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    Today's meals. B-1 egg cooked in butter with 1 slice swiss cheese. Black coffee. L- chili , (declined the bread and brownies), home-made almost-unsweetened applesauce. At a friend's house. p.m. about 1.5 oz cheese, no crackers. Supper was hamburger hash made from ground beef, leftover mashed potatoes, onion, celery, half a carrot, some shredded cabbage, beef stock. Very basic comfort food, but very yummy. I'm full.


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      Post weekend rebound report - almost none! I am 148.0 this morning, only up 1/2 lb from Saturday morning's low of 147.5. That's down 4.5 lbs from last Monday. So I don't need to spend half of this week getting back to where I was the weekend before. Ii have high hopes.

      Yesterday I had 2 eggs and bacon for B, ground meat and potato hash for L, one potato made into home-made chips about 4, and about 5-6 oz steak fried in butter with broccoli and cauliflower for supper. Tea and coffee as usual.

      I'm back on potatoes for M-F this week. I made a big pot of Yukon Golds last night (first time for this variety of potatoes), mashed with beef broth for a delicious flavour.

      I'm back to work this week and back into a size smaller dress pants. Comfortably. The "fatpants" black dress pants have been put away again - thank goodness. In another 5 lbs or so, I should have lots of wearable choices from my closet. It will be like getting a whole new wardrobe!


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        Weight is at 145.5 this morning, a weight I haven't seen in over a year. Wowee! This potato diet is ridiculously easy, somewhat boring, but not unbearably so. And, while living alone these 3 weeks, I'm not cooking much, not making dirty dishes, seldom snacking, not buying groceries so saving tons of money. I've been working on the same 10 lbs of potatoes for a week and a half now, plus eating up meat from my freezer. No fruit, almost no dairy, only one goodsized serving of vegetables daily. Easy-peasy!

        So, looking ahead, I have overnight guests on Saturday night and am making them supper. No problem to keep that primal. On Sunday, we'll have eggs for breakfast (toast for them), but then we have a potluck lunch at church, which is where the challenge will be. Gotta keep the rebound to a minimum.


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          Copy of PPD thread post, reposted here for my own records:

          End of week 3 report: After 3 weeks of my version of the Primal Potato Diet, I am down a total of 10 lbs. I weighed this morning at 146.0 lbs, though I saw 145.5 lbs yesterday. I dropped 6.5 lbs in the first 5 day week, rebounded 3 lbs over the first weekend, dropped 5 lbs the next workweek (a net loss of 2 lbs), rebounded only 0.5 lbs the second weekend, then lost 2 lbs this past workweek (net loss of 1.5 lbs). I am definitely smaller, wearing smaller clothes and have lost the torso puffiness.

          But more importantly, I feel great. I'm seldom hungry and if I am, I can just eat another potato, usually as microwave potato chips (unsalted, nothing-but-potatoes). I have a regular primal supper (protein and vegetables, occasionally with some potatoes or rice) and almost no snacking. I have plenty of energy for my day-to-day life.

          And the amount of extra time this WOE has given me is amazing. I only cook one simple meal per day (and right now, while hubby is away on business, I'm not even doing that - I just make up a batch of something and eat the same thing night after night). No grocery shopping or running into the convenience store for stock-up. Minimal kitchen clean-up. And I'm saving a ton of money. I haven't shopped for groceries in 2 weeks. And on the weekend, I can eat the stuff I'm missing during the week, like bacon and eggs for breakfast or BAS with tuna and avocado for lunch. Believe it or not, those are the things I kinda miss, nothing sweet or junky.

          I'm planning another full week of this to finish out March. On Thursday, I drive away for the Easter weekend and will likely eat out frequently, but the brother I'm going to visit is also working the potato hack to some degree, so I can hopefully get through the weekend without too much rebound.


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            This is cool! Monday morning and I have NO rebound weight gain from the weekend. A first, I'm sure. And I had company for S on Saturday, and for B on Sunday, plus a potluck lunch at church. I'm pretty proud of myself.

            Back on potatoes for week 3 this morning. I hope to get into the area under 145 lbs this week.


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              I really enjoy watching your success on this. I am so envious as I love doing the tater hack. Unfortunately, it quickly kicks in my old RA to my hands and I swell and gain too much water weight immediately.

              You are going to rock that wedding dress!


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                Thanks, Calee! I'm feeling pretty confident that I can look good in the little purple dress by the end of June.

                New low of 145.0 this morning! WAHOO! Another big "mental milestone". I'm (right now) wearing a pair of dress pants that I haven't had on for several years. Just the slightest bit snug, but definitely doable. Pretty cool, eh?

