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    I did a Whole30 starting on September 10th of last year and when that wrapped up, I had dropped ~18 pounds. Which was amazing, because on every other calorie-restricted-maniacal-exercise program I had tried (and failed) to adhere to before, I would have probably lopped off a limb just to see weight-loss results. And I felt great during and after, too. But, what was even more astonishing was that I went off the rails during the holiday season that followed (Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year's etc.) and when all was said and done, I had gained maybe 2 pounds back? On previous attempts at caloric restriction, I could gain that in a weekend just thinking about a piece of pizza--and nevermind how long it would take me to work it off in the first place!

    Since getting my act back together in the new year, I'm down 10 more pounds and like you ladies, while I don't have a hard and fast goal weight, I do have a range and a pant size in mind. I have been 130 lbs before in my young adult life and was pretty happy there as a size 4-6. The reason I don't have my mind set on a super-specific goal either way right now is because since I was at that lowest weight, a lot of time has passed and I've even had a baby, so I'm not sure what my body is capable of at this point. Just experimenting to see what's possible and I, too, would like to be bikini-ready this summer.


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      Wow congrats! That's pretty much my story too. I lost 20lbs, then 10lbs for a total of 30lbs...then gain 10lb just now. I'm now getting my act back together and hopefully I'll be able to drop 10lbs too.

      Today I feel good. I'm not craving food anymore. I feel full and satisfied. I'm getting Fat Adapted! Woohoo!

      Stats: 173.5

      Coffee with coconut oil
      4 eggs w sesame oil
      coconut cream cubes
      handful of macadamia nuts
      hunk of grassfed cheese
      macha green tea

      Calories = 1475
      Protein = 60.9g, 16.31%
      Fat = 131g, 79.2%
      Carb = 16.7g, 4.48%
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        I decided I'm not going to talk to people about the way I eat. I've figured this out a way back, but now that I'm back in the game, I've been accidentally let it slip that I'm back eating this way. I've been told I speak with convinction so that when I say something I sound really opinionated and like my way IS the only way.
        This baffles me. When I speak, I say what I'm doing. "I'm eating this way cuz it's awesome and it works for me." Not once do I ever try to convince them of eating this way. Not once do I criticize them for eating bread. I keep my mouth shut when someone comments they're eating healthy oatmeals. It's hard, but I've learned. Yet they still say I'm opinionated. Well DUH. We're all opinionated. If you're not going to speak your opinion with conviction, why have them?

        But here's the kicker. What annoys me the most is the people who think themselves as healthy people. They work out, eat "healthy" (CW). The thing is, these people have never been fat. What they're doing (CW) works for them because, well, anything would work for them because they're not fat. So they've never been in a position where they were desperate enough to try everything. Or where it was worth their time to read everything about everything that involves nutrition or weight loss.
        If you have a disease, you're going to be more invested and active about learning everything you can about the disease and cure then someone who doesn't have it or know anyone who has it.

        It's like, I have clear skin. So if a person who had very bad acne finds a way to clear it up AND it actually worked, why would I question that or criticize them for it...or think that their way is so wrong because i have clear skin and I don't do any of that. It would be like me saying to them. Well, all you have to do is not wear makeup and wash your face at night...that's what I do and I don't get zits. And then when they say they've tried that and it doesn't work for them and they proceeded to tell me what worked for them, me saying to them...well, not everything works for everyone. Well f'ing DUH! But I guarantee you if you had acne, THIS WOULD work for you!!!!! URGHHHH!!

        Why do they always say that? As if they've tried it my way. They haven't because they don't need to.

        OK all to say and remind myself not to tell people how I eat. I just don't give a sh*t anymore about other people's way of eating. And I don't care if they're unhealthy or die or fat or whatever. All i'm going to focus on is myself and what I'm doing for me. If someone asks me what I did to lose the weight and get fit, I'm just going to tell them to go to MDA. That's it. I'm not divulging anymore then that. Because if they really cared, they can do the damn research themselves and spend hours reading books and blogs...spend months trying and tweaking and experimenting. Because all I get for actually caring and trying to share is called a know it all and opnionated and unreasonable...well then stop asking me what I'm doing. I AM a f'ng know it all when it comes to this stuff because I f'ng spent hours and hours researching this stuff.

