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Four Months to Wedding Day!!

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  • 140.5 this morning. This new steadiness is really great! Continuing to IF through to lunch most days. Then about 7 hr eating window (12:30 to 7 p.m.).

    Kinda missing my morning bacon and eggs. Not that I'm missing them because of being hungry in the morning, more that I miss the taste of them. It's not a meal that can easily be made and taken to work as a bag lunch.


    • Well, folks, I am now two weeks post-wedding and I'm back from Special Olympics. Probably time to end this thread and return to my usual posting grounds over at

      I weighed about 139.5 for the wedding. This morning I weigh 138.5. I'm staying rock steady at 138.5-139.5 over the past 2 weeks. Why I'm not bouncing around like previously is not apparent to me, but I'm grateful and I'll take it.

      For anyone who is interested and would like to see the wedding, here's a link to the photographer's blog:

      Eve Traetto Photography

      You can see our wedding there (Alex and Audra). At the bottom of the post is a slide show for 7 minutes that is just lovely. I'm the mother of the groom, in a short purple dress and short hair. Not a lot of shots of me, but you can find me if you look hard enough. I was feeling pretty darn good that day. I did truly rock the dress.

      Thanks for your support, all!