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    Don't make me hurt you.



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      haha hey gf!!

      Well..... since Oct 7, I have lost almost 7lbs. I measured a few weeks ago and it was 5 inches (and at that time only 2lbs)

      Hey did you see the pics of my daughter? She has been doing cross fit. She is doing great. She was never overweight, and she is putting on some nice muscle.

      On the success journals somewhere, I called it braggin rights or something like that.
      65lbs gone and counting!!

      Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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        That's awesome!

        What new thing are you doing (or have you been doing and now it's starting to work) that
        you can attribute the loss to?

        I just saw the pics of your daughter.

        That is so awesome it's not even funny and she looks absolutely fantastic.

        You give her a big huge pinch from me. Great work.



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          Well.... let's see. A couple of things different.

          First is, not as active. So maybe I really wasn't eating enough for my activity? How in the h3LL do people starve to death....

          Anyways, most of my activity was yard work which has now been replaced with sitting on my @$$ work. BUT... I have started to do more ST exercises. Just body weight stuff. And riding my horse more also. Whoever says that isnt work has never tried to catch my horse and saddle him haha. No he really isnt that bad, and would come if I called him but then they would ALL come so I just walk and go get him.

          Okay so anyways........... my food. I quit tripping on carbs. My carbs were things like fruits and veggies anyways. Once in awhile, I will have some beans, like chickpeas on my salad or something.

          Probably the biggest thing food wise, is watching the extra fat. I did a week of carb depleat, and then cycled carbs for a couple of weeks, and had things like tators in the meal after a workout. And keeping protein up.

          Ok so I quit tripping on carbs but yet did a carb depleat.... weird I know. But I think that got rid of my water weight and now I am seeing fat loss. I was seeing noticeable inch loss before, so I don't know. I just keep on keeping on. I have more success when I remember to take my vitamins. But I forget..... but if I can remember that I do better weight loss wise, I should be able to remember that.

          Some days I do a mostly tator day. A few days last week I did a mostly egg day.

          Aren't you glad you asked? I am actually. It made me stop to think about it, try to duplicate it and keep it going
          65lbs gone and counting!!

          Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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            Totally hear you.

            Two months before school got out for the kids, I quit the gym.

            I was tired of it, burned out and looked at it as a chore, rather than
            the fun it used to be.

            Within one month I'd lost 10lbs without even freaking trying.

            Was some of it muscle? Probably, but explain to me why my muscles are
            more pronounced NOW than they were before I quit.


            I quit tripping on carbs too!

            I bought a Nutribullet recently and I swear to the lord baby jaysus that it is absolutely

            Love it.

            Drinking a crapton of kale and spinach is so much better than cooking and eating it.

            And the smoothies I make for my kids with frozen fruit and ZERO concentrate, taste
            EXACTLY like Jamba Juice, without the, well, concentrate and 5 dollar price tag.

            Thbbbb on you Jamba Juice!

            Anyway, good for you! And I'm glad I asked! So there!

            Keep on keepin' on.

            And update this journal more often..... people like ME are LURKING...


            p.s. give all those horses MANY KISSES on those velvety muzzles for me. thousands even.


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              Love my bullet also. Thinking about that microwave tator chip thing. Looks handy. Sometimes I just like a good crunch

              Okay so since 10/13, I have only lost a few pounds but many inches. Okay last Thursday was a good weigh in day for me, but I am up a pound or two since then. But.... BUUUTTTT about 9 inches gone from various places!

              Good I guess, but the tape measure... I don't know about either. I mean do I hold it the same very time? So this time I just let it go as tight as it wanted until it stopped. One of those nifty ones, ya know made for measuring things like body parts?

              So anyways, only about 4lbs gone since middle of September, but almost 13 inches! Even if I measured dumb some of those times, it is going down. But at least the scale is finally moving down. I need to delete that, cuz I always jinx myself. ugghh
              65lbs gone and counting!!

              Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey