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  • Bikini ready by summer


    I'm a really hot, fit, confident, beautiful women trapped in a fat girl body....for now....I'm working on that...starting right now.

    Starting stats:

    5'4 - this probably won't change
    Size - 10 pants, 8 dress (US)

    Size 6 pants, 4 dress

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    Today's meal

    Coffee w coconut oil x2
    4 eggs
    1 can anchovies w oil
    6oz cod cooked in butter
    1lb brussel sprouts cooked in olive oil
    1 cube of frozen chocolate coconut milk

    1678 Calories
    140.3g of Protein - 33.93%
    95.0g of Fat - 51.71%
    59.4g of Carbs - 14.36%


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      No to hijack, but it's funny how different women's bodies are... I'm a little taller than you (5'6") and currently 152 lbs, but most of my clothes are 12's... and most of my 12 pants (the non-stretchy ones) were tight when I started Primal at 162. So clearly me losing 7 more pounds (to get to your goal of 145) would not mean losing 3 dress sizes (12 to 6) for me. I have no idea what I would weigh at a size 6. I'd be pretty shocked if I actually got there!


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        I'm 5'4 and wear size 5-7 pants and weigh 148 lbs so that's about right IMO!


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          Oh I wish I was 148. I just gained 10lbs since christmas. I was at 165 and wore a size 6 dress. But i carry my fat in my thighs so I hide it well.

          OMG I weigh 177 today. I gained a pound! OK so I admit I ate 3 more eggs before bed with sesame oil. I think I overdid my protein and calories. So maybe protein does spike insulin, which makes me crave food because I didn't have any carbs and I was craving food last night.
          I'm a little bit anxious right now because I'm not sure what I need to do to get lose the weight I gained. I'm a bit anxious and impatient...which can lead to a downward spiral.


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            It has to be at least 5 lbs gain or loss for me to really see it in my clothes because sometimes it's water weight. Please don't be upset about a pound or two gain! You can lose that again by peeing! LOL


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              So when you give your "starting stats", is this your beginning with switching to PB? Have you been dabbling with it up until now or any other methods of changing what you eat to try and lose weight? Just curious because I seem to have similar dimensions, being 5'5" (barely) and weighing 176 as of this morning. Currently in a size 12, but these have been getting baggy as of late...


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                Now I can't tell if I should base my goal on weight or size. I wouldn't have thought there would be such a weight difference in women wearing the same pants size and within 2" of the same height.


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                  I actually started PB 2 years ago. I started at 195 after getting down to 140 with HCG then gaining it all back plus 20 extra within 2 years. It was the heaviest I'd ever been. HCG sucks!!

                  Then I started PB and lost 20lbs within the first 2 months. Then I was stuck at 173 for a year. Then last March I dropped another 10lbs and stayed at 163 til this Christmas. Something happened this xmas and I snapped. I ate tons of chocolate and cookies that I haven't had or wanted in a long time. The weight came back so fast!!

                  So now I'm back exactly where I was a year ago. Except a year ago, I started drinking coffee, which I'm convinced is how I lost those 10lbs. I was able to skip meals because the caffein gave me a high. I ate high fat, mod protein, low carbs, fasted once a week and had an all out effort eating day once a week. So I'm going to try that again. But it's harder to eat low calories because I'm immuned to the effects of coffee now. But I think once I get fat adapted again, I should be able to eat less naturally....I'm hoping.


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                    Oh I think basing it on size is better then weight...but I also know that I'm 5'4 and 176 and no matter how much I work out and how much muscle I have...that just aint right. All the guys at my gym who are all muscle and taller then me weigh less then me. So this whole muscle weighs more then fat...that's just an excuse.
                    So even though I def think size is better then weight...there is a point of reality check. For me I'd happy at 150. 135 would be skinny skinny for me.


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                      Originally posted by Narcolepticjenn View Post
                      Now I can't tell if I should base my goal on weight or size. I wouldn't have thought there would be such a weight difference in women wearing the same pants size and within 2" of the same height.

                      Measuring weight just preconditions you to hate having muscles.
                      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

                      Griff's cholesterol primer
                      5,000 Cal Fat <> 5,000 Cal Carbs
                      Winterbike: What I eat every day is what other people eat to treat themselves.
                      TQP: I find for me that nutrition is much more important than what I do in the gym.
                      bloodorchid is always right


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                        I have more abdominal fat to lose, and I desperately want my arms to look toned, but otherwise I am pretty happy. Maybe 145 would be good? I don't know. I can't see how I'd be any smaller than a size 10, though. I'm with you -- 135 would be crazy skinny. I think my husband would be sad if I got that tiny.


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                          We'll get there! That's why I'm recording everything I eat because I've done it before. I've gained and lost and during it, you don't realize you're doing it. So I always wish I could look back to see what I did that worked so I can repeat it. But last year when I lost 10lbs I don't know what I did. I know I cheated a lot but for the most part stayed strict. I wish I would of kept track so I can look back on it now.

                          With that said today stats;

                          Coffee w coconut oil
                          4 eggs with sesame oil
                          Kim chee
                          Macadamia nuts - prob more then a handful.
                          Grassfed cheese
                          Coconut cream cubes

                          I taste tested some olive oil. I never realized how spicey olive oil was because I've actually never tasted it alone.

                          My focus for now is getting fat adapted and not worry too much about calories. I'm going to try to incorporate fasting to lower my overall weekly calories.


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                            It's hard to not focus on the scale, but it's such an inaccurate way to measure. Since starting paleo, I have lost 2 inches off my belly button, and 1 inch off the waist, but I have gained 3 lbs.

                            Look up 5 lbs of muscle vs 5 lbs of fat online, the difference is amazing.


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                              Yes inaccurate indeed. Today I'm at 173.5! I'm pretty sure I didn't drop 4lbs of fat overnight. Wow water weighs alot...maybe more then muscle.