        The people who try to argue with me when I share my many hours did you spend researching? How many books have you read? How many blogs have you visited? How many experiments have done? So on and so on....

        Anyway so glad to have the MDA community and forum as an outlet. Silence to the rest.


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          Today's stats:

          173.5 - no loss no gain.

          Coffee with Coconut oil
          Matcha green tea
          1/2lb ground beef with lettuce
          1 avacado
          coconut cream cube
          grassfed cheese - 3oz

          1485 Calories

          Just got done working out and I still feel full from lunch.


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            172.5 - Yay down 1lb for now...

            Coffee with Coconut oil
            Matcha green tea
            1/2lb ground beef with lettuce
            1 avacado
            grassfed cheese

            So far so good. I have a party to go to tonight though. I plan on not drinking anything and not eating anything. Unless there's meat and cheese. I can eat that. But honestly right now I'm not hungry at all. (6pm)


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              Okay so I didn't stay so good at the party last night. I drank too much. But at about 3:30am, I puked it maybe everything I ate and drank didn't really count because this morning I'm at 171.

              But not to self: drinking sucks every time so just stop it.

              All I want right now is Korean ox bone broth soup. The best hangover cure.


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                OK so I had a bad weekend. I ate a ton of korean food and rice and soups and everything else. So this morning I was at 178.5lbs!! Holy crap water weighs alot.


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                  Hi! Just stopped by your journal. Yes, I think it's funny how women's bodies are so different no matter our weight. I am an inch taller and close to the same weight but would love to wear a size 8 dress! I am in a 12. Maybe it's where we carry the fat.

                  Friends of mine tried hGC (or however the initials go) and gained it all back and then some when they stopped the injections. I never fully understood how it all worked, not that I can't just go Google that.

                  I am also recently back on the Primal wagon. When we moved back to the states, budget became a larger concern, plus the food supply here allows more "things" in our foods that I am certain make it easier to keep weight and fat on our bodies. Very frustrating. But now I have had it and am looking to get my own body summer ready (though summer starts a bit earlier here). Good luck! I'll keep checking in on you.
                  Starting weight: 168 lbs
                  Current weight: 168 lbs
                  Goal weight: whatever makes me look strong and healthy!

                  Current goal: No More Muffin Top!!
                  a real pushup, a real pull-up, weekly sprints

                  Visit my journal:' Place for Primal Rantings...because everyone else thinks she's nuts


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                    Well Kris C, HCG mainly works because you are STARVING yourself. But i'm sure there is more to it then that. But everyone I know has gain the weight back plus more. It really messes with your metabolism. But nothing that can't be fixed by eating primal.

                    OK so I don't want to admit how much I messed up this weekend....and Monday. Lol. Mess ups for me are a 3 day streak. Actually I didn't do too bad yesterday, but just ate alot of salt.
                    I had 2 big bowls of Ox bone soup. One for lunch and one for dinner. I had a bunch of kimchee and 2 avacados. Doing great...then I ate a bag of plaintain chips. Still somewhat paleo...but the carbs. So overall not bad but I still gained weight.

                    Today i woke up at 181! How the heck does a 5'4 girl gain 10lbs in 4 days? That's 10 whole pounds! Holy sh*t. Just goes to show you that maybe i should be weighing myself once week. I'm still wearing the same clothes so those 10lbs are deceptive.


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                      Yesterday was about getting back into ketosis. I ate 3 avacados, cheese, 4 eggs and macadamia nuts. I know that i'm in ketosis because i woke up early today without an alarm and I was wide awake. I'm back down to 176lbs.


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                        So far I ate the following:

                        Coffee with coconut oil
                        Salmon cooked in butter
                        Kim chee
                        macadamia nuts
                        Dill harvarti cheese

                        I have a feeling i'm not done for the day. Maybe some bacon later.


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                          Today: 174.5

                          I did end up eating more last night. I had eggs and bacon. Not bad.


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                            It's pic icon rocks. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1362695254.373405.jpg


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                              Today 173.5



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                                Today's meal.