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    I have sort of been teetering up and down lately. Things were headed down until my toothache, then went up. But then I got that back down.... but then back up for some reason. Now heading down again. 3lbs just since yesterday. I do think inches have gone down and stayed down. I have been way more active lately, including hours (most days) of yard work, and water aerobics class 2 nights a week for 75 mintues each, PLUS my own version of water aerobics in my pond each day for 30 - 60 minutes (except on class night) I dont feel like it is chronic cardio. The water feels great - it is hot here, and I feel like moving when I am in it.

    So anyways, I decided to do something a little different the last few days. I hadn't fasted for a long time. So I had what others might call a cheat day. However I would rather think of it as a strategically executed nutritional consumption procedure. But really, the only thing I had that was a no-no was a spidgeon of blackberry cobbler with a smidgeon of icecream. The scale went up .4 that next day, then a fast day of about 36 hours, 3lbs gone this morning, and today I have been hi-protein/low carbing.

    So not FMD guidelines, but I just felt like it.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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      ok, so where was I.....

      I don't even know. Not even sure what to type, just felt like stopping in.

      Scale... hmmm I don't know. Sometimes it is my friend, sometimes it is not. All in all, we are getting along. I pretty much weigh daily, and I can see things like the 5 yellow jacket stings? That added 2lbs overnight. But here today, it is back done and it took an extra .4 of it's fat friends with it. (hoping fat friends)

      Clothes.... hmmm I don't know. I think even when the scale goes up, clothes are still fitting better. I got my fat @$$ into one size smaller jeans, but between you and me, I think it is just the brand/style, or whatever.

      Mentally...hmmm I don't know. Actually, this one I think I do know. I think my head is in a good place. I am not stressing fat loss, or eating this or that, and I wasnt really stressing it before, but it was always in the forefront of my brain. Everything I did, most things... and most of my thoughts all day long, was about my journey.

      It still is to some degree, but I am not really following a "plan" and I think I feel like my head is in a better place.

      And I hate to even type that, and I hate to even say the scale is going down, because every time I do that, it starts to go back up. WTF is up with that? It is like I totally jinx myself. That first happened December 2012 when I just knew I had this weight loss thing licked. And I blogged about it (bragged maybe?) and damned if it didnt bite me in the butt. Everything completely halted.

      Okay so we have talked about that before so I will move on.

      So anyways, I am just eating. Good foods. Though I found out yesterday that my CO is refined, bleached, and deoderized. That was a bummer. Sort of. Sort of a good thing. Since I added it in last March (2012 March - when I found primal) my fat loss has slowed down. My cholesterol has risen. So you think it was the CO? I am thinking mayhaps it might have been.

      I have taken some principals from different "plans" that make sense to me, and my scale is moving down now, me thinks. I am happy with some carbs, like fruits, so I have 1 - 3 per day, and I try to keep it to before noon. I do like PHD and eating them around sunset, and I do have a few at dinner sometimes, like quinoa, so I am just keeping an eye on it.

      I am eating anywhere from 3 - 6 times per day. Sometimes breakfast. Sometimes I break fast at 6 or 7, sometimes 10, or 12 even. Sometimes I exercise before breakfast. Sometimes after. My jury is still out on that one, as to what I believe about that. I can see both arguments and I have no way of knowing what is right, so I just go with it.

      I don't do 6 meals. I do like 2 or 3 "meals" and then the other might be a carb & protein snack in the a.m., and a protein & fat snack in the p.m.

      Many times when I do break fast, whatever time it is, I tend to have more calories at breakfast, than lunch and dinner. So will be watching that.

      Yes I also watch my calories, and I am trying to eat more actually, based on my activity. But who knows if the activity calculators are correct, I still haven't bought a fitbit yet. So I don't eat as many as they say I should, but I do try to get close-ish. And so sometimes that means an evening snack. Protein/fat. And this seems to be helping me to sleep better. Calories vary each day.

      Resistant starch - taking 2-3TBL per day. I can't really say if that helps, but overall I feel good, and the plumbing seems to be working well.

      Sometimes my snacks are a protein shake. I don't know what I think about that, but I think it is tasty and I enjoy it.

      I have sort of reverted back to where things were working before, before I thought I could do better than 8 - 10lbs per month. I have to say though, the last 15/18 months that I have had virtually no progress on the scale, I think I still learned alot, things I can apply now. And I learned how to maintain about a 60lb weight loss.

      So anyways, reverting back... means eating fruit, but I am still well under Mark's curve, and it makes me feel good. But I am also fairly active. But I never know if my activity is Moderate, or adequate, or enough, or intense enough... I just don't know. But I have started to do my tabata again, on my elliptical. So that gets me my "sprints". I work outside alot, so that gives me my "lift heavy things" I am in the pond most daily for at least an hour. I make sure I am moving the entire time.

      Okay, so eating fruit. A fair amount of veggies. I have a garden and they just taste awesome to me. I don't need butter on them to make them taste good. I just cut out the CO starting today (well yesterday). Going back to Olive oil for those times I need oil. I love meat but right now trying to stay with leaner stuff. And the protein shakes help me bump up my protein. Not sure how high it should be, don't know if that is necessary, but I like the protein shakes, and they are so easy and ties me over till dinner on about 125 calories, which an apple would do also, but I am trying to not have carbs after lunch therefore I can grab a shake if I don't feel like turkey, or something.

      So basically, my macros are coming in around a 3-way, once again, though some days the carbs are higher but most days carbs are a little lower. The main thing for me I think, is to watch the fat. And most of my fat before was coming from my CO, and if that was crap in a jar... well it could explain why I was having trouble. So now that I have cut that out, I am anxious to see how this goes.

      Some days though, protein and even fat is higher, with low carbs. I am eating a fair amount of eggs. Sometimes I think I could do those all day long. I might try that next week, after I see how this week goes. Sometimes I think I might like to try tators again for a few days, but again, want to see how this goes.

      But mostly, I am staying on top of things. Like my carbs and fats, and what time of day, and after what kind of activities. I know it is not as easy as just eating, or just following someone else's guidelines, but these are the things that was working for me before, and I am hoping that by getting back to them now, I will see some results.

      I tried to get back to them before, but I think I had messed up my metabolism and thyroid royally. FMD helped me with that I think. Now I know to stay on top of refeeds. Up the carbs once a week. Maybe even the good fats once a week. Carb nite is interesting, and maybe that is sort of what I am doing, I don't know. No, I dont think they have much fruit do they? I only have 1 - 3, some days I try to just stay with protein/fat, like mostly turkey or mostly eggs. Sort of depends on what I have in the house that needs to be used up. One of my protein powders is a banana, and that is good enough to give me my fruit fix on the days I want or need to be lower carb.

      So anyways, I think I benefit from lower carb, but have to remember to throw in a higher carb day. I think I definitely benefit from restricting the fat. I didnt have butter for 20 years, so I don't need it now, or much. CO, didnt have it before, don't need it now unless I can find some good stuff but I am not going out of my way to order any. (We dont have a Costco, and I live about 60miles from a Sam's) Olive oil, going to add that back in. Right now my fats are coming from eggs, and my meats.

      I have legumes and beans again. Always soaked overnight. I mean who doesnt do that anyways? I was losing weight when I added them back into my diet, so trying it again.

      I tried to revert back to this before, did I say that already? But it was after I had been low low carb, and low low calories for a long long time. Result? I gained 9lbs. But I dont think it was all fat gain. I think it was a "reset" of sorts that I needed, so now I think it might actually work again. I don't know.

      Yes, I don't know much. I do know I am only 6lbs lighter than a year ago. Ugghhh. But I feel pretty good. And I feel like I might be able to lick this thing. I think the summer and all the outside work has showed me that I need a fair amount of activity. I do believe it is mostly nutrition, but I think maybe I need to be diligent about the fitness aspect. Before, the more I exercised, the hungrier I was. But now I have a grip on hunger, and which foods do it for me, so even if I do a fair amount of activity, I think I know what I need to be eating. And eating is okay. The calories adding up is okay.... so long as I continue to make good choices. And splurges are okay also, and necessary even, so long as I make it work to my advantage.

      Okay, babble babble babble.

      Glad we could have this chat though. I think I feel pretty good about my journey, and I think I know what I need to do to get the rest of the way there. But I am not going to say that, because I don't want to jinx myself
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      65lbs gone and counting!!

      Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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        5.2lbs is 7 days. Not too shabby right? (Actually 7.2lbs if you include the 2lbs gained from the 5 yellow jacket stings)

        I am pretty hungry today. Another 3.5 hours working outside, lots of lifting and this and that. So today seems like a natural place for a few more carbs, then drop them back down for the next few days. No crazy carbs like cookies and pizza. I've had two bananas. Thinking about sweet tator for dinner, that sort of thing.

        I wasnt really that hungry until this afternoon. Most of my activity was this morning.
        65lbs gone and counting!!

        Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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          Ok, so I haven't been using CO this week. I did tell you that I quit because I learned that what I buy is RBD? (refined, bleached, deodorized)

          I found this, this morning. It makes me feel a little bit better about the stuff I have been using for the last 15 months or whatever. And I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

          3. MYTH: Refined coconut oil is not healthy, only unrefined or virgin coconut oil is healthy. This is generally not true.
          FACT: Most of the coconut oil in the world is RBD (refined, bleached, and deodorized) coconut oil, which has been in the food chain for many years. Most of the original research done on the health benefits of coconut oil have been done on RBD coconut oil. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are the most potent source of nutrients found in coconut oil, and they are for the most part the same in RBD coconut oil. The refining process might strip away some of the other nutrients, such as antioxidants, but the medium chain fatty acids are what makes coconut oil unique, and you still get these in most refined coconut oils.
          The one exception is hydrogenated coconut oil. Coconut oil is primarily saturated (85-90 percent), so most of the time there is no need to hydrogenate the other 10-15%. This mostly happens in tropical countries where coconuts originate. Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees F., and in many tropical countries the ambient air temperature exceeds that. Therefore, foods prepared with non-hydrogenated coconut oil will not stay solid at common air temperatures. Hydrogenation can occur to make foods more shelf-stable. With the current knowledge regarding the dangers of trans-fats in the US, I don’t think there is much, if any, hydrogenated coconut oil being imported.
          Many of the negative studies done on coconut oil in the past were done on hydrogenated coconut oil, or on diets fed animals where no Omeg 3 fatty acids were supplemented. As I wrote above, Omega 3 fatty acids are not present in coconut oil and need to be added to the diet elsewhere.
          There is so much positive about coconut oil that is backed up by solid research and tremendous anecdotal evidence, that there is no reason to propagate myths regarding the nutritional benefits of coconut oil.
          65lbs gone and counting!!

          Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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            Geesh almost a month since I last posted!

            So, what have I been up to. Well let's see.....

            We have house guests, time undetermined. Along with that comes drama of a teenage girl. Geesh, was I ever like that? My girls had their own drama I guess, but not this much I don't think.

            I have been keeping busy. With horses, house, yard, garden, garden club, saddle club..... I think I get plenty of exercise. But since I still don't have a fitbit or equivalent, I still don't really know.

            So I still dont really know if I am eating enough for my exercise. SP says no, but I worry that maybe the expenditure is overestimated..... I dont know, but that makes me try to keep calories in check. And I am not hungry either really.

            What am I eating? Just food. Good food. Seasonal Food. I did do a couple of days of tators, and the scale moved down. Then I had watermelons ready from the garden. So I have been eating lots of seasonal produce.

            Looks like I am down 3lbs from a month ago. At least it is going down, so I should be happy. Maybe in about 5 years I will be at my goal. At least until then, I dont think I will die from something like heartattack, diabetes, etc. I guess every day I really do get better and better, healthier. And over the course of a few weeks or month, I might actually be getting smaller.

            I try to cycle the calories, cycle the carbs. I am probably eating more fruit than I should. Like half a small watermelon ha. I try to stay away from bananas, though I could eat them all day long. Not much dairy to speak of. One cup of coffee per day, with almond milk. I try to keep protein high, fats probably on the low side according to PB standards. Carbs are net, anywhere from 71 - 175. Fats are 26 - 98, bouncing from about 17 - 50%.

            I really don't know if I should be trying to adhere to a certain plan or not. Like Carb Nite for example. Fast Metabolism Diet helped me in that it got the scale to move down again. It also really helps me bounce back from a "refeed" sort of day. It is not as detrimental on the scale as it use to be, and takes a fraction of the time to get it back off again. I would do that again, but the fat days do a number on me. Maybe if I just did like one or two fat days, and the rest protein/veggie days.

            Things I think I have learned. This is probably a broken record.

            But I think I am trying to get back to a place where I was when I started my journey before PB. I have learned alot about foods, not doubt. But I think I don't do as well as some do with the higher fat. I maintained just fine, but I can't lose with higher fat. Carbs -- I am still not sure how I feel about this. The carb argument makes perfect sense to me but my carbs come from veggies and fruits. I don't do breads, pastas, etc. I am okay with sweet tators and tators on a day with more activity, I get that. So I think I am eating more of a low-glycemic type diet. And try to have a day of higher carbs, which works well on a Sunday.

            I read somewhere, every 4th day to refeed. So I don't know. Can't work that into a schedule really. Maybe I could do a moderate increase like on a Wed, and then Sunday for a full blown refeed.

            Just yakking. I have mostly just been eating foods, and trying to pay attention. And in looking at this past week, on the 4th day, I was extra hungry and had a few more carbs than the previous days, few more calories also.

            I still wonder if I am getting enough calories. I dont count veggies for carbs or calories. I have some 1200 days, 1500 days, yesterday was 1899. I had one 2000 calorie day, which in looking at it, it was all good food, no crap. It helps that SP changed their tracker to "talk" to your exercise, so you can see what you need to eat. I still hate to, and I dont most days, but it helps me to see it I think. That if I am still hungry, I still have calories left for the day.

            And calories. I know they are not created equal. I dont get calories and how I feel about that, but it is about the best measurement that I have at the moment.

            I am done yakking. It goes nowhere. I do feel good. I feel discouraged when I think I should be done by now. Giving up is never an option cuz I have completely changed my lifestyle, so there is nothing to give up on or anything, and I try not to focus on the weight loss aspect but I do. It seems to make sense to eat things that will get me closer to goal, so I do focus on it quite a bit, --- ok, all the time -- because I am just not sure what that is.
            65lbs gone and counting!!

            Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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              OMG some of those threads out there!! I think I should stay here in my safe zone.

              But I am glad I was poking around. Learning there are others in the same boat as I am, this is a good thing.

              I have decided to go back to when a fruit was not a carb in my book. So long as I am eating 1 - 3, I am not tripping on it. Anymore than that, I may need to pay attention to things. I also don't eat breads, pastas, etc or other "bad carbs" so I am not tripping on my fruits. This is how I dumb-lucked off the first 60lbs. Maybe I can finally let go of the last 60 or whatever needs to go.

              Refeed with some tators and sweet tators as needed according to activity, and I think I need to do a proper refeed on Sundays (or Saturday, whatever) Keep protein high (ish) & keep fats in check. The extra fats.

              Body by You, anyone have that? It is the female version of be your own gym. I am starting that tomorrow. I do alot of physical activity, but nothing I can measure, just farm/house work around here that needs done. I am glad that this year I have felt like doing more and more of it myself.

              Anyways....... feeling like I am in a good place. Lost a few pounds, that have stayed off. Not the up down up down crap.
              65lbs gone and counting!!

              Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                Yesterday was family dinner day. Which means some not so primal things, like green bean casserole and peach cobbler. But, I really didnt over do anything. My meat was fresh caught perch out of my pond that I cleaned at the pond, then threw it on the grill. Loved that!

                Now today, the scale barely went up. I think that is where FMD really helped me. Gonna low carb it today I think. I am not much hungry for fruit today, and all I really have on hand are apples anyways. Well I always have something frozen - I think I have peaches and bananas ATM, so maybe later.

                I did start BODY BY YOU this morning. Did that first. Then had some eggs. Now going to have a protein shake.

                Today just feels different. I feel like I can get this thing done. I never doubted that I could reach my goal... eventually.... but I did spend a big part of this past year scratching my head.
                65lbs gone and counting!!

                Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                  Ok so I had a full panel thyroid last week. It came back okay. So even though my morning temps are still low, I am hoping that the things I have done since about April, have been helping.

                  Could it be as simple as I just exercise too much and don't eat enough? I don't really "exercise" but I do go out of my way to do alot of "stuff". Yesterday, I ate a little bit more, and I did alot less, but what I did was intense for like about 4 minutes. Craig Ballantyne stuff. The scale moved down! Not much, but a little bit anyways.

                  I am sort of afraid to add in too many calories, and get use to it, as my activity is about to drop way off. I have some projects to get done first, but after that, things like swimming daily will be out. I could do the whole cold water thing, but I just don't know about that. Anyways....... I am hoping the downward trend continues. I would just like to be done with this part. I guess never really done, but it would be nice to have the majority of the fat loss part over, and then fine tune from there, kwim?
                  65lbs gone and counting!!

                  Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                    Not much to report. I have started many updates since my last one, but just delete them as I just am going in circles.

                    I just feel sort of lost, and trying to find my way back to weight loss - fat loss.

                    My macros, when left to my own devices - are about a 3 way split. 1300 - 1600 calories most days. 1800 - 1900 once in awhile, 2300 occasionally. I am not losing, and not gaining. I just try to watch the fat, and make sure I get plenty of protein. Nothing magically seems to be happening regardless of what I do.

                    I had wondered if I spiked my calories/carbs enough to shake things up. We had a weekend out of town, so I am quite certain that I have had the appropriate spike now. So now I am curious to see what that does once the initial gain is gone.

                    I gained 5lbs, 1.5 already gone. I usually drink a gallon of water, but had barely a gallon total I am sure. We were on the road alot, and I didnt want to have to stop every hour for a potty break. I paid for it later though My feet and ankles were really swollen.

                    I dont really know how I should eat. I started doing the Craig Ballantyne workouts a few weeks ago. That may be the reason for no losses. So maybe I will be on the verge of a whoosh.

                    Just tired of thinking about it all. I think I will redirect my focus to my workouts... but then I will wonder what to eat to maximize the results. I may just shift my focus entirely to work, to building my youth ranch. I have put it on the back burner while I focus on my health and my weight. My health is pretty okay I think. Maybe some day my weight will be also. I am just still pretty self conscious, so I don't want to do the things for "work" that I know I need to do - things that will draw attention to myself - just alot of self doubt and self consciousness.

                    Dont mean to be a downer this morning. I try to always be the upbeat positive one, so this is one place I can let it out. Usually I just delete it though, no real reason to put it out there for everyone else to read.

                    Ok so anyways......... since I don't know what to eat, I am just going to eat some tators for awhile. Until I get sick of them, so that probably means until supper That seems to be one of the few things that actually gets the scale moving down consistently. My activities are scaled way back, sort of. So I guess this is a good time. Going to try to fast as long as I can today though. I didnt eat bad foods yesterday, but did eat about 2100 calories.

                    I am just so ready to get this fat loss thing over. I know it will never be over, but I should just be so much farther along. I am not talking vanity pounds. I am talking another 65 pounds or so, maybe more. 85 wouldnt hurt. So maybe 75. That is almost 100lbs. That I still need to lose. Ugghh. Funny thing is though, I dont feel that fat. I still do all I want to do. I can get on and off my horse. On and off the motorcycle. Swim with the kids. Do most of the work out moves, though those burpee things or whatever about kill me. Even another 65lbs is a lot of overweight. Most of it in my mid-section.

                    My thigh and arm did go down a little but I don't trust the tape measure either. I have one of those fancy ones, but who knows if I put it on the same spot every single time.

                    Just so ready to be done. Yet I have not made much progress in the last year to year and a half. Even trying to go back to the beginning is futile.

                    I know, babbling in circles.
                    65lbs gone and counting!!

                    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                      I hear you gopintos. You are not alone. It is so very frustrating. You are making better health choices than before primal. You are making progress, but I know the discouragement of the plateau. I wish you the very best. You are valuable and worth the effort. Sending a virtual hug.
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                        I know the feeling exactly, and HUGS!
                        My Journal:
                        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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                          You guys are awesome. Thanks

                          I tried something new yesterday. I tried to NOT track. I did tators till Dinner. Well.... I did end up with a greek yogurt about 4ish, then dinner about 7ish. But I just couldnt Not Track. But I thought I would try to just eat intuitively and see where I ended up at the end of the week.