                Yesterday, I had potatoes only for B and L, a small serving (about 6 oz) of a berry/spinach/chia/flax/yogurt/milk smoothie at a work educational event, homemade potato chips after work, then a big meal of fried liver, mashed potatoes and buttered boiled cabbage. I used a gluten-free biscuit mix for the breading on the liver and it was good. I could see using this for schnitzel as well, allowing me to make a gluten-free version of one of hubby's favourite cultural foods. Younger son and I are the only family members that like real liver, so we always have a big feed of it while hubby is away. I ate a ton of liver (it seemed), so I was pleasantly surprised to see the weight actually drop this morning, after about 6 days stuck at ~146 lbs.

                Soon I will be in the "lower 140's" - can't wait!!


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                  This is such exciting news! Are you taking progress pics in the dress so that you can see this difference up until the wedding?

                  You are responding so well to the potatoes. You mst be so excited. I wish I could figure out how to make them work for me without causing so much inflammation.

                  I have not had beef liver since I was a child. We predominantly ate chicken livers. I wonder if I wold still like beef liver. I would think organic would be important since its a hard working organ. How do you prepare it?

                  Have a fun day!


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                    I have always breaded it and then fried very quickly in oil. Since getting off flour, I have tried almond meal (not great, too grainy and didn't stick to the liver when cooked) but this time I used a Bob's Red Mill GF biscuit/pancake mix with salt and pepper added. It worked great for a breading. It's a grain, first ingredient brown rice flour, but I'm willing to use it. I could see making schnitzel with this stuff, too. Put the mix, salt and pepper into a ziplock bag, then add liver and toss to coat well. Fry in oil of choice (be generous with the oil for a wonderful crunch in the crust).

                    The secret is very fast fry - just until the pink is barely gone. Nice and tender. If you can find someone to cut it for you, try it thick cut (1/2" or more). When fried just to medium(a bit pink in the middle still, but not bloody), it's amazing! Like the tenderest steak you can imagine...


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                      Thanks for the cooking tips!


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                        So after my Easter weekend trip into the States to visit my brother in Indiana, I now have a brand spanking new Concept 2 rower (model D) in my basement. I just did a 2000m workout, the shortest of the standard workouts. Did it in 13:00. Kept row rate at 25-26, as recommended in the material that came with the rower. I'll be doing some more research into the best ways to work out on the rower and how to do sprints.

                        Despite 5 days on the road and at my brother's, I kept the eating down to meat and potatoes and salad, eggs for B, no snacking, no booze. Minimal wheat - a bowl of wonton soup for lunch one day (amazing soup - large hunks of meat in the wontons) and half of a very thin wrap around my breakfast egg/bacon/cheese/salsa mix (it was the least of the evils at a cafe - everything else was ciabatta buns and bagels - and bottomless 20 y.o. son ate the second half of the wrap). I'm hoping for minimal rebound when I weigh tomorrow morning.

                        Hubby returns from 2 1/2 weeks in China tomorrow and I need to restock the house with food. After 2 weeks alone, eating mostly potatoes and simple protein suppers, my fridge is emptier than it has ever been in my 23+ years as a mom! I'm debating going back onto potatoes T-F this week. Will depend on how bad the bounce up is tomorrow morning. Stay tuned for tomorrow's posting!


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                          Wowee! I was 145 lbs this morning, absolutely no bounce-up after a 5 day weekend of travelling, eating out, eating at my brother's place, 15 hours or so of driving. Wowee!! Am I happy!!

                          I'm not going back on exclusive potatoes today. For B, I had leftover potatoes warmed up with cold salmon salad on top - a delicious melding of flavours and textures. I have a huge bowl of turkey bone broth in my fridge that I want to work through. I'm going to freeze some of it for future.

                          Sun is shining (although it's very cold and there's fresh snow on the ground), I'm off work, getting a haircut this morning, hubby returns from 2 1/2 weeks in China this evening. Sounds like a great day!!


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                            Today is my first day in the "lower 140's", specifically 144.5 this morning. And I'm wearing dress pants comfortably that I couldn't even get all the way up a month ago. Doing a happy dance!


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                              Martha T - you rock !!!!!!!!
                              "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                              ...small steps....


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                                Well, now that hubby is home again and more or less over the jetlag, we got back into some socializing this weekend. Two evenings of a social drink (small martini on Fri, red wine on Sat), snackies to go with them, and some potato chips on Sunday. As expected a minor rebound of weight on Mon, up to 146.5. Only 2 lbs of rebound isn't really that bad, but I'm no longer in the "lower 140's.

                                So I'm back on potatoes this week - need a reset. I had nothing but 2 bowls of potatoes with some bone broth, a raw potato eaten like an apple at about 3:30, then a pork and veggie stirfry for supper. Nothing else except black coffee and tea. This is sooo freakin' easy!

                                Weight dropped to 145.5 this morning. I hope/expect to be back into the "lower 140's" by tomorrow morning.

                                Major revamping of the family room on Sunday to accomodate the new Concept 2 rower and the TV. It involved clearing out and moving three large bookshelves of books and transporting them all up two flights of stairs to the spare bedroom. So countless flights of stairs carrying pounds and pounds of books. Total job took from 2 p.m. to about 10 p.m. Boy, was I tired!