butter mixed with about a half tsp of honey, eaten slowly off a spoon. When I got home from my meeting tonight, I wasn't hungry at all, I didn't think, but was still ranging around looking for oral sensation while waiting for the tea to steep. Ended up having 2 rice crackers with about a half oz of cheddar.

                  Really, as binges go, this is nothing much. I get that. But what bugs me is the Why? Why am I so out-of-control needing to eat stuff tonight? Why is nothing satisfying?

                  It's not the all-potatoes. I've done that lots before and I tolerate it well. Any ideas?


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                    I often find that after a day of more exciting food (Chinese, dessert etc) the urge to continue that party in my mouth extends into the next day or two. Even though I love potatoes or whatever I'm currently eating, I will get that rebound desire for more exotic tastes as well. Your feeling bingy wasn't surprising to me. Sounded very familiar. And yes, it sounded more like a munchy attack than a good old fashioned binge. I find that I just have to beat back the cravings for a day to get back on my basic food path.

                    I had a two day meeting last week and ate flour products. It just took me three days to get the three pounds off. I had to just go VLC to close the door on flour and sugar.

                    Good luck! I bet you'll see 142 again this week and hopefully go lower!


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                      Well, we're now at less than2 months to wedding date (June 29). After hitting a low of 142 on one day, I kinda lost it in a whirlwind of busyness and entertaining and fell off the wagon for a bit. Weigh bloated back up to 146, even hit 148 one morning after 4 days in a row of evening entertaining (read lots of appetizers and wine). But I'm back on the wagon, weight this morning is 145.5 and that is down over 10 lbs from where I started.

                      I tried on the dress this morning. Above the waist it looks great. My upper abdomen is slim and it sits just fine. Below the waist is a bit less ideal, with a moderate muffin top still showing. Mind you, this is a jersey dress and I was not doing anything special in the way of "undergarments". So overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I still have 6-10 lbs to go to my goal of the upper 130's. And 7 weeks to do some core work to tighten the abs. And some pushups to tighten the arms.

                      I'm pretty much back on the bandwagon foodwise, at least back into minimizing wheat. That alone makes such a difference.


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                        Two days later and I'm back to 144.0, feeling much better without the wine and the grain snacks. I've been skipping breakfast almost every day. Today, I'm hungry at 9:30-10 a.m. and may have to break down and eat the greek yogurt from my lunch, but otherwise I've been managing well on 2 meals/d in the past few days. Four lbs of bloat gone in 4 days - feels great!


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                          The precipitous drop back to my lowest point continues. Amazing what compliance will do! I'm at 143.5 lbs this morning. I managed to skip breakfast yesterday for a 18 hour IF period. Then a large bowl of turkey veg soup (with my homemade smoked turkey bone broth - yummy) and a greek yogurt for L. Then an elk burger sans bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and guacamole toppings, plus coleslaw for supper. And a martini about 9 a.m. - it's was our "Friday night" as hubby and I are both off work today.

                          Off to spend the day with my new "daughter-in-law-to-be" to do wedding planning stuff - yippee!


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                            Out for big dinner at favourite European restaurant last night. I had liver schnitzel - amazing. Not totally primal, but I ate the side veggies, gave away 90% of the potatoes and avoided the bun before dinner (despite the fact that this place does amazing warm buns...) Because of the celebratory nature of the dinner (three graduations - two from university, one from highschool , one birthday and mother's day), the owner brought us three desserts to share between the 5 of us - coconut pineapple bread pudding with a custard sauce and whipped cream - ambrosia!! I ate some of that, but overall, I didn't eat to excess except for the fact that I finished every bite of the liver. You have to understand that I'm a relatively small-eating middle-aged woman in a family of tall, active men. I have "vultures" watching over my plate at most eating out occasions, asking "Are you going to finish that?"

                            The best part? No bloat - weighted the same low weight this morning as yesterday. 143.5.

                            And despite being Saturday and market day, I didn't eat at the market - I IF'd through to lunch for a total of 17 hrs. It's getting easier the longer I do this, as long as I have a black coffee to get me over the mid-morning hump. So I've been managing well on 2 meals and sometimes one snack for most for the past week.


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                              Ended last weekend at a bloated 148 lbs - OUCH! Ended this weekend with a much better 144 lbs. was as low as 143, but had a big feed of smoked ribs last night and there was sugar in the rub and in the broccoli/raisin salad. Ate out Friday night, too, making the lack of weight bump even better.

                              Unfortunately I'm off to stay in a hotel and eat at a conference for the next 2 days. Carb-bomb alert!!! Wish me luck!


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                                I am so freaking proud of myself! I not only survived the conference, with two nights in a hotel, free hotel breakfast and supper, supplied snacks and lunch both days at the conference and a supper out, but I came home weighting less than I did on Monday!!

                                Mon night - after 7 hours of nothing, I had a braised short rib stuffed burger with no bun and ceasar salad at a fancy restaurant. It was an amazing burger!

                                Tues - free B at the hotel turned out to have cheese omelets and sausages and hash browns (tasteless - I only ate about 2), lots of fresh fruit. Not nearly the carb-fest I was expecting. All the conference snacks were carb-bombs though - donuts, danishes, muffins, etc. There were also candy dishes on all the tables. I ate a few bits of chocolate, but avoided the butterscotch candies, and all the carbs in the lunchroom. Lunch itself turned out to be great - baked chicken legs and wedge potatoes, plus green salad. Fresh fruit was offered for lunch - I ate a bunch of assorted melon slices. Supper was again free at the hotel - crummy, rather tasteless food, but free, so we ate there and saved our money for shopping. They had lasagna, potatoes, steamed veggies, three nice salads (including Greek - it was pretty good). We found a Whole Foods standing alongside the big mall we were transported to, so several of us spent most of our time wandering around in there. I managed to spend a fair bit (I live a long ways from a Whole Foods!)

                                Wed - B at the hotel was Western omelettes and ham slices this time, plus some fruit. The snacks at the conference were much improved, even had some cheese! But I stuck mainly to coffee. They supplied a box lunch at about 1 p.m. and it turned out to be lovely - green salad, egg salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato on thin rye bread (though I rather deconstructed it and ate only one slice of the bread). I gave away my can of pop and the cookie. But it was enough to get me home.

                                So now I'm back into the groove of home, although the long weekend is looming (it's this weekend for Canadians). So I"m still gunning for the 130's by the start of June. All I need is one morning of seeing 139.5 on my scale and I'll be over the moon!

                                Six and a half weeks until the wedding!!