                          I did go down another pound. Last time I gained water weight, I fasted the day after, and it was gone pretty quickly. But it was only a few pounds though. This was 5 whole pounds. Uggghhh.

                          I didnt do my TT yesterday. I was going to be hauling saddles and cleaning out my tack barn instead. Doesnt seem like I did enough though, so I will do my TT here after bit. I was just reading more about the burpee this morning. All the good things it does for you, so I will continue to try to master that. It just really kicks my butt.

                          Speaking of kicking butt, my daughter has really become obsessed with crossfit. I really admire her determination. She gets up before her boys do while her hubster is home with them, goes to the gym, works out, comes home and gets the boys ready for school, herself ready for work (schoolteacher) and then off they go. She always looked great though and barely 100lbs, but she is really building some muscle. She says she has dropped some inches and the scale has gone up. All good stuff and she inspires me.

                          65lbs gone and counting!!

                          Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                            Ok, so, the 5lbs of water weight is gone. And about .8lbs of it's buddies (fat? water?)

                            I have been doing Craig Ballantyne stuff, 3 days a week. Mostly just a brutal finisher after I do some PB basics. Funny thing is, it doesnt feel like a work out. I mean it does, but not like 30 - 60 minutes of cardio. I have always hated cardio though, and always enjoyed ST, so maybe that is why.

                            I am also usually a little bit hungrier the day AFTER a workout. What is up with that?

                            So, what am I eating? Just food I guess. I didnt do anything special to get the 5lbs off. Mostly just waited it out. I did start out with tators on Monday, but by 4pm I was off. I have also had a few days of what I would consider high calories for me, but still not up to my BMR. Now this morning, I felt like tators again, w/bone broth this time.

                            I think the key for me, is going to be to watch the fat. I am not talking about eating franken-lowfat diet foods. Just real food that is lower in fat. I will watch total calories also, but try to keep fat to under 60 grams. I can do that. Not really low fat, I mean what is low fat anyways, but I am not adding extra fat.

                            Carbs - I am over my phobia. I dont have breads, pastas, etc anyways. I will try to time my carbs better though. Like something starchier after a workout which is in the morning, and maybe not so much later in the day. PHD says carbs at sunset though, so I don't know. I will keep an eye on it and see if weight loss progresses.

                            Carb refeeds - is that necessary if you are 100 - 200 carbs most daily? Do low GI count and give you the spike you need to reset things? I dunno. But regardless, I am sure I will eat something higher GI at least once on the weekend anyways. Just have to keep an eye on it.

                            I did notice last night, I woke up hot more than I had been recently. Use to be alot, but lately not so much but last night I was hot. So my sleep wasn't that great. I made a pumpkin chili for dinner, had about 1.5 bowls around 5pm

                            I am also working out while fasted.

                            I will also watch my morning temps, though I didn't this morning.

                            I was reading the Peat thread. Interesting reading, though I dont know what it is all about.

                            But I think I have figured out a way to eat, foods I enjoy, something I can live with. Hope it works. Wish me luck.
                            65lbs gone and counting!!

                            Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                              OK, so have been enjoying just eating.

                              My exercise is going great. Have a structured routine of ST, and some leisurely crap, also some sprint/tabata type stuff once or twice a week. I can really feel some muscles starting to become more visible, like arms and my quads. And I can feel my glutes are getting more solid, though I do have to push to feel it ha.

                              Okay, so anyways, I am now getting strict with my eating regimen. I am low carbing this week. Will refeed on the 7th day, just one meal. Today is just day one. But so far so good. I can do low carb, but I was getting use to fruit whenever I wanted. And greek yogurt whenever I wanted. So anyways, so far so good. I feel like I am on a "diet" but that is okay. Bodybuilders who are in great shape go on a "diet" now and then when they want to reach certain goals, so I am okay with that terminology.

                              Anyways, will let you know how things go
                              65lbs gone and counting!!

                              Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                                5lbs down!
                                65lbs gone and counting!!

                                Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey